Watch: Wil Wheaton & William Shatner’s Dueling Narrations For NASA’s New Mars Rover

Once again NASA looks to Star Trek to help tell their story. Today the space agency released two versions of a video about the Curiosity Rover (aka Mars Science Laboratory) which is scheduled to touch down on the surface of Mars next week. And to satisfy fans of different generations one version of the video is narrated by original Star Trek star William Shatner and the other has Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton. Watch both below.        



Wheaton and Shatner preview Curiosity’s Mission To Mars

On August 5th, the Mars Curiosity Rover will go through what NASA is calling "seven minutes of terror" as the craft goes through a complicated entry procedure to land on the surface of Mars. Curiosity is the biggest rover sent to Mars yet and the landing is very complicated.

Curiosity’s "seven minutes of terror"

To help people understand the mission, NASA today released a new video all about Curiosity and its complex entry to Mars. They put out two versions of the video, one narrated by William Shatner and one narrated by Wil Wheaton. The videos and narration script are the same, so you choose which Star Trek vet you want telling the story…

Shatner version

Wheaton version

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