Patrick Stewart Carries Olympic Torch For London Games [UPDATED]

Today Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Sir Patrick Stewart carried the Olympic Torch on its relay of London, ahead of Friday’s opening ceremony for the games. See photo and video below. [UPDATED with more video of Stewart talking about carrying torch]


UPDATE: New videos – Stewart compares carrying torch to Star Trek movie premiers

Video from the Guardian.

And here is video from the BBC

Patrick Stewart Carries Olympic Torch

Sir Patrick Stewart has lifted the Olympic Torch on its relay ahead of the upcoming Olympic Games. The BBC’s Jason Rosam tweeted a picture of Captain Picard running with the Olympic Torch in London, ahead of Friday’s opening ceremony.

And here is video (via GareTheAdvertiser)

Stewart joins a list of stars carrying the flame today including Andy Murray and a trip to the BBC One soap Eastenders in a special live scene of tonight’s episode where character Billy Mitchell will carry the torch through fictional Walford.

Ronan O’Flaherty is an Irish-based Star Trek fan and broadcaster. You can hear him worldwide every Saturday, 3-6pm (BST) on Buzz Radio.

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It looks like Stewart is being helped in that picture. Nothing wrong with him, I hope?

I’m pretty sure that white outfit is not starfleet regulation.

Looked like Shinzon to me…

Watch the video. He is jogging along with no assistance.

that´s a honor :-)

Hope that he still someday would be involved in some way in the new trek-universe, that would be great too…..

A certain @SirPatStew has joined Twitter. Still unconfirmed, but very interesting.

Seriously?? This many posts and no one’s gone for it?



Olympic Flame. Patrick Stewart. Hot.

What appears to be assistance in the photo, is because the photo was taken right at the hand over of the torch, so Sir Patrick is getting a quick note in his ear before beginning his part of the relay.

He does look a bit fraile thoo … :) i hope the good captain is okay :)

That is awesome

The actual Olympic Torch in a Soap Opera, used as a prop? OMG!!!!!!!

Aside from that, I believe it’s a first for somebody related to Star Trek. Way togo, Sir Patrick Stewart!!

#13 – George Takei carried the torch in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic relay.

Fascinating. Only four more days left until the London Olympic Summer Games! Well done, Sir Patrick!

Captain Picard leading the way once again.

Very cool :)

Too bad he didn’t have Jonathan Frakes over to run alongside him…. always good to have a first mate on hand! ;)

Captain Jean Luc-Picard carrying the torch in the London Olympics 2012. If Sir Patrick seemed a little wobbly, it was because he had just time-travelled back to now…:) Way to go, Sir Patrick Stewart! You da man!

He DOES look old (which he is….I know shocking to believe even for me), but not old in a nursing home sorta way, but more in a Lord Macbeth sorta way (with out the craziness).

Sir Patrick Stewart is the man. Gotta’ love him.

Sir Patrick looks awesome… definitely!… love it…;-) :-)

Cool. Good for him. I’ll be 46 tomorrow and I don’t know if my knees would hold up that long a run.

class act

Love the emotion and eloquence in his voice in the BBC Interview! What a great person!

He never ages,

“Make it glow!”

Patrick Stewart did a great job!

The Coach!

I like it very much when knights run around town.

I’m just waiting for Captain Picard to pass the torch on to The Doctor. ;-)

@31: Eleven’s already carried it:

I think we should go for the nerd hat trick and let Harrison Ford carry it for a bit. :)

Big deal …. he carries masonic torch, on the biggest illuminati event of the year. Just look 2012. Olympics stadium with that sinister piramydal lights, one-eyed mascots, and official logo with subliminal messages.

I saw him on danish (I am Dane(From Denmark, NOT SWEDEN, even though they hit girls….) ..) TV-2 did morning, great seeing him, but I guess nobody here could recognize him….but funny seeing him though, but another topic….why did they(or him) never allowed picard to get a beard, I mean he had one in the riker eps., (future…something..) and in All good….thing…, but why never before, I think It would had suited him very much …..making Picard older……..but what……

have hot girls,we dont hit girls in dk :-)

@33: Ever notice how your diabolical conspirators seem to spend less time on global domination for sinister ends and more time on spamming their “secret” logos all over the place for kooks on the internet to “discover”?

Am I to understand that in Sweden they hit girls, as opposed to “hitting on” girls?


It was an error in spelling, sorry……

But for an for instance, we LOVE hitting/make a move, on girls in scandinavian, because we have some many handsome good looking ones:-)
Could´nt resist…….hehe :-)

Thanks for the info!!

They say that if you take 10 Scandinavian girls, 8 will be gorgeous, 1 very beautiful, and the other one will be above average!

true :-)

From memory, I think similar could be said about the young Scandinavian male. There I was a very young female, part of a tour group and walking around Copenhagen, Stockholm etc and overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of some of the most gorgeous looking men I had seen anywhere…Whoa! True!

The Outer Light

And he felt EPIC!!!

(You’d have to be familiar with the add campaign Sir Patrick is currently narrating to get the joke.)