Orci: Freedom Of New Star Trek Movie Timeline ‘Scary’

More comments on the Star Trek sequel have emerged from the People Like Us junket, this time it is co-writer/producer Roberto Orci talking about how, even though they didnt really dig into writing the movie until 2011, they had created the story early on. He also talked about the pluses and minuses of creating a new timeline.


Orci on developing sequel story & freedom of new timeline

At the People Like Us junket, Star Trek sequel’s Roberto Orci talked about how writing team developed the story for the movie early on…

“We sat on a story that we had for a while and waited to see if it still felt relevant a year or two later, after we’d all gone through a bunch of stuff. And it still did. The hardest part was being patient and kicking the tires of what our instinct was. Not just writing, the momentum of the studio being happy with us and the nice reaction we got. It’s very easy to get overconfident and go, “Anything we say next is going to be Star Trek.” You want to mitigate against that and be your own check.”

Orci also talked about the double-edged sword of giving themselves more freedom by creating the alternate time line…

“Since we freed it from the original time line we had narrative freedom, which is sometimes worse. Absolute freedom is sometimes scarier than what you have to do.”

More from Orci and Pine on Trek and Enders Game at Latino Review.

Orci with fellow "People Like Us" producer Bobby Cohen at LA Film Fest Premiere – June 15

Orci’s last Ender’s Game production update

Orci and Kurtzman have just wrapped production on their second big sci-fi movie that shot this year, Ender’s Game. For this project, an adaption of a classic sci-fi book by Orson Scott Card, there isn’t the same kind JJ Abrams level of secrecy. Orci and the team have even been running a blog showing images from the shoot. Yesterday he posted the final production update.

Ender’s Game is due in theaters on November 1, 2013. It is a highly anticipated movie for sci-fi fans and here at TrekMovie.com and we will be tracking the film like we did with Prometheus, and other non-Star Trek projects we choose to adopt.

Shot from the set of "Ender’s Game"


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