New Trailer + Promo Images For Star Trek: TNG Theater Screenings In July

On July 23rd, just one day before the release of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray, theaters across the USA will be showing special screenings of two HD episodes of TNG along with bonus materials from the new set. There is a new trailer promoting the event, so check that out below plus some promo images and details on how to get tickets.


New Trailer and Images For TNG Theater Event in July

Monday July 23rd at 7:00 PM (local), theaters across the USA will be showing two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD (“Where No One Has Gone Before” and “Datalore”), along with behind the scenes features from the Blu-ray release coming out on Tuesday July 24th and an unseen sneak-peak of “Measure of a Man.” Here is the trailer for the event, which is showing in theaters right now.

Tickets cost $12.50 and are on sale now at, where you can also find a updated list of theaters.  

Here are some HD images of the episodes that will be shown at the event (click to enlarge).

And the official poster..

REMINDER: Star Trek Season 1 Pre-order available now

The first Blu-ray season for Star Trek: The Next Generation comes out July 24th. The six-disc set includes HD remasters (in 1080p and 7.1 DTS audio) of all 26 episodes, plus brand new special features (see below for full details). The official retail price (according to CBS) is $118.00 in the US (which is actually a little less than the MSRP for Star Trek: TOS Blu-ray Season 1).

You can pre-order the set at discounted prices. Walmart is selling it for $78.86. UPDATE: And Amazon has matched the Wal-mart price of $78.86.

Walmart – USA Amazon – USA
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One

The set is also available for pre-order at Amazon sites around the world.

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maybe want…

This will be playing at select Cineplex theatres in Canada. . I don’t know all the locations, and of course I will be on holidays out in the sticks, sigh.

lol, ‘can’t wait’ for Justice in HD. HD means the script gets remastered too, right??

I wish they would have shown Eps like The neutral Zone and Conspiracy. Or. Encounter at Farpoint. Those would have been much better choices.

If they’re going to release TNG into theatres, then why cant they release one of the good seasons. Or, even better, release DS9 and Enterprise in theatres.

Love that shot of the Enterprise entering Spacedock (or whatever Starbase it is in that ep). Thinking I’ll wait until Season 3 is out and then buy 1-3 together :)

which they would show this in other countries too.

I’ll skip it, since it seems they are doing the same thing to TNG as they did with TOS-R, which is claiming they didn’t change anything and before season 1 is even available they admitted to redoing the visual effects.

Then there is the fact that they are only making these a blu-ray release is a shame as well.

Um, that shop of the Enterprise in spacedock is flipped; NCC is backwards :) staff:

Only one of those six images is from an episode that will be shown at the event. The other images are from “11001001”, “Too Short a Season”, “Coming of Age” and “Justice”.

@ 8 VadBaxter:

Not sure what you’re suggesting about TOS-R, as they included both the original VFX and the new VFX on the season sets. As for TNG, they are only replacing elements that were either not shot on 35mm film or lost/unavailable for some reason.

Also, Blu-ray players usually start at $60 retail (less during holiday sales) so they’re not particularly expensive if that is your worry. 69% of U.S. households have at least one HD television set (48% of HDTV households have more than one), so only making the show available on Blu-ray makes perfect financial sense.

Also, it looks and sounds much better. :)

@ 9 Robert Gillis:

That’s because the background of the interior spacedock/door was filmed the opposite way in STIII: TSFS… so Legato and Co. shot the 1701-D the same way ILM filmed the 1701 in 1984… then flipped the final composite during editing to better match the direction the ship was traveling in all the other shots used in “11001001”.

Here are some 16:9 desktops I did several weeks ago incorporating the wider image from the STIII Blu-ray (in case anyone didn’t catch them the first time):


Why would they spend all this money to remaster it just to make it in standard definition? The entire point of this project is to see these in HD.

And I have no idea what you’re talking about with regard to TOS. They said right from the start that they were going to redo the effects.

Sweet! I’ve already preordered my BluRay set, but I do want to see it on the big screen. Can’t wait!

noticed that in the season1 promo art, the pic of Deanna is from season 6

when it comes to star trek screenings, i hate living in europe :)


Does the BluRay set at least come with a stick of stale gum?

@Justin Olson – you are VERY talented! That is GREAT work on the ship!

I just noticed that, in the clip of the E entering spacedock, the NCC-1701-D on the saucer section is backwards. I do believe that is the angle of the actual scene from the episode.

