Watch: Kirks Chris Pine & William Shatner Share Funny Anecdotes On Late Night TV

Over the last couple of nights both Captains Kirk have been telling funny stories on late night TV, and we have the video. Firstly there is Chris Pine talking about being chased by a crazed fan in New York, and then we have William Shatner talking about dropping his pants at an airport. Check it all out below.


Dueling late night anecdotes from the Kirks

Last night Chris Pine was a guest on Conan on TBS. Chris revealed that he got chased down the street at the New York gay pride parade by a fan (wearing just a sock around his privates) screaming "Captain Kirk!"

And here is Chris talking about being "fine" as Captain Kirk in Star Trek as well as discussing People Like Us.

And Chris isn’t the only Kirk doing late night this week. Here is William Shatner from Tuesday’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS, talking about being examined very closely by the TSA when his pants fell down, noting how passers by said "Is that Captain Kirk with his pants down?"

Go to to watch the full episode, which includes more of Bill talking about (and show a clip) his Star Trek documentary Get a Life!.


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Isn’t having your pants down the latest fad?

Woah! That must have been very traumatic!
Anyway, there’s a new Pine interview on MTV with very interesting Trek details

Anyone here ready to ‘fess up to being the sock wearer? : D

Both Kirk’s are great! Shatner never fails to get a chuckle though! His comedic timing is wonderful!

It is so sad that so many features of this website don’t work on iOS. Audio but no video for Pine and not even a placeholder graphic for Shatner’s video.

Oh, my…

@6: LO freakin L!

And I add “sa-fairie” to my list of Shatner pronunciations!
Along with,…and this is off the top of my head,…..


and now safari

…..and there are others

……sooo fine…. and now you are CAPTAIN FINE!!!

……………….WOW…the image of the guy chasing CP in NYC … hilarious…

……………………………I could not see the interview with Mr. Shatner … yet … ;-) :-)

In that second picture of Pine, is he describing the Sock Guy…? If so, that was one big sock…

Well, it seems that all those workouts at the gym and circuit training etc that Chris does came in handy. I don’t know what the distance on foot is between the West and East side of New York, but 12 minutes sounds a pretty good time.

Yes, Chris was a little ambiguous when he referred to the big man chasing him. Was the man big or was what was contained in the sock rather big – or both? Oh my, oh my, oh my…

I came here thinking that I could get my some lovely Pine and Shatner as well but alas, I cannot see the video with William Shatner…:(

How’d that sock stay on?

12 – Well, if the sock is well enough, um, packed, I would think it would stay on ok. I think if the man is seeing (and running after) Chris Pine, the sock would probably stay on better than, say if he saw… William Shatner. :)

You guys could always experiment with a sock…:)

That’s the problem with many Trek fans, Keachick:

A little TOO much sock experimentation.

Why should William Shatner EVER be subjected to extra screening by TSA? It’s a waste of time and resources and a completely pointless exercise. Just three weeks ago, a congressional hearing discussed this very thing. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee said, “There are certain people that are just so well-known that you’ve just got to use your common sense. Because if you start patting them down, people are going to say, ‘They’re patting down Beyonce.’ I mean, she’s not going to blow a plane up.” It’s not about celebrities being entitled to have it easier, it’s about the fact that we know lots and lots of information about these people and can make an accurate threat assessment. In response, the TSA administrator said he’s committed to a risk-based approach that focuses on people they have less information about. Is there not enough information available about William Shatner? Unlikely. Also, new rule, people 75 and older no longer have to remove their shoes and outerwear.

I cannot see the video with William Shatner. However, I am offered other videos that I might like to see…Duh! What about TSA? What happened to William Shatner?