Orci: Team Talking About Potential Star Trek TV Show + Rules Out Some Sequel Characters + more

Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer was a call-in guest on a Southern California radio show over the weekend. He didn’t give away any big spoilers for the Star Trek movie, but he did rule out the appearance of a number of classic Star Trek characters. And perhaps more intriguingly, Orci discussed in detail some of the discussions that have been going on regarding bringing Star Trek back to TV.


Orci talks possible Star Trek TV series

Bob was on guest on the Ask Mr. Kern (on KERN radio) over the weekend, and was asked questions by "Mr. Kern" AICN’s Hercules, and call in guests. One of those callers was TrekMovie reader Shawn (VZX) who asked Bob about bringing Star Trek to the small screen. Bob said it could happen but he also laid out the issues with Trek on TV, saying:

There are two major issues. Alex and I and Bad Robot want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of the movies, but number 2, Paramount controls the movies and CBS controls TV. So there is a little bit of power struggle there in terms of what happens. I have mentioned to CBS the idea of a Star Trek series and they are interested in it, but they would have to coordinate with Paramount and they would have to coordinate with Bad Robot. It is something we we are trying to figure out. If we can figure out a beautiful timing for it, it is something we would all love to do. It is tricky, with multiple chefs in that kitchen. It is something many of us are thinking about and I want to see one too.

Regarding the setting of any potential Star Trek TV series, Orci said:

We haven’t even got to that point. We haven’t even gone in to pitch, because the rights of how to get it done are so complicated that we are sort of waiting to see what can really happen. And see where the avenues of freedom are. For all I know maybe it would be better to make it separate or maybe it is better to tie it into the [movie] universe. I don’t know yet.

Orci also noted that an animated series was "the first thing they asked" about.

Today TrekMovie clarified with Orci that subsequent to the initial discussions about an animated series, the team has also talked about a potential live-action Star Trek TV series. This is actually a bit surprising. Launching an animated series (something Orci has talked about in the past over the last couple of years and has already done with Transformers) is a no-brainer. It seems every other recent or active movie franchise has an animated show like Tron, Star Wars, Green Lantern, etc. Such a thing could compliment the Trek movie franchise and setting an animated show between 2013 Star Trek sequel and a third film seems like a logical choice.

However, a new live action Star Trek show is an intriguing possibility as well. It would likely require a different approach than an animated series. An animated show would really be a compliment to the live action films (like the video game and comic books), but a live action show should really stand on its own. Therefore it would probably make sense to wait until the series of ‘JJ-verse’ films wraps up, before launching a new TV series.

So while talking about this with Bob I suggested, do animated JJ-verse TV series launching in 2014 and a live action TV show in the fall of 2016, following the third JJ Star Trek movie and just in time for the 50th anniversary. Bob said "that’s worth considering."

Orci on Sequel characters, title & ‘moving’ Delta Vega

Bob also talked a bit about the title for the movie. Orci said in the comments section here at TrekMovie that he thinks the team have nailed down a title for the sequel. On the radio show he said there was a "75% chance" this title will contain the words "Star Trek."

Bob was asked if the following were in the sequel and he confirmed that all are not

  • Janice Rand
  • Gary Mitchell  ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")
  • Charlie X ("Charlie X")
  • Ruk the android ("What Are Little Girls Made Of")
  • The Borg

Bob also said that he considers the use of "Delta Vega" in the Star Trek movie (a planet that was not supposed to be anywhere near Vulcan) was the most nitpickiest thing he gets called out for. He said they knew where it was supposed to be, but "we did it because we could, I’m sorry!"

You can listen to the entire show, including the Bob Orci interview where he talks a good amount of Ender’s Game at askmrkern.com.

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Well…I guess that kind of answered my Question…I really don’t agree with his points. But hey…I loved Berman and Braga.

Whoa…no cartoon…please

Complement. :-)

Well if it’s not Charlie X or Gary Mitchell, I guess it has to be Khan…since those were the two best possibilities if Benedict wasn’t playing Khan.

As for a TV series, I think they should stick to the new timeline, and make it live action – I have no interest in a cartoon.

Darn, I was almost certain the new villian was the Borg!

He didn’t say Balok wouldn’t be in the film. That would be cool. The Federation vs. the First Federation. The mind boggles!

noooooooooooo cartoon.
please make it live tv in PRIME universe

Hang on, Janice Rand is a member of the crew in the IDW comics (repeatedly stated as official tie-ins to the Abrams films) so, to me, a statement that she is not in the next film could imply that she dies in the new timeline. Thoughts?

I just don’t see how an animated version would help the franchise at all. I know I wouldn’t watch it… maybe I’m one of the few that thinks this, dunno.

An animated series would be cool if it were done correctly, opens up a wider range of story possibilities.

