First Vignette From ‘Star Trek Continues’ Fan Series Picks Up Where TOS Left Off

Over the weekend at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, MD, the new fan series Star Trek: Continues debuted their first vignette. The new show featuring Vig Mignogna as James T. Kirk along with Chris Doohan as Scotty and Grant Imahara as Sulu, hopes to continue the five year mission following final episode from the third season. This first vignette shows how they are bridging the gap. Watch it below.        



First Vignette From ‘Star Trek Continues’ picks up where TOS left off

The Star Trek Continues vignette premièred to a capacity crowd in the main room at Shore Leave 34 and it is now available online. Show star/producerVic Mignogna was on hand along with co-star Chris Doohan (who is playing his father’s role of Scotty).  The vignette emphasizes how the new fan series picks up following the third season of Star Trek.

Astute fans will note how the vignette starts with a shot-by-shot recreation the final moments of the final episode of Star Trek, "Turnabout Intruder." That final scene from the original series ended with Kirk, Scotty and Spock going into the turbolift. But then the Star Trek Continues vignette shows us what happened next. Show star and producer Mignogna tells TrekMovie that this was their way of bridging their fan series with the original Star Trek. The first episode of STC, which will be shooting in October, will take place in what Mignogna sees as a notional fourth season for the original series, and will carry on the five year mission.

Star Trek Continues (R) kick off their first vignette by recreating final moments of the last original Star Trek episode "Turnabout Intruder"

The Star Trek Continues team plan to release another vignette on October 1.

STC Cast Interview

The website Crave has released a video interview with the cast, which you can watch below.




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