Noel Clarke: Star Trek Sequel Has Title + Poll: Does It Need To Include “Star Trek”?

There are many things that are still unknown (or at least unconfirmed) about JJ Abrams 2013 Star Trek sequel. Even the simplest things like who the main guest stars are playing is still a mystery, as is the title of the movie. However it appears (according to one of those guest actors) that a decision has been made on the title, but he isn’t saying what it is. Also TrekMovie weighs in with an opinion on if the next Star Trek movie needs "Star Trek" in the title, with a poll for you to have your say too.


Noel Clarke: I Know The Title of the Star Trek Sequel (But I won’t tell you)

Speaking to Digital Spy, actor Noel Clark (who plays father/family man in the Star Trek sequel) said he "had a great time" during the three months he spent in L.A. filming the movie, and he hopes he makes the final cut.  He was also said he knew the title of the movie but wouldn’t reveal it.

Star Trek without "Star Trek"?

As recently as a few weeks ago screenwriter Roberto Orci said they still hadn’t picked a title but they were close to one. Last weekend he said there is a "75%" chance the title would contain the words "Star Trek," which of course means there is a possibility it won’t. If Clarke is correct, then perhaps he knows the films subtitle, which could possibly stand alone or be presented as "Star Trek: Subtitle."

Personally I have long advocated for trying to find something that actually doesn’t include "Star Trek" in the title. My reasoning is that it would give the JJ Abrams films their own style, following his initial Star Trek film of 2009. The original crew films (following Star Trek: The Motion Picture) all had roman numerals and subtitles (like Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), and the TNG crew films all had "Star Trek" and a subtitle, like Star Trek: First Contact. So perhaps the JJ Abrams films could have their own style, instead of returning to the TNG type of titles (which is also the traditional franchise film title format).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they should try to hide Star Trek, but allow the film to stand on its own. Christopher Nolan’s two follow up films to Batman Begins don’t include "Batman" in the title (The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises). The upcoming Superman movie is simply called Man of Steel. And of course none of the 23 James Bond movies include "James Bond" or even "007" in the title, including the upcoming Skyfall. In a way, going with franchise + colon + subtitle feels a bit old-fashioned or passé.

The key is finding a title that is evocative of Star Trek without having to say "Star Trek." An example could be "Final Frontier" but of course that one was taken by William Shatner for Star Trek V. Like with "Dark Knight" and "Man of Steel" there are many words and terms that are associated with Star Trek, such as "warp," "mission," "boldly go," "starship," "beam (me up)," "USS Enterprise," "prime directive," etc.  And of course the associated imagery and branding around the title could clearly identify the film as a Star Trek film, like has been done for other films without the franchise name in the title (see below).

Will I be upset if the movie goes with the traditional Star Trek + subtitle format? No. But, I think it is worth considering something different.

The upcoming Batman, Bond and Superman movies are clearly identified without saying "Bond," "Batman," or "Superman"

POLL: What do you prefer?

Well I have given my view, but what do you think? Back to the traditional Star Trek + subtitle (maybe with a colon thrown in there), or try something new and go for a title that is evocative of Trek without having to say “Star Trek.” Vote in the poll and sound off below.





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