Well, Futurama recently moved Mars closer to Earth… because they could.

Well we know it can’t be a Captain Pike series because the Enterprise was built in the movie or was it to a refit version of a different version?

Set it a little before the Kelvin era. That way it fits both timelines, doesn’t step on the movie series – but at the same time compliments it – and both new and old fans will understand when it takes place. There also wouldn’t be much that a new viewer would need to know going in. The Federation is relatively new, the Romulan War has ended. What was this era like? Is the story about a crew of explorers, peace keepers, intelligence, or something else? What do alien cultures think about this new Federation? You could even have some guest cameos by Enterprise characters (older) and some TOS characters that would be alive, like Sarek, Pike (young), etc.

Of course the real trick is figuring out what makes this series unique compared to the others, but once you have that, there’s a whole world of stories out there. I suggest bringing on Manny Coto to help bridge the gap between the new series and what has come before.

It goes without saying, but Khan wasn’t on the rule-out list.

Why not?

Prime Universe. That would be great. Bob and JJ and Alex et al can do the movies. But let a different group do the TV show. Maybe somebody that doesn’t say things like “we did it because we could, I’m sorry!” That’s not good enough.

Wait wait wait… there’s a 25% chance that the title will NOT contain the words “Star Trek”?

Why would anyone even consider kicking ST out of the title??

“we did it because we could, I’m sorry!”

That really nails down their respect for the franchise. Stick with Transformers, please.

I wonder what the SFX would be like in 2016 for a live action Trek TV series? They would be fantastic but would they be cheaper to make or more and probably no sets and all green screen right?

…and why is Khan not on the list!?

Animated series in 2014 and live action series in 2016 (50th anniversary). Why not!?

I’d like to see the early 24th century… 2330-50 :D

@1 – YAY! I am not alone! berman and braga did so much great trek!still find it funny that so many people claim to love trek in all its incarnations but cant stand berman and braga – WHO WROTE/PRODUCED MORE THAN ANYONE!!!

funny how animated trek keeps popping up, but does any1 remember that apart from robert april being captain of the enterprise, nothing in the original animated series is generally accepted as canon?i like it as some of them are as well written as many of the live action TOS.

whatever they decide to do with future trek tv please can they make it in the prime universe? interesting as alternative timelines are, whenever i watched mirror universe/changing history episodes i always knew that the crew would save the day and get back to where they belong. Difficult to empathize with mirror chekov in the agony booth as he’s not the same character we all love. mirror/alternatives are simply a means to keep things interesting or fun temporarily.

rant over, a little tipsy :D

I personally would love a new animated series perhaps set in what could be season 4 and 5 and have the surviving cast members voice their characters and get Chris Doohan to voice his Dad and Karl Urban for McCoy. Nimoy has had a good ‘send off’ in Trek, but Shatner fumbled the ball twice and I personally would love to see him go out as Captain Kirk one more time, and doing a voice over to an animated series would be a perfect fit for me.

# 14.

It’s possible that Khan Noonian Singh might be mentioned in the new movie somehow but is not necessarily IN the movie.

As for a new ST show? I’d love to see an animated series as well. Frankly, after 700 episodes, live action in the prime universe has been done to death. At least an animated series would be a new looking show (and special effects/sets, etc. wouldn’t be a problem, neither would aging actors). It could be very liberating.

Could not agree more with Bob. As far as the timing of a TV series (whether it be animated or live-action). If it is to be an animated series then that can be done sooner than later. If it’s a live action series, then I understand the caution in waiting until the movies are done.

I’m cringing about the predicament with CBS/Paramount/Bad Robot. That’s going to suck trying to get everyone in agreement without hurting someone’s feelings. If we want a TV series, regardless of the format, CBS will have to be brought in. But if it’s to center around the new franchise, then Paramount (who have made questionable decisions involving trek before) will have to be negotiated with, and Bad Robot will need to be the creative leader of it all.

All it would take is for one entity to say “nope, I don’t think so” and everything goes to crap. Sometimes egos get in the way of progress. Hopefully that doesn’t happen here and we can get good trek on TV again. Bob’s concerns are very sound.

I agree, and Shatner has a guest appearance in season 4 or 5 at 50th anniversary!! That would be awesome!!!

Studio issues aside, I am surprised they didn’t try to get an animated series out soon after the first movie.

It could help build up the younger audience for the next movie.

They have so many variations of the same superhero characters aimed at different age groups why not with Star Trek?

Also it creates a market for new toys. You would think there is enough money in it for both Paramount and CBS to motivate them.

Now whether it would have any appeal to an older audience is another story.

I was re-watching season 4 of ENT today, and I think it’s a distinct possibility that our villain is not Khan, but is somehow linked to the Augments. Either another human Augment, or one of the Klingon Augments.

Interesting stuff.

