Watch: First Clip of Brian Gross As Star Trek: Phase II’s New Kirk

A month ago we reported that the popular fan series Star Trek: Phase II has recast their Kirk with actor Brian Gross. Now producer (and former Kirk) James Cawley has released the first video showing Gross in a scene from his first episode "Blood and Savagery." Watch it below.    


First clip featuring Phase II’s new Kirk

Here is a clip from the Star Trek Phase II’s episode "Bread and Savagery," which is a sequel to the TOS episode "Bread and Circuses." It features Brian Gross as the new Kirk along with Brandon Stacy as Spock and guest star Daren Dochterman as proconsul Claudius Marcus. Note that this clip is an early cut and without the sound properly edited.

UPDATE: Video has been set to private. Apparently this was a limited time type of thing. TrekMovie is trying to get the video re-released, possibly temporarily.

Filming on "Bread and Savagery" wrapped up in June and it is now in post-production. There are still a number of other episodes featuring Cawley as Kirk which are also in post-production so we wont be seeing Gross’ Kirk take over for a while.

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Wow, Darren is actually not a bad actor.

1. brady

Agreed Great work, DD!

Sorry but that was just plain old bad, it felt, corny, overacted and forced. Not feeling it whatsoever. Still good luck to them.

WOW, what a difference!!!!! Great job James Cawley in making this gutsy and obviously personally difficult casting change — this guy is Kirk!

Darren is channeling the spirit of Logan Ramsey! Well done, sir…

Horrid acting. Horrid dialogue. Though the second might be to blame for the first.

I dunno. Playing Kirk may be the Rubik’s Cube of acting roles. You have to have some big cojones to even try it.

Daren Dochterman is perfect for his role.

Curious to see how the whole thing turns out.

He looks like John Henry from the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This guy to me looks half Pine-Kirk, half Shat-Kirk, and the smart-alicky grin that Cawley always had (not his fault — it was just his face/mannerisms) is no longer. This guy looks very credible as Kirk.

I’ll have to wait until Brian Goss is wearing the gold and black uniform. I was unable to form an opinion based on what I saw.


He looks nothing like John Henry.

Love Dochterman. But Kirk here feels like he is infringing on Dr. McCoy’s patented hissy fits, in acting and dialogue, rather than being Kirk. He seems a little insecure for a Kirk.

in my city there is plot of land on a major road where many businesses have tried but failed to be successful. It is a cursed location.

While I enjoyed Crawleys Kirk (Mostly because I sensed his love for the character) this might actually turn into something on a different level.

Not bad at all for a rough cut.

Not to be a downer, but this felt incredibly cheesy. Personally I think it’s the lack of production value, and not necessarily the acting. Hope the best for them, however.


You really see NO resemblance? At the very least, they could be brothers.

Captain Kirk, “….burn in hell for what you did…”

What? I do not recall nor can I imagine Kirk saying something like that.

All I can honestly say is – thank goodness, there are professional writers and actors working on the Star Trek film franchise right now.

make a better scene solution, take a real DOP, take a light and make a soundmix …. and after all: make a color grading. You would wondering … you have a filmlook like motion picture ;-)

Not sure I can form an opinion on this guy.

So far, he seems less distinctive than Cawley was – Cawley’s obvious physical dissimilarity to Shatner allowed a certain dissimilarity in the character to get through my suspension of disbelief.

This guy may not benefit from it, but time will tell.

And he totally looks like John Henry from TSCC.

The quadrage is ugly … the entirely photography is ugly … damn, so much potential for waste ….

I am admittedly biased, but I think Brian was awesome as Kirk. He looks the part, is a professional actor with legitimate credits, and is about the right age. Plus he was an awesome guy that everyone on set liked.

I think you will see Brian grow in this role. Wait till you see the vingette “Going Boldly” and then the whole episode.

And Daren was UNBELIEVABLE. Damn he is so good in this role.


I’m sorry, but he isn’t convincing at all as Kirk. A starship captain? Absolutely. But if you didn’t know it was New Voyages/Phase II, you’d have no idea it was Kirk. Having said that, certainly looks good for a rough cut of a fan series that “takes place” circa 1970. I’m very intrigued by the Romulans being involved. I always thought it was logical to assume they interfered in the planet’s development way back, and the Magna Romans emulated them similar to the Chicago planet whose name escapes me.

