Watch: Kirks Chris Pine & William Shatner Share Funny Anecdotes On Late Night TV

Over the last couple of nights both Captains Kirk have been telling funny stories on late night TV, and we have the video. Firstly there is Chris Pine talking about being chased by a crazed fan in New York, and then we have William Shatner talking about dropping his pants at an airport. Check it all out below.


Dueling late night anecdotes from the Kirks

Last night Chris Pine was a guest on Conan on TBS. Chris revealed that he got chased down the street at the New York gay pride parade by a fan (wearing just a sock around his privates) screaming "Captain Kirk!"

And here is Chris talking about being "fine" as Captain Kirk in Star Trek as well as discussing People Like Us.

And Chris isn’t the only Kirk doing late night this week. Here is William Shatner from Tuesday’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS, talking about being examined very closely by the TSA when his pants fell down, noting how passers by said "Is that Captain Kirk with his pants down?"

Go to to watch the full episode, which includes more of Bill talking about (and show a clip) his Star Trek documentary Get a Life!.


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