First Look At Star Trek KRE-O USS Enterprise + Teaser For Stop-Motion KRE-O Trek Short

TrekMovie is back from vacation with news from one of the exciting things to look forward to with the 2013 Star Trek sequel. The new movie ushers in the first Trek tie-ins from toy giant Hasbro. And today Paramount and Hasbro announced they will be revealing the first Star Trek toys from their KRE-O building blocks line at San Diego Comic Con later this month. They have released a first look at the KRE-O USS Enterprise and a video teaser for an upcoming stop-motion KRE-O Star Trek short film. Check those out below.


First Look At Star Trek KRE-O line + Teaser for Stop-motion Star Trek KRE-O short

At San Diego Comic Con, coming up in a couple of weeks, Hasbro will reveal the first toys from their Star Trek KRE-O building blocks line. They will be showing off Kirk, Spock and McCoy along the USS Enterprise (which you can see below). They are also promising that these are just some of the figures and vehicles Hasbro will be releasing.

Working with JJ Abrams Bad Robot, Hasbro has also created a stop-motion digital short featuring the KRE-O figures. This short will be released later this year (after SDCC). But they have released a teaser today to give us a taste.

press release


Teaser Trailer for KRE-O STAR TREK Digital Short Produced by Bad Robot Also Unveiled
in Anticipation of Premier Pop Culture Event in San Diego

Pawtucket, R.I. – July 6, 2012 – At Comic-Con, the KRE-O brand from Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) boldly goes where no one has gone before. Based on the upcoming STAR TREK sequel from Paramount Pictures and directed by J.J. Abrams, the KRE-O STAR TREK line, under license from CBS Consumer Products, features a variety of vehicles from the movie along with fun KREON figures based on iconic STAR TREK characters. Fans will be able to see the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE set and KIRK, SPOCK and BONES KREON figures for the first time in person at the Hasbro Comic-Con booth (#3213) beginning on Preview Night, July 11.

In a groundbreaking move for entertainment based building sets, Hasbro teamed up with J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming STAR TREK sequel, to create a KRE-O STAR TREK stop motion digital short. The digital short, produced by Bad Robot, features icons of the STAR TREK saga in a stand-alone storyline and will premiere at a later date in partnership with Paramount Pictures. At Comic-Con the teaser trailer for the KRE-O STAR TREK digital short will be featured along with the upcoming U.S.S. ENTERPRISE building set and KREON figures in the Hasbro booth. In anticipation of the convention, Hasbro is unveiling a first look image of the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE set and the teaser trailer. Fans can view the teaser trailer now exclusively on the KRE-O brand Youtube channel at

“Comic-Con International is the perfect place to give fans a sneak peek at upcoming KRE-O STAR TREK products and the teaser trailer for the KRE-O digital short produced by Bad Robot,” said Kimberly Boyd, global KRE-O brand director at Hasbro. “The KRE-O brand is enjoyed by consumers around the world and Hasbro is thrilled to work with the amazing teams at CBS Consumer Products, Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures to bring the STAR TREK property to life with KRE-O building sets.”

STAR TREK will mark the third major entertainment property to be featured in the KRE-O line from Hasbro. The Company successfully introduced the KRE-O brand in 2011 with building sets featuring its globally popular TRANSFORMERS characters and in 2012 introduced the KRE-O BATTLESHIP line. New KRE-O BATTLESHIP and KRE-O TRANSFORMERS sets will be on display in the Hasbro booth including never before seen KRE-O TRANSFORMERS expressions: KRE-O TRANSFORMERS MICROCHANGERS and KRE-O TRANSFORMERS MICROCHANGERS COMBINERS. Fans won’t want to miss these new figure reveals as well a chance to snap a photo with KRE-O character statues including TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE, a BATTLESHIP ALIEN and STAR TREK CAPTAIN KIRK all in their unique KREON expressions! Fans will also want to get their hands on a special edition KRE-O BATTLESHIP BATTLE-BOAT building set sample pack which will be distributed at various times throughout the show while supplies last.

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Yeah, Rhode Island… my home state!

And yes, it looks better than JJ’s E.

