CBS & QMx Making Groovy Retro Star Trek Posters For Every TOS Episode

Replica maker QMx is venturing into are of cool Star Trek prints and also moving into creating items for the original series, with their announcement of a series of prints themed around TOS episodes. They have announced a new series of episode posters for TOS, revealing the first four to be released. Eventually they will release posters for all the episodes. More details below.        



Original Prints for The Original Series

QMx is going back to the 1960s for inspiration on a new series of original Star Trek-themed prints. The new prints are being done by artist Juan Ortiz who was commissioned by CBS for the series. The plan is to create a retro-style art print for every episode of the original Star Trek series, including the first pilot (for a total 80). The prints will be released in sets of four over the next 20 months, with QMx having the exclusive rights in North America.

Here are the posters and official descriptions:

Episode 9: Dagger of the Mind. "The image is a stylized version of the patch worn by the doctor in the episode," says Ortiz. "I tried to give this poster an old Playbill look."

Episode 53: The Ultimate Computer. Ortiz wanted to be sure to credit not just the lead actors, but the writers and director as well. He says, "They are, after all, the creators. I’m just interpreting their words and visuals in a different format."

Episode 75: The Way to Eden. The look here is Grateful Dead-esque. "I knew that I wanted to create a black-light poster for this series, and naturally, "The Way to Eden," with its hippie theme, seemed perfect," says the artist.

Episode 28: The City on the Edge of Forever. In drawing the character Edith Keeler, Ortiz went with "a ’70s/’Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ approach." The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine was and still is a big influence in much of his work.

The sets are not being produced in chronological order. These are limited editions so there wont be any reprints.

All four prints in this first set cost $34.95 and should be available by August 13th.

You can pre-order yours at


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Oooh, pretty! These are nice designs.

I like the overall concept of these, and orders their previous Starfleet recruiting poster, but this first batch is not very exciting. Looking forward to seeing Batch 2 soon.

I like the “The Ultimate Computer” and “City” posters….

I think I’m gonna stick with Mondo.

That’s just under $700 for the lot of them…

Pffft. No thanks.

These pictures make me want to use a word I hate using, but it’s the only fitting word.


Pale colors, strict geometry, a blend of art nouveau and socialist realism, utter boredom…

Wow. Some of you tools are HARSH, :D

I liked them. What do you folks actually want? Mona Lisa’s?

That depends. Mona Lisa’s what?

ps. Just being a tool. I really do like The Ultimate Computer one.

And out comes the grammer Ekosians.

I have been assimilated into the collective hive mind of many Trekmovie readers, of sitting behind my computer and contributing nothing except nitpicking.
So let’s see. Oh, I got it.
The Mona Lisa sucked too.

Can’t wait to see the one from Mirror Mirror. Long Live the Empire!!!!

@13. Anything for a naked Uhura, right?

My favorite “The City on the Edge of Forever” poster…

As a lover of all things TOS, I must admit, they don’t do anything for me.
Easy pass!

to me these posters capture a lot what episode was about while keeping with an art style that was popular during star trek original run dates

No need to hate.
These are different expressions of the artist’s love of Trek.
I’ve really enjoyed some of them. Mirror Mirror was awesome.

I like them.

You know what else I like? Any time that a licensee cares enough about Star Trek to purchase the rights, produce a product and then put it on the market. At that point, I then decide if it is something I want to spend my money on.

What I don’t like is seeing people crap all over said licensees and tell them how they are just doing it for the money and their product is crap. (Not prevalent in this thread yet, thank god, but definitely prevalent on this site.)



So you were actually planning on buying 80 posters? Really? You must have considerable wall space available.

$35 for 4 18 x 24 prints is extremely reasonable.

Awesome. Pure, unadulterated, awesome.

So far, I like the posters for “The Way to Eden” and “City on the Edge of Forever”.

Can’t wait to see more! I just wish I could buy them separately instead of a set. I don’t really care for the other two in the set. And there is a finite amount of cash in my pocket. Nobody’s taking my lunch money or my TNG blu-ray money.


4. MattR

I think I’m gonna stick with MONGO.


Can you do better, homeboy? if so, let’s see ’em!

I like that 60s style. The price is OK for four posters. Now let’s see how I can obtain them in Europe.

I see that QMX has stopped taking orders for the ’09 Enterprise. Production problems, I wonder?

Yay, I like this! Could definitely use this as “regular” art. The kind that people think is interesting without really knowing the meaning behind it. If it weren’t for the Enterprise used in each picture, you’d think they were REAL retro pieces that have NOTHING to do with a science fiction TV show. Well people who don’t know what retro pieces really look like would think they’re retro (guilty as charged!). :)

“These are limited editions so there wont be any reprints.”

Thank goodness.

“If it weren’t for the Enterprise used in each picture, you’d think they were REAL retro pieces that have NOTHING to do with a science fiction TV show. ”

Agreed. They look like they’re from ’60s arthouse movies. Cool, huh?

The design isn’t anywhere near the coolness of the style of the Mondo posters that they are clearly trying to copy. Oh well, they have 80 posters to make, they’re bound to have some good ones in there somewhere.

I can.

When these posters were done, Mondo only had two posters done. They were available for public viewing for month, so I doubt he copied them.