Kurtzman and Pine: Star Trek Sequel Crew Still On Journey To TOS Crew + Cumberbatch’s Villain Helps Kirk ‘Grow’

In the last day as part of their People Like Us publicity tour, both director Alex Kurtzman and star Chris Pine have ended up discussing the Star Trek sequel and specifically the arc of Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise, with both noting that the end of the 2009 movie was not the end of their journey to becoming like the crew of the original series. Pine also talked about Benedict Cumberbatch and how his villain brings out the best qualities in Kirk’s journey.


Kurtzman: New Star Trek crew still figuring out who they are

People Like Us director Alex Kurtzman talked to the Hollywood Reporter about Star Trek, and specifically on where the crew is on their arc of becoming the crew of the series…

The Hollywood Reporter: If theoretically Star Trek 2 examines what it means for Kirk to be Captain, how much is the film a Quantum of Solace follow-up that starts right after the first film, and how much does it take place some time after the events of Star Trek?

Alex Kurtzman: I can’t answer your question directly, but I can say the assumption that we did not want to make was that just because he’s in the chair and they’re on the bridge together that they’re the crew that you remember from the original series. They’re not — the crew from the original series had gone on many, many journeys, they were a well-oiled machine in terms of how they function, and these characters are still figuring out who they are and who they are to each other. And I did not want to jump so far ahead that we missed a really important emotional connection to that transition for them.

and later in the interview (in the context of discussing leaving films with open-questions and Prometheus), Alex elaborated on Star Trek and Kirk, saying…

…I tend to look at things first and foremost as a character’s journey from beginning to end, and oftentimes the journey won’t be resolved at the end, it will just be the completion of whatever that moment in their journey is. Jim Kirk, for example, inherits the Enterprise at the end of Star Trek but that doesn’t mean he fully understands what it means to be Captain. It just means, oh, he has the Enterprise now — so now what? He’s never sent men and women to their deaths before, so what’s going to happen when that kind of question comes up for him?

Check out THR for the full interview.

The bridge crew in their places at the end of 2009’s "Star Trek" – but according to Kurtzman – still on their journey to being the crew of the original "Star Trek"

Pine talks Kirk’s arc and Cumberbatch’s Villain

Speaking to MTV, Chris Pine spoke about the arc Kirk takes in the Star Trek sequel noting:

[Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof] are very good at writing myth and these characters…go on mythic arcs. It is all about growing up. These are young men and women. They are not the crew that we know from the series, they are developing into that. And it is a long way to go there.

Pine also talked about working with Benedict Cumberbatch

It is structured so that the antagonist brings out all of the qualities that need to happen for Kirk to grow…Vocally he is fascinating. He has this resonate voice. He’s got a fascinating face. He’s a lovely guy and super smart. What you want with a bad guy in any film is intelligence. You want to see something firing in his brain so he isn’t just a blood dripping from the fangs sort of bad guy and Benedict brings those kinds of smarts.

Here is the video…     


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