“KRE-O building blocks.”

Good God Man, that is ugly. Why can’t we get Trek Lego toys — they do it right.

@1 No, it does not. You need some new material, dude…Leno you are not.

Yay. TrekMovie is back telling us about overpriced junk.

I was interested in these before. But the proportions seems out of whack. Maybe it looks better in person. I’ll find out at SDCC.

come to think about it, where was that shot in the ST09 movie?
More shots of the E being constructed are always fun.

@2 We don’t have lego trek stuff because Lucasarts most likely has an exclusive deal with lego.

The ship is disproportionate, no doubt because it has a complete bridge within. I hope like hell Hasbro will surprise us all with a 3 3/4″ line announcement at SDCC too! Hope we see a TOS and TNG Kreo sets as well!

The nacelle caps are rather accurate…

It would be great if someone from the Enterprise crew showed up there… at San Diego Comic Con…

…….. I felt a thrill listening to the soundtrack of Star Trek … ;-) :-)

My favorite design is the JJ prise actually, so I am very pleased. I know that the fans are divided over the new 1701, but Ill be purchasing my own starfleet next spring! With the ability to reconfigure the elements of the ship, I can make the Kelvin, etc….

I’m thrilled, looks soooooo coool! I love the 2009 Enterprise, far nicer design than the older Enterprise ships – this one actually looks like it could survive the hardships of deep space exploration as well as defending itself against hostiles. Can’t wait for spring 2013! Hope we get an announcement that Hasbro are also going to be putting out regular toys, especially a lights and sound 3ft USS Enterprise

@6. That would be against the law. An agreement between Lucasfilm and Lego that specifically froze out a completely different property (Star Trek/Paramount) would be a big no-no under the “unfair business practices” portion of U.S. Antitrust Code.

The KRE-O model and trailer were pretty cool. Looking forward to this. Should have been LEGO instead, but Hasbro is good to.

But, what I really want to see is a “creole” Enterprise! They probably serve it at Sisko’s. :-)

Is this Cannon. Or is it Canon. Lol.

That Enterprise looks pretty cool! I wonder if it lights up.\

@Dee: Karl Urban will be at Comic-Con. He’s doing a Dredd thing and moderating another panel. Hopefully he’ll say a little something about Trek.

Umm…. I’m sorry, but that is one very ugly looking Enterprise. There are some details in JJ’s Enterprise I can tolerate, but this KRE-O set looks like they’re taking the worst aspects of that design, dialing it up to 11 and putting it on display.

#15. Nony… yes thanks!!!…

……………WOW… always great to see KARL URBAN… ;-) :-)

11 – You’re entitled to your opinion but lets be honest, it is not nicer than any of the other designs. I have my reasons but everyone knows it’s true anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool. But not “wow” cool.

But does it even matter? In Star Trek we barely got to see Enterprise, so here’s hoping the next film gives us more, better exterior shots.

BTW, my favorite shot of Enterprise is when they are going through the debris from the fleet of ships that were destroyed. Some seriously sweet stuff there.

“BTW, my favorite shot of Enterprise is when they are going through the debris from the fleet of ships that were destroyed. Some seriously sweet stuff there.”

I have to agree there. In the Bluray version, that scene is simply stunning. ;)

P.S. It’s just a shame the shields decided not to work right at that moment. :(

She’s a Chunky Girl


That was actually…really cool.

Ha ha, that teaser trailer was an awesome throw back to the old one.

Με τουβλάκια θα ασχολούμαστε; MOVIE NEWS people!!

Love the teaser; the toy itself looks rather clunky.

It looks like that it would be easy to make the Constitution Refit from “THIS” :-)

Yikes, thats not nice is it.

My least favourite design of the Enterprise.

Give the refited design from I-VI anyday over this one

#29 – Yes, captain_neill… we know!

That is just, horrible…

Wtf is KRE-O? Is it just a cheap Lego ripoff? Why not just use actual Lego, and, you know, maybe get Traveller’s Tales to do a tie-in Lego Star Trek game?

