Chris Pine Says Trek Sequel Has ‘Better Story’ + Kurtzman Says It Has ‘Bold Moves’

Chris Pine’s new movie People Like Us opens up this weekend and the actor has been out doing lots of publicity. While promoting his new film he and director Alex Kurtzman also been talking some Trek, Pine saying the sequel has a better story and Kurtman talking about "bold moves." Check out all the latest video from Chris’ publicity tour below, inlcuding talking about his small butt and how he would do a nude scene.


Pine: Star Trek sequel story is ‘better’ + Kurtzman: Sequel has ‘hugely bold moves’

Pine isn’t revealing spoilers, but did have this to say to AICN about the Star Trek sequel:

The movie is relentless, and for the visually inclined people who want to see major sequences, there are a couple specifically that I think… I’m not a huge 3-D fan, but I think will be incredible. But what I’m more excited about and what I think they did so well is that really the story is that much better, and the journey that these guys go on is that much more, and what they always talked about is that even though they’re a crew from what we know about the original team, the fun of getting there is following that journey to where they become that tight-knit crew. It’s no fun if they’re already a tight-knit crew. So suffice it to say, they’re still learning how to get along.

And People Like Us director Alex Kurtzman also weighed in, talking more about the arc and interactions of the bridge crew:

[The bridge crew] only really came together as a team at the end of the first movie as a function of story. But the bridge crew from the original series, they aren’t those people yet, neither in age nor in experience. So I think the worst mistake that we could have made was to assume that they were there already at the top of the movie and skip that stuff. And the other thing I’ll say without revealing too much is that in the first TREK, we made choices–in our invention of the story–that were extremely controversial. Blowing up Vulcan, hugely controversial choice, and we knew that die hard Trekkers were either going to skewer us or accept it based on the emotional architecture around that choice. I think for us, TREK is at its best when it is making hugely bold moves like that, and there will be hugely bold moves in this one.


Speaking to RedEyeChicago Chris Pine talked about how he feels that Star Trek fans warmed up to him after some initial reluctance.

Chris, what’s something that surprised you about Capt. Kirk, either from playing him or people’s reactions to how you played him?
CP: Well, I will say my favorite comment that I get from hardcore fans, and they mean it as a compliment and it is, but it’s quite funny when it comes out on their lips, is, [talking quietly, seriously,] “You know, when we found out you were going to play Capt. Kirk, we were so angry. We were so sad. We were so nervous. But you turned out to be pretty good.” That’s the most backhanded compliment of all time.

Why do you think they were nervous or sad at the time?
CP: Certainly because I hadn’t done anything in my career that would—“Star Trek” fans are very protective, and understandably so. I’m sure there was nothing in my great, teeming body of work to prove that I could take on the character.

I’m sure they wanted Shatner back with a good makeup job.
CP: Totally. Totally. What was surprising to me … well, I will say this, having not been a born and bred [“Star Trek”] fan, the first time that all of us were on the bridge and I sat in the captain’s chair … looking around, it was like points of light in the audience. When that moment happened, there were real fans in the crew, grips and gaffers, the art department people, they had come just to watch that moment. Because for them it was a really momentous occasion, and I, not really understanding the gravity or the coolness of it, was kind of unaware until I saw these people light up … What it means to sit in that chair is quite powerful. Anyway, the chair became this wonderful, beautiful touchstone that was reflective of not only the journey in the film but also who you are and what you are as a person and how you want to sit in your own chair, for lack of a better metaphor. It was really cool.

And speaking to HitFix, Pine said that shooting the Star Trek sequel was "like camp that you get paid for." He also gave this assessment of the upcoming movie:

The new one is just as exciting if not bigger than the first. I think the character story…the great thing that Alex, Bob, JJ and Damon are good at is marrying small character driven films with big blockbuster actors. I that is what sets them apart from other film makers.

Here’s the video


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