Although I gotta say, for everyone complaining about the Delta Vega comment….seriously if that’s one of your biggest issues, that seems incredibly unfair. So they changed a location of a planet. To me it wasn’t such a huge deal. I understand if people didn’t care for the last movie, even though I LOVED it. But honestly, to perseverate over this minor issue just makes it seem as though people are looking for any small action to “prove” that Orci & co. don’t “respect” the franchise.

I can imagine back when Star Trek II was released, a lot of the same complaints that are being lobbed at Orci now could easily have been made back then. Although the core of the movie is still “Star Trek,” TWOK was a somewhat radical departure (for its time) from Gene Roddenberry’s original vision. We have a more militaristic Starfleet, and we have a character who is hell bent on fulfilling what is essentially a Machiavellian-like blood feud by resorting to such things as torture and coercion. This may seem like nothing to us now, but if you consider what Roddenberry was going for with TOS, this seems like a rather big shift. Does this mean Harve Bennett and Nick Meyer were not “respectful” of the franchise? In my opinion, no. They are doing what any good creative team would do, which is taking what has been established, playing off of it, and making it their own. It is debatable among fans whether or not Orci and team are in the same position, but in my opinion, they are.

All I’m saying is that we can’t judge the movie before we see it, and at this point, I’m willing to give Orci & co. the benefit of the doubt. They’re in a position I don’t envy, it CANNOT be easy to write the next installment in a nearly 50-year old worldwide franchise while the eyes of millions of Trekkies are bearing down on them. I take my hat off to these guys and am still very much looking forward to next summer, when I will form my opinion about the movie after I’ve seen it and given it a fair chance.

#15, #17 – Good grief.

Bob Orci – please, no need to apologise. Just as there are many areas on earth with the same place names, road names, street names etc does not mean that there can’t be similar in the future, in outer space. So what if you moved Delta Vega a bit closer to Vulcan and made it a cold place? Frankly, I couldn’t care less any more than I could care how big or small some nacelle happens to be. Star Trek is supposed to be about PEOPLE anyway. Planets, ships, whatever are support structures for the HUMANS and other BEINGS, not the other way round, dammit!

Well, it was obvious from the moment the first online comic was published that Gary Mitchell was not going to be in the sequel. I’m not sure why Janice Rand won’t be in the sequel, but that’s the writers’ call. As for Khan, nobody said that he will or won’t be in the sequel. It is just that, according to Simon Pegg, our lovely Cumberhunk won’t be playing this character – YAY! – a character who has long since outlived his welcome from me, thanks to the continuous obsession by fans etc. If Khan does appear, I hope the writers have given him a very small part – maybe he is the catalyst for something major but that is all.


“Although the core of the movie is still “Star Trek,” TWOK was a somewhat radical departure (for its time) from Gene Roddenberry’s original vision. We have a more militaristic Starfleet, and we have a character who is hell bent on fulfilling what is essentially a Machiavellian-like blood feud by resorting to such things as torture and coercion. This may seem like nothing to us now, but if you consider what Roddenberry was going for with TOS, this seems like a rather big shift. ”

The more militaristic Star Fleet is one reason why I intensely dislike the films from TWOK onwards.

Isn’t it obvious what the new movie will be? It’s going to be Spock’s brother Sybok, going ballistic about Vulcan being destroyed and now he’s looking for revenge. That’s why they have the leaked photos of them fighting and you can’t get a good look at his ears. Khan just seems to be what most think and that keeps the level of secrecy up off what it logically would be about next. Makes for a good plot to me…


I think it’s interesting to hear you say that. And I’m not being condescending by saying this, in fact I’m glad you are willing to admit it, mainly because I haven’t heard too many people voice that opinion.

@ 27.

Arne Darvin is going to be the villian in the film. He is a super genetic Klingon augment.

Oh for goodness sakes!! It’s Star Trek, people! I don’t give a damn what timeline it is, or if it’s an upcoming animated cartoon show, or new live action series…why not have both along with the blockbuster movies?! As long as it ties in the same theme, it can do fine. Lord knows there are some unemployed talented people out there who could sure use the work!! And I think we fans would no doubt consume it all, because aren’t we still hungry for stories?! Does it all have to actually connect??!?

Look…not long ago we had 3 Star Trek series on TV at the same time: Star Trek/Next Gen, Star Trek Voyager, and DS9. I’d rather watch the reruns of all those shows on a Saturday/Sunday marathon than to watch the shizzzNit we’re currently getting on Saturdays/Sundays (plus a few other days) on the SyFy channel…Come On!!! If the kids over at BadRobot want to mention the possibilities of either an animated series or a live-action…why not request both??!!? Hell, I wish I had something of a new sideline Star Trek TV show to get into right now. Why must most folks on here get so hung-up on the so-called proper “timelines” material?! The Borg??!? What?!? Why???!? It was cool back in the day, yet there not even scary anymore!