Not bad. This Kre-O one probably needs to be seen up close in order to determine whether it would be a satisfactory representation.

But this brings back some memories. Am I the only one that tried to make the Enterprise out of Legos?

As a kid, I struggled with this. I tried for awhile, but could never get it quite right. It would never hold together. The pieces were not conducive to mavking something with round and curved shapes. Plus – I know this will reveal my age group – back in my day they didn’t make a lot of round and white legos, so the closest I could do was try to make roundish-curvy things with blue blocks.

I ended up relying on the model kits, and sometimes I would make the E out of modeling clay. I never could make a satifactory Enterprise out of Legos.

A parody of a teaser trailer…. OK, now I think I’ve seen it all. ;-D

Does anyone really expect an accurate replica of the Enterprise…or ANY ship, for that matter, to be constructed from Leggo-type blocks?? really?? It’s a toy…created to be played with by children. Kids know objects in the Leggo/Kre-o world don’t mirror real life…they’re just fun to build…and that’s the bottom line.

Well, I’ll maintain that the JJ Enterprise is UGLY, however she was beautifully presented.

It doesn’t seem any worse than the MegaBloks U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D that was release several years ago. But then, I never had the nerve to actually take mine out of the box to build it.

JJ’s Enterprise looks fine….and this is a toy, so regardless of if it’s Kre-O or Lego, it’s not going to translate the same. Relax and enjoy if building blocks are your thing. Remember, this is for kids, those future fans who will be driving Trek on the big or small screen when we are old and gray. Or in my case, dead.

LEGO’s they are not.

It also doubles as a flask!

@40. A flask! Now THAT’s a useful Trek accesory…..

@2 and all the other LEGO fans – I totally agree. Why couldn’t they do it right and do LEGO? If it’s good enough for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Toy Story, Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean…

Does anyone buy this KRE-O crap? I only buy my kids (and myself!) LEGO. Everything else is a cheap, icky plastic, pale facsimile.

Not bad! It’s the basic shape of…pretty much any Enterprise (except the original). E-D was a heavy looking ship and it’s one of my faves. This reminds me of it some.

Double click on the picture to see it bigger. When looking at the details on it you can see that nothing on the ship is wasteful. With the upcoming release of KRE-O Star Trek characters the amount slots on the ship makes sense. Also, considering the targeted age group, it’s going to have to be durable. It may not be Lego but it’s still an interactive toy (which is great!). As someone said earlier, would be awesome if it lit up and had Computer’s voice.

Very good for KRE-O and Bad Robot. I’m glad somone is interested in doing toys for Star Trek. Maybe more will catch on to this. Great job guys!

If I may say so, I greatly enjoy(ed) Mr. Abrams´ stop-motion teaser trailer as it strikes me as a deliciously self-referential, little etude in animated film-making, a loving acknowledgment of and homage to various video productions realized by fans and, I suspect, a friendly challenge to engage him once again with new projects. This time, however, on a more even playing field with regard to the resources employed… (which, from my point of view, also represents a quite impressive product marketing strategy geared towards adult consumers)

Hasbro have their Khan figure listed as “Bubba” on internal memos.

I love Hasbro.

I, for one, am excited to be getting ST Kreo’s. I think its foolish to base all of our judgement on this one picture. I’m sure Hasbro has access to all of the series, the license would be pointlessly expensive otherwise. And, these look like they will work with Lego’s, so they can always be augmented or swapped out. I say reserve judgement until next spring when we can actually put this together for ourselves.

I have been over-ruled by my 10-year old son on the Kreo Enterprise. He thinks this is really cool, so what do I know? LOL

@29 “My least favourite design of the Enterprise.”

No, nothing comes close to the ugliness of the TNG tv series Enterprise — the “pregnant guppy”.

This had better be an attempt to bring kids into Star Trek, and not some lame toy to be bought by speculators and re-sold on eBay.

We have a $3 trailer and a ship that looks like a waffle-maker.

I am sick of Trek swag. With 800 filmed eps over 45 years and 12 films, this is what we get.


LEGO? We don’t need no stinkin’ LEGO’s!

KRE-O is where it’s at, baby!