Hasbro, QMx, DST, Anovos and Hallmark Show Off New Star Trek Merch At SDCC 2012

A number of Star Trek licensees are showing new and upcoming products at San Diego Comic Con this week, including USS Kelvins from QMx and Hallmark, the new Hasbro Star Trek sequel KRE-O line, new figures and vehilces from Diamond Select and uniform replicas from Anovos. Details and tons of images below.



Quantum Mechanix

QMx were showing off two new limited edition Artisan replica ships. The USS Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation and USS Kelvin from the 2009 Star Trek movie. Both replicas will be limited to 50 units. The Enterprise D is expected to be released in September (in time for the 25th anniversary of TNG) with the Kelvin coming “soon” (which probably means by 2013).

QMx USS Enterprise D artisan replica

QMx USS Enterprise D artisan replica details

QMx USS Enterprise D artisan replica plaque

QMx USS Kelvin artisan replica

QMx USS Kelvin artisan replica details

QMx USS Kelvin artisan replica details

QMx USS Kelvin artisan replica details


Hasbro Toys were showing off some of their KRE-O building block line for the 2013 Star Trek sequel, including the USS Enterprise along with figures for Kirk, Spock and McCoy. The line is due in stores around the release of the sequel. No pricing was available.

Hasbro KRE-O Enterprise and figures

Hasbro KRE-O figures

Hasbro KRE-O Kirk

Hasbro KRE-O Enterprise open saucer

Hasbro KRE-O Enterprise and figures


Hallmark have revealed their 2013 Keepsake ornaments including three star Trek ornaments: a TOS Kirk & Gorn scene, a TOS Mr. Scott and the USS Kelvin from 2009 Star Trek movie. 

Hallmark Kirk & Gorn ornament

Hallmark TOS Scotty ornament

Hallmark USS Kelvin ornament

Diamond Select

DST’s booth featured a number of items due to be released over the next year

DST Mirror Kirk and Spock retro cloth figures

DST TOS Spock figure

DST Spock and Horta set

DST Enterprise B and Excelsior ship toys

DST Klingon Bird of Prey vehicle toy

DST USS Enterprise E “Nemesis” variant ship toy


Replica uniform makers Anovos were showing off a couple of their upcoming new Star Trek items including a Next Generation jumpsuit and Voyager uniform.

Anovos TNG uniform replica

Anovos Voyager uniform replica


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i like the Kirk/Gorn ornament.

but instead of Kirk cowering he should be blasting the Gorn with an improvised canon, as is the true spirit of Xmas.

I want the KRE-O Enterprise :)

Some brilliant stuff on show, loving the kreo enterprise and the qmx replicas, really hoping they put out some more affordable pieces from tng and jj abrams trek

DST… so…so slow… I will buy your ships…but those were announced years ago…

How can I get a model of the new Enterprise to build. I’m super bummed out to still be waiting for it’s release all the years later.

Any word on when the 1701-B will be coming out? The excelsior-class is my favorite ship and I’d love to have one sitting around my office to screw with my coworkers.



Pricing is available for Kre-0 enterprise at $70.00

Lets see 4 x $70 / budget per month….

If I only had money, I’d give some thought to the Kelvin. Oh, well…

Can’t possibly afford QMx’s Kelvin, BUT the Hallmark Kelvin is right up my alley! Love the Kelvin!

QMX Kelvin and D look amazing. I just hope they fix the lettering on the Kelvin – the font is too fat. Any word on sizes and prizes?

I want a Christmas Gornament!

Scotty looks like the Argelians hanged him.

I like the Kelvin, though. That configuration grows on me over time.

What happened to that Klingon disruptor that DST announced together with the BoP? I was waiting for that one more than for anything else… :(

Can’t stand the Kelvin replica. The tiling makes it look like the bought Tr-titanium from 30 different steel plants across the Federation, and then ran out of budget to paint the ship.

I like the tribble clutch-purse with the red uniform. So chic!

13 – MJ, fine. You try getting that sucker through the car wash and see what they charge!
Simple lube and anti-matter change? You’re broke!