Casting James T. Kirk and doing it believably has to be the hardest role in show business. Shanter has such a distinct voice, delivery and look (hence why none of the merchandise ever looks like him) it’s nearly impossible to do without coming off as a parody.

For the cast and crew, I’m sure it is a rewarding hobby and for the fans, to each their own. I just can’t get into Phase II.

Daren Dochterman was perfect as Claudius Marcus. His voice intonations, his facial expressions were spot on. It reminded me of how Karl Urban channeled DeForest Kelly so well.
The Kirk actor, well, he was not Kirk. He overacted, acted badly, and the character was so angry and unconfident (Shatner’s Kirk smirked and/or handled the stress more gracefully with Marcus).

I wonder if Claudius Marcus is related to Carol Marcus? They have similar names, you know.

And both caused a lot of trouble for Kirk, if you think about it.

This scene wasn’t my cup of tea.

The thing that frustrates me about Cawley is that he starts many projects and never finishes them: for example, STar TRek: Origens, Buck Rogers, Wild Wild West, etc.


Painfully, painfully bad acting. But then no worse than the earlier New Voyages actors.

Oh lord this new guy is bad.

but I like Dochterman in this clip… he reminds me of Brian Cox.

I’m not sure yet about the Brian Gross’ Kirk, but I really like DD’s Claudius Marcus! Well done, sir!

The thing is, now they’ve made the change to professional actors, the pressure is increased to see a professional job.
When it was a crowd of keen amateurs having fun MOST of us were happy to overlook the obvious talent shortfall. Now, however, they’ve upped the expectation level and on this, admittedly limited and unfinished, clip i’m not seeing it.
Maybe when its fully realised? I hope so because i’ve mostly really enjoyed Phase II.

Horrible acting from all parties. And this coming from a pretty terrible actor in my own right!

In my opinion; as far as Phase 2 is concerned, You got what you paid for.
Also as a lifelong Trek fan who has seen all 700 + hours of the 5 television series as well as the 23 animated episodes and 11 movies,
It intriques me how picky and critical some fans seem to be about a free “on line” production which is made by other die hard devoted fans who out of love , take time out of their lives and busy schedules as well as spend their own hard earned money on making something we all claim we love and miss .As well as wish; we too, could do.

Yet for the past 20 plus years, anytime Paramount “slapped” the label “Star Trek” on either a Star Trek Movie or another television spin off version,
the very same fans often overlooked how bad it really was
because in their opinion,
“Any Trek was better than no Trek at all.”

Which honestly is part of the reason that we got what we did and why Star Trek eventually burned out , became oversaturated and is no longer on Televsion today.

So with that being said;
The last time I checked, no one was being charged to watch these fan made productions and No one was being forced to sit in front of their computer and download any of these hour long fan produced episodes either.
it’s rather hypocritical I.M.O. to make these kind of comments about other fans such as James Cawley and his crew for doing something most of us dont have the money ,time or talent to even attempt .

Yet no matter how bad the next remake/ redo/prequel or whatever we are blessed to recieve from Paramount might be,
A lot of the very same critics of Phase 2, will hold their noses and overlook it and then make excuses as well as defend stories, even if it make no sense and the Characters have no depth or interest.

Sadly for all the claims of following Gene Roddenberrys I.D.I.C. and acceptence and understanding,
It’s comments like a lot of these concerning Phase 2 and the other fan made Trek productions that cause Non Trek people to think Trek fans are middle aged basement dwellers who need to “get a life.”

I like new Kirk. He was good in his scene, although the editing didn’t help him out. Good editors make good actors look even better. I know this was a rough clip, but I hope the editors add some C/U’s and cutaway from some of the more ‘fixed’ moments (that’s when an actor stares at another one for too long).

Loved the Roman guy too, although I really don’t think that Zach Quinto’s stand in can cut it as an actor and Spock is a VERY difficult part.

One final thing, it looked like it was shot in England. Where’s the sun?

Well done Phase II guys. Looking forward to this hugely.

I really like Roman proconsul. He’s channeling a bit of Game of Thrones’ eunuch Varys.

Gross is not bad at all, but I’ve gotten used to Cawley. He made sense as an older (but not movies old) Kirk.

Things to fix:
– lighting. If nothing else fix the lighting.
– Kirk needs to slow down a bit when talking
– show Kirk opening the communicator
– add some walking movement in the scene. Being originally a stage actor meant Shater liked to move around and use the space he was given.
– Kirk’s hair at the front
– Kirk stops before Spock stops him. Looks staged.
– awkward close up in the end, reminds me of the fat baby picture.
– maybe throw in an establishing shot at the start so it pooks less liked it was filmed in a small park corner.

