Cumberbatch’s Mum Reveals Star Trek Sequel Villain Tidbit

The subject of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek sequel character continues to be the number one thing fans (and even some of the film’s stars) are talking about these days. So any little tidbit is worth reporting, even a comment from Cumberbatch’s mum. At an event in the UK Benedict’s mom made a little comment that is getting some buzz, find out what she had to say below (minor spoilers).


Benedict’s Mom Talks Star Trek Villain Leather

Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch did a reading a the Cheltenham Festival and while there our friends at CumberbatchWeb cought up with his mum, who gave them this little tidbit

So you can add that little nugget into the Star Trek villain speculatron.

Looking back at the pictures that leaked from location shooting, they did show Cumberbatch in what could be a leather trenchcoat, so this may be what his mum is talking about (see below). Or there could be some other "head to toe" leather outfit.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles


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Mum knows best


So he’s Catwoman?


That little tidbit from his mom tells us…..wait for iiiitttttt…..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

BTW, I was kinda referencing Achmed the Dead Terrorist above, LOL!


He’s a Klingon….either kang or kor. See the Klingon costumes from st09.

He’s the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude.

Lt. Bailey

I think he is going to reveil that he is Lukes father. The speculation is just too much at this stage of the game. Until JJ decides to grace us with a trailer for the film, all we can do is guess.


Is it Corinthian leather?

Elias Javalis

Leather? It could be worse: Spandex!!


Anyone else thinking that he could possibly be Arne Darvin?


She actually said dressed head to toe in BLACK leather


Corinthian Leather. Excellent.

“You LIKE my car.”


The mother also said “everyone knows who he’s playing. Everyone who knows the history of Star Trek knows who he’s playing” so sayeth mum. ” So is that Khan or Gary Mitchell


Maybe he’s playing Krankor from Prince of Space. ;-)

Just Another German Trekker

OMG! He’s going to portray SHINZON!

Just Another German Trekker

@6 & 10: Ahhh, the comfort of soft Corinthian leather…


The Corinthian Leather comment was the best. Trek On Bamsi.


That clears it up, he’s playing 7 of 9.


Tolian Soran.






Corinthian leahter?!


I'm Dead Jim!

@9 There was talk of tribbles awhile back.


And he rides a Harley!

Dee - lvs moon' surface

Oh Mum… LOL

………..We need someone who say the NAME…. Gosh… ;-) :-)


Mum’s the word.


Christopher Nolan’s vision of Harry Mudd!!!!

Jeff & The Hamstrings

So……….. The villian is Barb Wire? Oh God i hope so…….


Bucky, a couple of months back you really laid into MJ for daring to suggest that their was some misdirection and even some lying going on from the Star Trek 2013 team. Your posts on this topic were extermely severe and borderlned on personal abuse towards him.

Based on recent events, where we are now seeing what is surely organized misdirection and deliberate untruths (probably as some weired JJ-type of viral marketing campaign?), I think you should step up the plate, be a man, and apologize to MJ now.

Come on, Bucky, be a man and do what is right here. We all make mistakes.


He’s playing …. Spock …. but from yet another alternate universe







I still don’t believe he’s playing Gary Mitchell.

My money is on Khan.


I also read “I didn’t raise Star Trek-she mentioned it. Definitely an existing villain.” on that twitter page…

He works for Section 31 presumably.

It's Paramount

People Cumberbatch is playing Arne Darvin in the alternate timeline. The only thing different about this Klingon Darvin desguised to be a human is that he is also a super strengthed augment. I’ve been hinting around for months. Oh well!!!


Section 31!!


Corinthian leather: “The term was first used during the marketing campaign of the 1974 Imperial LeBaron, but the term is usually associated with the marketing campaign for the 1975 Chrysler Cordoba and that campaign’s celebrity spokesperson, *RICARDO MONTALBAN[4][6], who described the car’s seats as being covered with “soft Corinthian leather.”‘ – Wikipedia.

Hmmm? More misdirection? There seems to be some flip-flopping going on; just doesn’t feel quite as comfortable as the flip-flops I am wearing right now…


If this is a retelling of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” then…

a) how will they explain this Delta Vega looking nothing like the Ice Planet orbiting the Black Hole formerly known as Vulcan?

b) We’ll get lots of Cumberbatch jokes about “Where Gary Lockwood Has Gone Before”.

Jokes aside, if it is Gary Mitchell, I’m interested. Cumberbatch is a vastly better fit for Mitchell than for Khan.

38. a) Delta Vega is a designation given to more than one Starfleet facility. The one near Vulcan clearly isn’t the same one many parsecs away at the edge of the galaxy.

b) They wouldn’t remake a TOS episode on the big screen. Seem to be getting that out of their system in comic books.


It’s all so clear to me now!


Cumberbatch’s character: LEONARD NIMOY!



Mum-berbatch didn’t reveal much…lol


It’s quite obvious he’s playing the doomsday machine!!! Only, a doomsday machine all decked out in leather!

Renee Wike

#28 I totally agree with you. This is definitely misdirection. I think these actors had to sign non-disclosure agreements if I’m not mistaken and that includes telling your Mom what’s happening in the script. There have been so many little slips here and there from actors it’s pretty obvious. JJ’s messing with us.


It’s not GM. I think it’s Khan. Further, he does wear leather.



#13.. Bwaaahahaha… loved it!


He’s a Gimp!

No Khan

@44. He sure doesn’t look like the Khan we remember. Whu?


I still say he is playing Dr. Sevrin.

Goin’ down to Eden. Hey Brother.

Bob Tompkins

Whomever Cumberbatch is portraying, he can obviously give Spock a run for his money physically; if it’s a known character, that in itself limits who it could be.
Gary Mitchell, Khan, Trelayne, Q, an altered Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan etc, Adonis, Ruk, a Borg,- but it really all comes back to Khan considering all the Latinos considered for the role.


…So, not only will my villain be “scary” , “nuanced”, but, he’ll wear leather from head to toe, as well ?!


P.S. : I don’t know who Mr. Cumberbatch will be portraying, but, it won’t be Khan.