Karl Urban: Star Trek Crew Get ‘Tested’ In Sequel

Star Trek’s Karl Urban has a bit more to say about the Star Trek sequel. No spoilers this time but he does go into how the crew of the Enterprise and their relationships will be "tested" in the next Trek. Interview excerpts below.    



Urban: Star Trek Crew Get ‘Tested’ In Sequel

ScreenRant spoke to Karl Urban at Comic Con, where they got him to open up a little bit about the characters in the sequel:

"I think that everybody’s character gets to continue to develop, and you learn more about them and what makes them tick, and they get tested like they’ve never been tested before. And to me, that’s always the great sign of a good ‘Star Trek’ story. When the relationships between those crew members become strained, and how they would have to find the common ground within each other to overcome this. So yeah, I’m excited for it, we had a great time shooting it.”

Urban was also asked about his previous comment that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell, but he demurred…

“Ah yes, you know, I received a few phone calls over that one. I really – what was the legal term that was explained to me? ‘Not at liberty to discuss “Star Trek.”

Karl Urban as McCoy in "Star Trek"


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