Damon Lindelof Developing ‘Leftovers’ Post-Rapture Series For HBO

Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof is adding a new writing project to his slate, and it is his first return to television since Lost wrapped up two years ago. Now he is set to adapt the post-Rapture novel "The Leftovers" into a series for HBO.


Lindelof to adapt Rapture novel for HBO

After two years out of the TV waters, Damon Lindelof is diving back in to develop another show with a deep mystery at its core. This time the Lost co-creator (and member of the new "Star Trek Supreme Court") is adapting Tom Perotta’s 2011 novel "The Leftovers" into a series for HBO. The widely acclaimed book (described by Stephen King as "the best Twilight Zone episode you never saw" tells the story of a small town in a post Rapture world, coping with what happens after millions just disappear.

This is the first show in Lindelof’s new Warner Brothers TV deal. Joining Damon in writing the pilot will be Perotta (who also scripted the 1999 film Election). After reading the book last year, Lindelof approached HBO (who had already purchased the rights) to see if he could get involved and obviously they were delighted to have him.

Like with Lost, The Leftovers has a mystery at its core, in this case: where did all the "disappeared" people go? Speaking to Vulture, Lindelof admitted that he as returning to a "buzz saw" noting…

"I guess I can’t help myself," he quips. "I’m sure there’s a certain subset of viewers who watched Lost until the bitter end and will say, ‘I’m just not going to put myself through that again.’ But I’m so incredibly magnetized to this concept and the people in this story. It’s firing all my creative pistons in a way they haven’t been fired since Lost."

Lindelof to return to TV for series based on "The Leftovers"

The Leftovers is being added to Damon’s growing list of projects which also includes rewriting the troubled World War Z movie for Paramount and 1952, his mysterious original sci-fi film for Disney, who recently tapped Brad Bird to direct. And then of course there should be a third Star Trek movie sometime in Damon’s near future as well.

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