Watch: SDCC Star Trek: TNG S1 Blu-ray trailer + Best Buy & Amazon Pre-order Drops To $60

The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation hits stores on Blu-ray next week. A new trailer for the set was shown at San Diego Comic Con and it is now available online. You can watch that below plus see an extended trailer for the theater screenings on Monday. CBS has also launched a new Facebook app which lets you put yourself into various Star Trek scenes. Finally the pre-order price has dropped to $59.99


Comic Con Star Trek: TNG S1 preview + extended TNG Screening Trailer

Here is the video showed at San Diego Comic Con

And there is also a new extended version of the Star Trek: The Next Generation screenings trailer from Fathom Events.

New Facebook app

As part of the promotion CBS has launched a new "Transport Yourself" app on Facebook which lets you take your photo and insert them into various Star Trek scenes.

Reviews coming soon

Look for reviews of the full set, plus individual episode reviews from the remastered Star Trek: The Next Generation soon.

And check out TrekMovie’s interview with Mike and Denise Okuda, talking about the S1 set as well as future seasons.

Preorder price drop to $59.99

The first Blu-ray season for Star Trek: The Next Generation comes out July 24th. The six-disc set includes HD remasters (in 1080p and 7.1 DTS audio) of all 26 episodes, plus brand new special features (see below for full details). The official retail price (according to CBS) is $118.00 in the US (which is actually a little less than the MSRP for Star Trek: TOS Blu-ray Season 1).

You can pre-order the set at discounted prices. Walmart is selling it for $78.86  Amazon has lowered their price to $59.99 which appears to match Best Buy .

Walmart – USA BestBuy – USA Amazon – USA
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One

The set is also available for pre-order at Amazon sites around the world.

Canada UK Germany


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I’ll be there on the 23rd. Quite honestly, I hadn’t considered buying the BDs since I have it all on DVD but, damn, they look great! I am seriously reconsidering…

After watching the first video (beautiful), it had me thinking – I wonder if it might be possible for Captain Kirk and the Enterprise to come across one of these crystalline entities sooner rather than later and for some level of positive communication between humans and this entity achieved, so that this alternate universe crystalline entity is not destroyed the way it was in the Prime TNG universe. Perhaps this alt. entity may be a slightly different species, something like that….

Now we’re talking! I spent $80-$100 a season for the DVDs for TNG. Bring it into the $50 range and I’m sold!

On top of that, Best Buy has a $10 email coupon for online purchases over $50, so in a sense, you’re getting it for $49.99 there.

It was about time too! I spent over 600 Euros for all seven seasons on DVD. What the heck, its Star Trek, i love it, money doesnt exist at that time!!!

ST:TNG, remastered in HD! So you can watch the trailer in SD!! Huzzah! Oh wait

$60? Psh!

Let me know when it hits $30 and I’ll think about it.

Does no one else find it amusing that none of these videos for TNG in HD are actually in HD?

2. Keachik
I was actually thinking about that too for a new movie or something else along that line of thinking. Throw in the Tholians into the movie as possible worshippers of the Crystalline Entity.

Are the Tholians crystalline in nature themselves?

So, for $59.99, I preordered. I’ll give the new HD set a thorough look see and really compare my dvd’s to this upgrade and scrutinize the extras over the former ported over ones and determine if they’re really something or lame. I too paid 100.00 a season years ago for the dvd sets. The sampler I wasn’t that impressed with.

I can’t wait for the individual episode reviews. I just pre-ordered from amazon, for release date delivery and look forward to watching along. Its like seeing it again for the first time.

10. spooky
I never made that connection before, that would be a very interesting idea to have the Tholians and the crystalline entity connected somehow.

Ok, for $60 I’m in! Can’t wait!!!


Spooky, you should be a writer (if you aren’t already). That’s a good idea. Seriously, the Crystalline Entity and the Tholians together—nicely done, sir, nicely done.

I believe the season 2 blu ray trailer that TrekCore put up the other day but since taken it down is the best Star Trek home video commercial ever tbh.

