Karl Urban Surfs The Web With His (Sortof) ‘Exclusive’ Star Trek Sequel Footage

Turns out Karl Urban was not lying when he said that some "exclusive" footage from the Star Trek sequel would be released this weekend. In fact he is the one releasing it on YouTube, but it’s not exactly what people had in mind. Mostly it is Urban having some fun. Check it out below. 


Karl Urban’s ‘exclusive’ Star Trek Sequel Sneak Peak

True to his word, Karl Urban put the following video up on his YouTube channel, just in time for Comic Con weekend.

So Karl Urban seems to be having some fun with all the buzz about the Star Trek sequel.

Primarily it is a video of Karl surfing, but if you wait to the end there is some ‘real’ footage which appears to be from the last day of shooting of the Star Trek sequel. It’s likely Karl shot this footage with his phone, making it technically an “exclusive.” It features director JJ Abrams and first AD Tommy Gormley and cinematographer Dan Mindel standing next to a green screen. I believe they are holding various camera testing objects which are used after every live-action shot to help with the 3D.

JJ Abrams (center) with cinematographer Dan Mindel (L) first asst. director Tommy Gormley (R) wrap the Star Trek sequel

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