Watch: Previews From William Shatner’s ‘Get A Life!’ Star Trek Doc

In two weeks the EPIX Channel debuts the new Star Trek documentary, "William Shatner’s Get A Life!" The new doc features Bill finding out why we are all in love with Star Trek. A preview and a trailer for the doc have been released and you can check those out below.


Preview and trailer for "Get A Life!"

Here is a "preview"

And here is the trailer

Shatner will be at San Diego Comic Con Saturday July 14th on a panel to talk about "Get A Life," along with legendary cult-film maker Roger Corman. The EPIX panel is being moderated by director Kevin Smith. Following the panel both William Shatner and Roger Corman will each introduce screenings to their new films at Comic-Con: the EPIX Original Documentary William Shatner’s Get a Life! at 7PM and EPIX Original Movie Roger Corman’s Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader in 3D at 12AM at Reading Cinemas.

Shot from Shatner’s "Get a Life!" documentary

If you don’t (or can’t) get the EPIX channel, you can see Shatner’s doc and everything else they offer with a free 2-week trial ( However, you shouldn’t sign up for the trial until at least two weeks before the premiere on July 28th. 

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I would love to get me to one of those conventions.

Roll on Star Treks 50th.

My family and I will be there!

I like the look of this doco. The real Captain Kirk!

It looks great… ;-) :-)

Cool!!! Can’t wait!

i was there goodtime!


you lucky b@$tard!

wish I had been….

(of course I meant no offence! :))

Have to admit, I just saw “The Captains”. It was done from an artists perspective and was very entertaining. And informative. ( I would’ve liked to have heard from Morgan Woodward (Ron Tracy) – he was a captain after all and they talked other people who weren’t even that)….That aside, I think even Shatner’s detractors would be surprised. Shatner is kind of becoming a historical documentarian of the property. And is hitting areas others haven’t addressed or thought of. I mean, he really is. I look forward to this.

Hi Guys, I hope some of you upload this show somewhere so your “family memebers” in Oz can enjoy the fun! Looks like a hoot!

Ahh, Bill, I could tell you what Star Trek meant to me as a little 2 year-old remembering the old Black and White television screen back in the late sixties, and I remember seeing the Fesarius, Commander Balok’s ship, and I was transfixed…hooked, yes a TREKKER, never a TREKKIE.

I really don’t recall where the word “TREKKIE,” came from. I am a TREKKER, Jim, not a TREKKIE…lol.


I think it was Gene Roddenberry who said he invented the word ‘Trekkie.’ I’ve been thinking about Terminators and who their unstoppable Trek cousins might be… Wouldn’t it be awesome if hollywood made a movie titled Terminators vs Trekinators?

Hopefully its not totally self serving like his Captains doc. Even when interviewing the other actors he just ended up talking about himself the whole time.

I want to be Bill when I grow up.

My wife and I got to thank him when we got to go to his Horse show and few months back. He told us about this then and we have been waiting ever since. Cannot wait to the Vegas Con.

Can’t wait to FINALLY see this!!! (I’m in it! and not just a flash!)

Preview video 0:16 mark.

I’m looking forward to seeing this! It will be shown at the Las Vegas convention as well.