J.J. and all you guys over at BadRobot, just do your thing. To (continue to) Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before. I’m with your TimeLine now, and I give you all the blessings to whip up some new material that’s separate from the movie line if you need it to be, because honestly, it has got to be a major headache to try and pull all of that together and having it blend with some essense of continuity. CBS, give us what you got…CSI: Star Trek. Yeah, I’m with it! And I sure as heck don’t want to see some rehashed version of Wrath of Khan on the big screen. Now…who’s with me?!

I for one would love to see a trek Animated Series. I would also love it if they were to Reeboot the Tos Animated Series. I would also love it if they did a New Star Trek Live Action Series. I Love I Love I Love.

Possible Movie Title’s.

Star Trek. Evil Tribble’s.
Star Trek. Tribbleation’s.
Star Trek, Not Khan!.
Star Trek. Orci’s World.
Star Trek. Bad Robot!,
Star Trek. Len’s Flare’s.
Star Trek. Because I can!!!!!!
Star Trek. A Long Time ago in a Galxy Far Far Away!
Star Trek. Return of KHAN!!!!!!
Star Trek 12. 12.

I’d love to see a Captain Pike prequel animated series. The adventures of Pike and Number One aboard the USS Yorktown? Get Bruce Greenwood in there, he does voiceover work.

Oh and Star Trek. Because Bob Orci Could.

By the time they finish 3 movies they will have a lot of sets, costumes, props, etc. to make a series affordable.


All the super genetic Klingon Augments were killed. The ones that remained only had the human physical characteristics and not the enhanced Augment abilities.

Star Trek. The Gorn Idenity.
Star Trek. GORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Star Trek. To Bodly Go.
Star Trek. To where they came!.
Star Trek. Voyage’s.
Star Trek. Star Trek.
Star Trek. For the Honor of Star Fleet.
Star Trek. Starfleet.
Star Trek. Kirk’s Honor.
Star Trek. Spock’s World.,
Star Trek. Federation!.

Star Trek. Augment’s
Star Trek. Klingon
Star Trek. 2013

Or maybe they just didn’t write her character into the movie.

you need 2.5 more names that don’t include “Star Trek”



A cartoon ? Please, for the love of.. Just. No.
Crossing the Prime Timeline with the Alternate timeline, set between the cancelled Enterprise (which deserved a few more seasons) and the altered TOS? That’s probably the best option, the choice that all fans of either timeline would love. But I still want more from the Prime 24th century too! What happened betwer Voyager and the destruction of Romulus? And after?

Big choices for Orci, Kurtzman, JJ and team. Even if it ends up animated (or live AND animated), I’ll give you guys a chance. I haven’t been disappointed so far!

I would love to see khan lead the klingons.

@ 34 I am!! Just because Bob didn’t say anything about Khan, doesn’t mean anything , or he will be in the movie. You guys that want to see Khan , i’m so glad you didn’t write this film. Is this the best you can come up with.

Khan was done…get over it. Rehashing Khan will never make sense to me and i’m sure we won’t see him. In case we do …well i would gasping for air to say the least, and you can kiss Star trek goodbye. It would be again the death of Star trek. If Khan was so important , they wouldn’t have killed him off ,for another Khan story later. I remember seeing the movie back in 1982, great film , but i didn’t miss Khan at all after that, never said they should have kept him alive. Please people leave Khan dead.

# 27 Bricklayer~

Now THAT would be a very intriguing idea… we don’t know what happened to all of that augment DNA (or all of the embryos) the Klingons recovered. Some it went to the ill-fated virus we saw in “Divergence” but the rest?
Interesting idea, Bricklayer. ;-)

I like that idea a lot better than a rehash of the Botany Bay story-line. And it also gives Cumberbatch freedom to play a new character who is very Khan-like, but not necessarily Khan Noonian Singh (who Simon Pegg insists he’s not playing anyway). Your theory fits best of any I’ve heard yet…

“Bob also said that he considers the use of ‘Delta Vega’ in the Star Trek movie (a planet that was not supposed to be anywhere near Vulcan) was the most nitpickiest thing he gets called out for.”

Let’s get serious. At least 80-90% of the complaints against Star Trek: 2009 are nothing but nitpicks. The movie is still very enjoyable and very much Trek. There are many different facets to Star Trek. To expect them to explore all of them in one movie is ridiculous! They went for the action/ character development facet. Good choice for the first of a “reboot” series.

Make the animated series for a 1hr timeslot. Treat it just like a primetime live action series, except that it is animated. You can use video game engines. Think Mass Effect or Heavy Rain level of graphic fidelity. That is how you can make the universe the series is set it as vivid as possible. Aliens can be alien without having to make human actors wear masks. This would be new and innovative.