The quality is obvious…all these people saying they are going to look and judge is all BS…just buy the damn thing, its like night and day…stop being lame and ininformed.

I hope that when they get around to season 5, they will include as a bonus feature the MTV special from that year, “The Star Trek Logs”. It was a promotional feature aired on MTV featuring Marina Sirtis on the set of TNG as Counselor Troi researching the history of the Enterprise – A, and focusing on the events of “Staar Trek VI”. It may only be tangentially related to TNG, but it has some nice unique footage featuring the character of Troi, and ties in with the ” Unification” two-parter.

Nifty little oddities like that make double-dipping for a set fun.

Your welcome for the tip I emailed in about the Best bUy price days ago? and the posting i made of it in two other threads.

And again as i said yesterday in the other thread, if your in L.A. the west Hollywood and Burbank best buys allready have it on shelf, and when you use upgrade and save its only 54.99.

also if you do it as a pre order from best you get a 10.00 off a future purchase code.

The set looks great i am on disc 3 now.

15. I just assumed that a book was already written about this idea. : )

I’d have bought these if they had corrected the aspect ratio to be widescreen.

Having bought the sampler, I was greatly disappointed by the choice to keep it in the original ratio.

Hopefully, one day someone will take the time to get this right.

There is no correction needed. These episodes were filmed in 4:3. You can’t correct something if there is no problem in the first place.

Or are you saying you would prefer to lose a significant amount of picture just to fill up your 16:9 television?

Sorry, but that’s just daft.

People are still whining about the aspect ratio. Seriously,. get over it already. That boat has already left dry dock. This show was made for TV at that time, TV aspect ratio was square.

I ordered this awhile back in early June as a pre-order from Perhaps I should have waited til the price was somewhat reasonable. I hope Amazon takes this into account and gives me the difference in credit. Anyway, I doubt that it will arrive on Tuesday as advertised. More likely It will ship 3 months from now. LOL… stupid pre-orders.

Amazon will honor its preorders, “spooky”. I’ve ordered from them for years and they not only will ship it so it arrives on release day (with Amazon Prime), but they’ll make sure that everyone who preorders gets the lowest price if it drops before release day.

Mine indicates it’s “shipping soon”.

I for one can’t stand these square and rectangle aspect ratios.
Triangle is the only way to go.

25. Amazon Prime… never heard of it. I shall look into it though. My last preorder was like that. It didn’t arrive until a month after the release of the item… stock was sold out. Why did they even have the frigging preorder I thought. I hope this time I was as early a bird as I could be. :)

26. Oh I agree but I want a hexgon aspect ratio. :p


Hexagon?! You sound like a degenerate communist.
It’s octagon or nothing.

I suppose if they ever get around to making a tv that is 2.35:1 people will want to cut off even more of the picture just so there aren’t any black bars on the screen. I’ve just never understood the hang up some people have of insisting that everything fill the entire screen of whatever shaped tv happens to be popular at the time. Why don’t we just decide that all we really want to see is Marina Sirtis’s boobs and just crop out the rest of the picture except that so every episode will just be about 50 minutes of her boobs on the screen. The whole screen, no black bars just full frame glorious 16:9 Marina’s tits, who needs to see the whole frame as originally intended by the director. I’m sure we can all agree that this would be much better than watching the show as the creators of the show meant for it to be viewed.

AS I PREDICTED — price is already approaching $50, and even sooner than I thought. Obviously the pre-sales have not gone as well as they had expected. This will be $45 a couple months after release.

I told you so!!!


Exactly. However, I have heard that CBS did the exterior effects in 16:9 similarly to the way they did it in TOS and accidentally released with XBox. Since CBS Action airs the 16:9 crops of TOS in the UK, and they also air in Japan in that format as reported on Trekmovie, my guess is CBS is planning to release a 16:9 crop for broadcast syndication.

But as you suggest, the picture will be cropped in a way that was never intended by the directors. S at least the BluRay preserves this.

