Watch: First Clip of Brian Gross As Star Trek: Phase II’s New Kirk

A month ago we reported that the popular fan series Star Trek: Phase II has recast their Kirk with actor Brian Gross. Now producer (and former Kirk) James Cawley has released the first video showing Gross in a scene from his first episode "Blood and Savagery." Watch it below.    


First clip featuring Phase II’s new Kirk

Here is a clip from the Star Trek Phase II’s episode "Bread and Savagery," which is a sequel to the TOS episode "Bread and Circuses." It features Brian Gross as the new Kirk along with Brandon Stacy as Spock and guest star Daren Dochterman as proconsul Claudius Marcus. Note that this clip is an early cut and without the sound properly edited.

UPDATE: Video has been set to private. Apparently this was a limited time type of thing. TrekMovie is trying to get the video re-released, possibly temporarily.

Filming on "Bread and Savagery" wrapped up in June and it is now in post-production. There are still a number of other episodes featuring Cawley as Kirk which are also in post-production so we wont be seeing Gross’ Kirk take over for a while.

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