LeVar Burton Re-Launches Reading Rainbow As iPad App + Flashback To RR Visit To Star Trek: TNG Set

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton is also famous for his 21 seasons as the host of the kids show Reading Rainbow. After PBS stopped airing reruns of the series in 2009, Burton was determined to bring it back. Today Reading Rainbow was re-launched as an iPad app. More details and LeVar’s video intro below. Plus we flash back to 1988 with a video from when LeVar and Reading Rainbow went behind the scenes on Star Trek: TNG.


Burton brings Reading Rainbow to the iPad

LeVar Burton is bringing his award-winning children’s educational show Reading Rainbow to your tablet. Reading Rainbow launched today in Apple’s app store. According to Burton the goal for the new app is to "re-invent and re-interpret all the best elements of the TV series." Here is the brand new trailer featuring LeVar

The app itself is free, with a monthly subscription for books and new content costing $10 per month. There is also an introductory offer of six months for $30. More info on the app at www.rrkidz.com.

Flashback: Reading Rainbow visits Star Trek: TNG

Of special interest to Trek fans is the episode of Reading Rainbow which featured LeVar giving viewers a tour of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Check it out below.

DVR Alert: LeVar on Fallon tonight

LeVar will be a guest tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He will promote the new app and likely they will talk about Fallon’s performance (as Jim Morrison of the Doors) of the famous "Reading Rainbow" song (see below).

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