However, the BluRay also gives us more picture than was ever actually intended as well sinc ether are giving us e full TV Transmitted area including the entire overscan area which was never really expected or intended to be seen on TVs of the 80s.


How do you like your crow served?


Has anyone else got this yet? I picked up a copy yesterday in my local HMV, it really is like seeing these episodes for the first time again, everything seems so different in HD, the crystalline entity was nicely redone

MJ i said it would be in The 59 dollar range come release date jusy like TOS re read my posts buddy.

Along with saying even at 79.99 it would still be worth it.. But you only chose to remember that. And noy The posts where i repeatedly brought up,TOS remastered release week prices.
In other news i am now on disc 5. Well worth every penny

333I mentioned the other day in the other TNG BLu thread that I have it. I am on Skin of Evil right now and the set was well worth the money, CBS went above and beyond on this set.

Looks like MJ was right on this one after all.

No he wasn’t this is the same price point that TOS Blurays were on release week for their respective releases.

Anyone notice the 7.1 audio sounding a bit tinny and echoy on Haven and 11001001?

^27. Another benefit of Amazon Prime is free Amazon Instant Video of many shows, including all Star Trek series, with TOS and ENT in HD. TNG is in SD so you can compare how much better the Blu-rays are!

40. I’ve checked it out… I really don’t care for the streaming stuff and so on. The 80 bucks for membership seems somewhat steep for stuff I would never really use. The two-day shipping sounds nice though.

41, Prime is primarily for the discounted free shipping. The video streaming is just an added benifit for anyone who would like to use it.
if you order a lot of movies, Prime is well worth the 39.99 or79.99 price depending on if you have regular prime or prime student.
And you get your movies on release date.


MJ, you were right on this one. Good call!

43 how was he right, its the same price point that TOS seasons1,2 and 3 were in stores on their release date. I even said as much in many threads.
search back through through the older threads.

But even if it had not droped to that price point, it still is worth the higher msrp.
Ive watched all 6 discs and the episodes look and sound amazing and the behind the scenes docs are excellent.

Mj and 43
As i posted back in May

“100. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow – May 24, 2012
even though from its initial pre order prices ranging for 80-109.99 for each season of tos on blu when it came release week the prices both on line and instore do what they always do for new releases they went on sale.

I paid 54.99 at Best Buy for TOS Season 1 on BD from best buy when it was released first week on April 28 2009 (due to a signage price error in some stores some people even paid 44.99)
I paid 59.99 for TOS season 2 on BD sept 22 2009 from best buy
I paid 54.99 for season 3 on BD on December 15 2009 from best buy.

Keep in mind I also paid for the TOS season 1 HDDVD set, which when it was released was more than double the price that the pre orders are currently set at.

so I quadruple dipped it, but guess what for ME PERSONALLY each purchase was worth it cause i get enjoyment out of it.”

Appreciate all the support here from most folks posting on the cost drop topic that I had covered earlier this year in a number of posts — yea, it is nice to be proven correct on this one, and I’m not going to let anyone’s sour grapes turn my smile into a frown. LOL

My next prediction: — this will be available for around $45 within 2-3 months.


Have you seen “The Amazing Spider-Man” yet? Or “The Dark Knight Rises”?

I saw TDKR on Friday. It was great! Not quite as great as “Batman Begins” or “The Dark Knight” though. But oh so close. Bane was BADASS!

Just saw Dark Knight Rises today — actually, I thought it was the best of the series, and I loved the 2:45 long length to build the story. The may the tension built towards the end and story twists at the end was just awesome film-making. I am going to have to catch it a second time. It was the best movie I have seen this year! Bane was great, and Hathaway was a pleasant surprise.

Still need to see Spidey. Maybe next weekend.

Yeah, I’m going to go for a second time. Maybe the second time will be better. There was a lot going on, and maybe this is one of those times when a repeat viewing is helpful. Plus I went on Friday when news of the shooting was raw.

But yeah, along with “The Avengers”, its the best movie of the year so far.