Any chance somebody could drop by the La-La Land booth and get some info on the upcoming DS9 soundtrack? :)

@15. LOL. You gotta admit, it is kind of funny when you think about it, how we all bitch about the low tech budgeneering in Trek 2009, but yet in all of these starships using futuristic construction processes, none of the steel plates (at least in these non-official models made by fans and others) matches each other? I man, crap, unpainted B-17’s from the 1940’s had more consistent looking skin then the Kelvin. Give me a break! :-)

@5 I’m right there with you. As a big fan of JJ’s Enterprise, I REALLY wanted a model to put together to complete my collection but sadly I’m still waiting.
@13 I kinda liked the aged look of the Kelvin MJ. It’s how I always thought Voyager or the NX01 should look by the end of their run (especially Voyager of all ships). Kelvin is an exploratory ship, not the flagship; it kept the Trek feel while looking realistically worn. JMO though :)

Disappointed Hallmark has no TNG ornaments for the 25th anniversary :(

Ha! Hallmark doing a Kelvin. Not going to fork out for the admittedly beautiful QMX model…

@17. Right off the assembly line, I’d agree. But after exposure to the elements I’d expect any areas that were refinished to vary a bit in color. That was something that always bugged me about Voyager, she pulled back into Federation space after being lost for seven years showroom fresh. Probably had that new car smell, too…

Why is the Kelvin NCC-0514 instead of NCC-514? There have been 3 digit ship #s in the past. Enterprise NX-01 and Columbia NX-02 are the only other on-screen ships to have serial numbers starting with zero. Just wondering.

My wife now knows what I would like for Christmas… those hallmark items…not the Kelvin, sorry. Anovos uniforms however are on the list too.

RE: Lala land
like with their last release, they will give us all the details on the DS9 set when they are ready, probably within the next few weeks. Possibly around VegasCon

Aztecing is the current vogue. For me, one of the great things about 60’s asthetics is the curve coupled with the simple lines. I always figured the TOS 1701 had a mostly solid outer shell. I also imagined that engineers could join two pieces through actual molecular bonding, not welding or rivets, for Vol’s sake. Forgive me, but Irwin Allen also had some gorgeous ships.
Absolutely hate the Transformers asthetic of things with ten trillion panels and parts, most of which fly off in battle, leaving you to realize you didn’t need them in the first place. What engineer in his right mind would design a machine like that?

While the Kelvin model looks fine detail-wise I have a feeling that they didn’t get the color scheme quite right, don’t you think so?

#4 – Yeah, I thought I was going senile for a minute as I was sure the Bird of Prey and Ent-B were supposed to have been released years ago. Still no Reliant either.

QMX’s products are their typical overpriced vaporware

Is it so hard for for Trek to get a license that can deliver some decent props in a timely fashion and for a moderately reasonable price?

@25 and others: I always felt that the tiling on Enterprise was picked up as a design element from the tiling on the space shuttles, which were new and fresh and the future when the design work for the TMP refit was being done. It was subtly done and lent the big E a sort of authenticity, to me, at least.

The Kelvin ornament is a must. Nice likeness on the Spock DST figure as well….but I thought they did those already? Oh well, still, it’s always great to see a face sculpt that actually resembles the character.

@28. I seem to recall someone offered up an explaination for the tiling look after TMP was released. Don’t recall what it was but it wasn’t anything that caused me to scratch my head and ask “really”…..

The QMX model of the Enterprise D looks great. The Kelvin seems to have the color of the Enterprise, instead of the worn-grey of the movie version.

Diamond Select makes good stuff, but they keep dragging their feet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Excelsior, Enterprise B, Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Klingon disruptor and the action figures. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these items get cancelled.

Is it just me, or does the Scotty ornament hanging by a hook in his head look a little gruesome? Like something out of a horror movie…

It’s always confusing when Hallmark unveils these ornaments now because the ornaments shown here at Comic-Con are next year’s ornaments, so we won’t be able to buy them till next year. I would love to be able to get a Kelvin ornament to go with my JJ Enterprise ornament but I’ll have to wait a while. At least this year’s Enterprise-D ornament looks nice though I’ll have to see how detailed it looks before I buy. The KRE-O Enterprise looks better in these pictures so I may reconsider buying it.