Things that are perfect:
– Claudius (great pacing)

Before we criticize this clip, remember we’re seeing it out of context. So if Kirk is a little over the top; well don’t know why he’s so pissed off. That being said, it made me smile. Somebody is making Star Trek.

The better these productions become, will it have an effect on CBS? I’m guessing if the videos go viral, there might be. The Star Trek universe is a place I want to live in and I envy these actors who can do it.

He has more a Superman hairstyle than a Kirk’s lol

Looks like something I shot in my backyard :D

Excellent portrayel of Bill Shatner’s Kirk by Brian Gross.
I can just imagine the tense 60’s TOS soundtrack in the background.

Yah i dunno from this clip only…..he is not quite the kirk….I prefer Cawleys cuz this guy just seems too serious/angry intense whatever….now kirk was always a diplomat and very rarely lost his cool….except to other crew members like when he needed to knock spock around to snap him outta it hahah…This roman was needling Kirk and getting to Kirk real good in this clip…NOT good….It could be the fact we dont have anything else to judge but this one clip….if anything this is more like PIKE in the menagerie….all serious and intense pain little of the love of life and humor we later saw with the shat….Shatner is so underated as kirk…he nailed it like no one else ever has or ever will…I didnt like Cawley at first mainly cuz of the elvis hair hahah but he did grow in the role….perhaps the new guy will too but yah the shot did seem like it was done in the backyard and his body mechanics looks like hes gonna have a heart attack or stroke any second..spock better hold him back and calm him down sheesh

#32 – I had no idea that the actor who played Kirk in this video was a professional actor. That being said, I simply did not like what I saw and heard on this video. It was overacted and the voice was thin, unlike the voices of either William Shatner or Chris Pine. Chris Pine’s voice does have a high pitched whine to it, however there is also depth and resonance which no doubt he is working on developing and using. However this is not the case in Brian Gross’s case.

Frankly, I do not see any reason to berate people who are not so enthusiastic about some of these amateur productions, as in the people behind the productions are not paid, nor necessarily have the same skills as more professional people have, who are paid for their work on movie and television productions. I admire the time and effort that James Cawley and others who do these productions give, but that does not mean I have to like or enjoy it.

You either like something or you don’t. I am sorry, but of the little I have seen and heard, it is not “my cup of tea” (as they say).

I await the Paramount/Bad Robot Untitled Star Trek Sequel to come to cinema screens next year, 17 May 2013.

I didn’t feel a Kirk vibe from this clip. But I will reserve judgement until I see the complete episode or a better clip…

What I will say is that the hairstyle on Kirk is better ;-)

Meant to say that Daren was great! Oh, for an edit button.

Thanks to James Cawley. Looking forward to this!

The acting may not be the best. But I and my 9 year old son enjoy the hell out of the phase2 series. They’ve given some fans something to look forward to and I find myself rewatching them just as much as the original. Looking forward to this.


Dubious. I really feel it would be better that the STP2 guys release finalised clips rather than rough unfinished clips. No material looks great in rough form and it ends up reflecting badly on the product. As an editor, I wouldn’t want my work seen in that state. Even if you make a complete graded, mixed edit of that one scene and release it, but change it later on, at least people will have an idea of the intended quality of the final product.

Just my two-penneth. Good luck though.

@ 46. Couldn’t agree more. I sometimes wonder about the creative control of this project. Sometimes they set themselves up for, what is now a predicatable kicking. I do wonder about Mr Crawley’s, or whoever is in charge, taste at times.

Seriously though, the negative comments are really disproportionate here.

They said it was a rough clip, so let’s not write all their work off, even if someone at the top decided to show this early and may not have shown themselves in a good light.

I totally agree with Dom on this. I think the rough quality of this clip has inspired a lot of the negative comments (although not all) and has probably brought disappointment and anger to the creative team behind it.

I’d hate to be the guy who played Kirk., now, reading all the comments here. He’s been pretty much crucified from the airing of one rough scene out of context. I’d be surprised if the gentleman sticks with this fan project if this is what he can expect.

BTW, I just tried to watch it again and I’m getting a “this video is private” message, which I didn’t get this morning. Looks like someone may have taken it down as a result of the comments here.

It won’t play for me here in Australia.