I cannot watch Justice anymore without thinking of Wil Wheaton’s fall-on-the-floor hilarious commentary about it. If you have not heard or seen it, google it — you’ll NEVER watch Justice the same way — also — his commentary is FAR better than the episode!

is anyone else gettng the ol’ “pc2012 antivirus malware popup” when they pull up trekmovie?

@21 – yes

@ 20 Agreed!

Why do the phaser beams rarely go in the direction the phaser is pointing? Does this bother anyone besides me? (see 4th HD image from the top.)

@20 Absolutely hilarious! Of course his commentary is from his book “Memories of the Future Vol. 1” which is full of great episode commentaries. I read it often and wish he would hurry up and come out with Vol. 2.

Probably going to skip this. Dark Knight Rises comes out that same weekend? surprised there is one theater available for this.

That said, I would be more excited if it was a City on the Edge of Forever and Doomsday Machine showing. Or part of the war series from DS9. Or the final episode of Battlestar.

Beautiful restoration job. Two average episodes.

Now “Best of Both Words” 1 and 2; that’d make a much BETTER night at the movies….


While the idea of seeing TNG on the big screen is tempting, I just can’t justify the drive to go see lackluster first season episodes.

Hopefully, if this does well, they’ll do this before each season is released. When they release Season 3, they damn well better put The Best of Both Worlds and Yesterday’s Enterprise in theaters.

For that, I’ll drive as far as necessary.

This is one night only, right?

12 – thank you for those desktops! Beautiful!

24 – maybe the phasers have adjustable firing tips? I know, that doesn’t make sense, but….

28 – Agreed. Both the eps you mentioned would be so much better for a big screen event!

Trekkies are so Ungreatful.
Who else gets any episodes of their favorite Telervision Show shown on the big screen?

Saw my first ad for it last night at a screening of Abraham Lincoln at a Goodrich Quality Theater in West Lafayette. Some in attendance groaned, and there was no positive feedback from the smallish crowd– at all.The best I heard was some guy saying ‘Whaaaaaa?’
Disappointing to say the least.

# 28

I’m with you, Batclaw.

The thought of paying Fathom event prices to see two mediocre episodes of a TV I saw 24 years ago just seems remarkably unwise to me.

I did see “The Menagerie” in the theatre back in 2007 but classic Trek plays much better theatrically than early TNG would. And “Menagerie” was feature length as well. It played (and looked) like a movie.

But the first two years of TNG had a garish, low-budget look to them. Even with a fresh coat of paint, I just couldn’t justify the gas and ticket prices to see two very average episodes of ST-TNG.

If I had to pick two from the first season? I’d have picked “11001010” (those space dock scenes would’ve been gorgeous on a big screen) and maybe “Conspiracy” (one of the most creepy, disturbing TNGs ever; it begged for a sequel… ). Or as said before; just wait until “Best of Both Worlds” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise” are available and then have a special screening….

It looks great to me. Of course, I’m buying it… but it kinda hurts in my pocket to shell out that kind of money for the series AGAIN. I own it already on VHS, Laserdisc and DVD… should I wait for the HoloCube version?. :P

@ 33. Bob Tompkins

Well, to be fair — and in all deference to you — those people had come to see “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” which is one of the worst reviewed wide releases of the year, right down there with “Underworld: Awakening”, “Wrath of the Titans” and “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.” And yet, they still came… and spent their hard-earned money on it. Probably in 3D too.

In 25 years, no one will remember that these films ever existed (least of all those in attendance). Whereas ST:TNG will likely continue to have a strong following — even on its 50th anniversary.

Wasn’t “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” on the theater marquee in “Idiocracy”?

# 37 Vultan~

Was it on a double feature with “A$$: The Movie” (Academy award winner, best screenplay, 2505)?



It sure was.
ALVH got robbed at the Oscars that year!

Abe Lincoln etc. is fun, actually. It was a surprisingly entertaining flick. Roger Ebert liked it better than Trek ’09, for what it’s worth. Low expectations may indeed be a factor.

#28 – Agreed. If it was episodes from Season 3 onward I would buy my tickets in heartbeat. Since its from Season 1 I’m on the fence.

I just noticed in the interior shot of the hangar doors, you can see the fiber optic lighting sticking out from the wall of the model.