^^I meant the Kelvin QMX model seems to have the same color of grey as the J.J Enterprise.


Hallmark is doing Enterprise D for 25th anniversary…those are in stores now. The ones above are 2013 ornaments.

You know, I’m still not a big fan of the new 1701, but I have to admit they got the Kelvin just right.

“Gosh, you’ve… really got some nice toys here.”

Name the movie and the character who says that, and WIN NOTHING!!!

@28 “I always felt that the tiling on Enterprise was picked up as a design element from the tiling on the space shuttles, which were new and fresh and the future when the design work for the TMP refit was being done. It was subtly done and lent the big E a sort of authenticity, to me, at least.”

I agree completely, with the key point you mention about the tiling being “subtly done.” There is nothing subtle about the tiling on this Kelvin model — it is “in your face, wasn’t I painted by a great modeler” type of tiling. It should look more like a star ship, not an advertisement for U.S. Steel. LOL

As I said, it makes one wonder if their was a Tri-titanium shortage in the Federation, and they had like 50 different suppliers for the skin. :-)

a couple of very good items, specially intrigued by the KREO Enterprise.

Are KREO and LEGO the compatible, ie the same size?

too bad there’s almost no ENT merch at all, compared to all other Trek series.

re: QMx USS Enterprise D artisan replica

Is it possible, that I’m in love with a Starship?


@37 Roy Batty in Blade Runner

32 – Agreed. See comment #15.

@12 – it was on show and toynewsi.com/ actionfigs.com/ figures.com have pics and it’s got a release date of December 2012 but that’ll probably mean sometime next year – all we know is that it is coming and you can pre-order it from your favourite geek shop! :D

There were prices on the Hasbro and DST product:

Star Trek Select Spock: $21.99 (2013)
Star Trek Klingon Disruptor: $70.00 (Dec 2012)
Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey: $70.00 (Nov 2012)
Star Trek Enterprise B: $60.00 (2013)
Star Trek Excelsior: $60.00 (2013)
Star Trek Enterprise E: $60.00 (Sept 2012)

Kreo USS Enterprise Set: $69.99 (May 2013)

I’d say that the QMx Kelvin is going to be in scale (so smaller) to the Artisan Enterprise and I’d put it around the $3,000 mark.

As for the D, I’d say it’s gonna be around $4,000/$5,000

DST are hoping to re release ALL of the AA/DST ships with exception to the NX-01. So they are releasing their Enterprise D hopefully with the neck windows that were missing on it’s original release. When they intend to release it, who knows but my guess is it’s going to be between August and January next year.

@39, yes Kreo is compatible with other “leading building block brands” ie, LEGO.

Those Hallmark ornaments look much better than this year’s offerings. The Spock meets Spock from 2009 movie is just ugly; the McCoy figure is not a lot better and the Enterprise ornament is bland. IMO.. I chose not to pay for any of them.

So, I could buy QMX’s stuff, or buy a 2nd hand small car.

I’d love to know when QmX is going to produce the smaller, presumably more affordable and space friendly, versions of their models. I know they said they would do it long ago when they made the announcement but haven’t heard anything since.

@40 Yes. At least a couple of figures to finish out the Art Asylum crew, right? Hoshi? Phlox in his everyday outfit? A PORTHOS? Tell me you wouldn’t buy Porthos? Cutler? A Shran that actually looks like Shran? Sovol? Forrest? T’Pol’s season 3 type uniform? Riker in ENT era jumpsuit? Specially packaged Shatner as Chef chase figure? So much of my money I want to give them…

As I understand it, the reason DST has taken a while with the Disruptor and ships is because the factory they used to have make the products was severely damaged or destroyed by the Japanese tsunami. Bearing that in mind, I’m glad these will be on my shelf soon, I’ve been looking forward to them for a long time