Karl Urban Reveals Cumberbatch Star Trek Sequel Character?

One of the biggest points of speculation about the Star Trek sequel has been about the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch. There have been rumors, reports and denials about his role and today brings a brand new possible revelation, this time coming from co-star Karl Urban. More details and potential spoilers below.


Cumberbatch as Gary Mitchell?

The latest report on the villain character being played by Benedict Cumberbatch comes from SFX Magazine who are quoting Karl Urban from a junket for his upcoming film Dredd. According to SFX, Urban said of Cumberbatch:

"He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

SFX says that this comment came "towards the end of a lengthily interview" about Dredd. The character of Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell (originally played by Gary Lockwood) appeared in the (second) pilot for the original Star Trek series, Where No Man Has Gone Before." Could it be that Karl Urban has let the cat out of the bag and revealed that Cumberbatch is playing Kirk’s friend who became a maniacal super-man after passing through the galactic barrier? Many sites across the web are today taking Urban’s comment as an official confirmation.

Karl Urban apparently reveals that Cumberbatch (with Quinto in spy shot-R) is playing Gary Mitchell (as seen on TOS-L)

Of course much of the speculation and reporting about Cumberbatch has been about the character of Khan Noonien Singh. Many sites (including this one) had reported sources indicting that Cumberbatch was Khan. However, following these reports Simon Pegg issued what seemed to be a clear denial calling the notion of Cumberbatch as Khan "a myth." So perhaps Urban’s comment follows up with Pegg, moving the notion from Khan to Mitchell.

On the other hand, Urban’s comment completely contradicts co-writer/producer Bob Orci who recently denied Cumberbatch was playing Gary Mitchell. In addition, Gary Mitchell has already been seen in the new movie universe, specifically in the first issues of the new IDW Star Trek comic books. The new ongoing comic series is being overseen by Orci and others on the Star Trek team and it seems a somewhat unlikely that the first storyline for the new comics would feature the villain for the upcoming sequel.

Cover for Star Trek #2 featuring Gary Mitchell (and his silvery eyes)

This new comment from Urban is the latest salvo in what appears to be a back and forth about Cumberbatch’s character that has been going on for months. For now TrekMovie cannot confirm Urban’s comment and we still stand by our earlier reporting. However, there appears to be a lot of noise and possibly misinformation going around regarding the role being played by Cumberbatch. It is also a distinct possibility that Urban, who is a big Trek fan and well-versed in the lore, was just having some fun with the SFX interviewer.

Officially everything regarding the plot or new characters for the sequel are rumors from Paramount’s perspective.  So yes it is possible Cumberbatch is playing Khan, or Mitchell or even some other character.

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