First Vignette From ‘Star Trek Continues’ Fan Series Picks Up Where TOS Left Off

Over the weekend at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, MD, the new fan series Star Trek: Continues debuted their first vignette. The new show featuring Vig Mignogna as James T. Kirk along with Chris Doohan as Scotty and Grant Imahara as Sulu, hopes to continue the five year mission following final episode from the third season. This first vignette shows how they are bridging the gap. Watch it below.        



First Vignette From ‘Star Trek Continues’ picks up where TOS left off

The Star Trek Continues vignette premièred to a capacity crowd in the main room at Shore Leave 34 and it is now available online. Show star/producerVic Mignogna was on hand along with co-star Chris Doohan (who is playing his father’s role of Scotty).  The vignette emphasizes how the new fan series picks up following the third season of Star Trek.

Astute fans will note how the vignette starts with a shot-by-shot recreation the final moments of the final episode of Star Trek, "Turnabout Intruder." That final scene from the original series ended with Kirk, Scotty and Spock going into the turbolift. But then the Star Trek Continues vignette shows us what happened next. Show star and producer Mignogna tells TrekMovie that this was their way of bridging their fan series with the original Star Trek. The first episode of STC, which will be shooting in October, will take place in what Mignogna sees as a notional fourth season for the original series, and will carry on the five year mission.

Star Trek Continues (R) kick off their first vignette by recreating final moments of the last original Star Trek episode "Turnabout Intruder"

The Star Trek Continues team plan to release another vignette on October 1.

STC Cast Interview

The website Crave has released a video interview with the cast, which you can watch below.




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I like this Show!. It’s Exciting!.
Wow!. Really Cool how they did this. Can’t wait to see more.
Geeking out here!.

Wow!!! This raises the bar significantly on fan productions. Well done, Star Trek Continues crew…BRAVO!!!!

I just hope they go widescreen on the production. What would be the point on using the old 3-2 format???

NICE! Most Excellent. Now I am looking forward to both Phase II AND Continues. I’m really liking the lighting on continues, its like they also used some sort of older filter to give it a retro look. kudos to the Continues crew.

WOW. The quality of this is very high. Can’t wait for more!

I am tired of vignettes! Although this was fine.


And I can’t wait!

This was a great surprise. I’m certainly looking forward to more from this crew.

WOW two really great one offs in one day. I hope you put up the Phase II one as well.

@MJ Unlike the Phase II show these guys have said they will shoot in HD but want to create the same aspect ratio as the original show.

Well done gentleman, well done. Captured the look and the feel and probably the best audio I’ve heard yet. Lighting, spot on. I believe Mr Mignogna has one of my TOS Functioning Bluetooth Communicators!

No thanks. This just seems wrong. No more recasting old characters, no more reboots. We need a new crew, new ship and new show. Roddenberry was all about going forward, not back. Go forward with a new show and new crew.


I’m fine with the recasting, it’s about Kirk, Spock and the crew…not Shatner, Nimoy and the crew…it’s the characters not the actors…

WOW! i’m really impressed by this! Great work! They should make a whole series of this:-D

Why does the doorway appear so large? Lol.

Oh geez.

I just watched the 2nd video. Shouldnt have.

Although Althena is amazing! Chris is too.

Cool to see Gabe Kerner’s name as well! The effects are in good hands!

Spock’s moire scanner-thingy was spinning way too fast, while the rest of the bridge instrumentation didn’t change at all. DIASASTER, EPIC FAIL!

Just kidding. This actually looked pretty good (the concluding shot of the TOS Enterprise is especially wonderful), and an interesting contrast to the new Phase 2 vignette also released today. Hope the rivalry between the two productions can eventually become a friendly one, and that each will inspire the other to new creative heights. Definitely, a lot to look forward to. My sincere thanks to everyone on both teams, having seen first-hand how much hard work goes into putting these shows out. You’re all just awesome, whether you know it or not. :-)

Wow indeed. Not bad at all. I was worried after seeing that sneak peek a few weeks back, but this has actually convinced me to check it out. Nicccce.

That was fantastic! Can’t wait to see more.

Not quite prepared to hang up my ‘fan flick critic’ badge just yet, but this was passable.

Damn it, no Hugo award nomination yet, Please ignore the above referenced comment….

That was pretty good!

no really! It both nailed it and took it further. Got the characters right without seeming like a parody. Pacing could be a bit tighter, but – for a minute there I thought I was watching parts of the original episode.

Congrats. Looking forward to seeing more.

Wow! It looks remarkably like TOS! Except everybody looks slightly less attractive and has bad hair. ;)

Wow – very excited to see a whole episode; “McCoy” is still getting his space legs, but overall, a great start!

@22. Yo, Adrian….you take your life in your own hands here if the faithful perceive you as being negative toward Phase II. Cawley could present 60 minutes of test patterns and you’ll be ripped to shreds if you criticize it….

I loved it. Chris you’re the best Scotty since your Dad, I know he’s proud. Michael Hall, I completely agree with you. Well said.

Really, really good! Great acting. Love it!

Aw, s**t….mixed up my fan fic production companies….

Ok, like most of the cast here, but “Bones” was an irascible, ironic dry wit, not a wise-guy, he was not so easy to peg and had inner turmoil, hope the new guy “GETS” that, I do not want him to be a copy, but at least similar.

@24 Phil

I don’t think that is the case at all. I just think that most people would be fine with critical words as long as people did so within the context of the work.

Fan films aren’t professional production and shouldn’t be looked at with the same critical eye. It should be judged on what it is and compared to similar things.

I mean it seems crazy to watch a Batman fan film and compare it to a Chris Nolan Batman flick. Of course one is going to look bad next to the other.

Feel free to critique those things together but to me it is apples and oranges.

This looks GREAT, looking forward to seeing more and Chris Doohan is perfect.

I enjoyed the clip. Well done to the cast and crew! Especially Chris Doohan who nailed his line!

But while I understand why they filmed it in 4:3, they should have done it in 16×9 format.

Shooting in 16×9 these days is limiting what the audience is allowed to see. That isn’t right, in my opinion. “Star Trek Continues” is giving us less than what is provided by “Star Trek Phase II”. I sure hope the production staff change their minds about this.

Photography, lighting, and visual effects are better than Phase II. Aside from Chris, the guy playing Sulu and the gal playing Uhura, I’m not sure I care for the casting…

Just a quick note to the editors/shooters… you crossed the 180 axis on that opening back and forth with Kirk… and as such, it looks a bit off. Kirk should be looking towards screen right if everyone else is looking towards screen left in the back and forth.

That said, this is really really good as far as copying the style of TOS. Well done!

I’m finally sold
Great video

That vignette wasn’t long enough, damnit! It was still awesome, though! Can’t wait for more!!!!


Chris wish we had a forger to change your birth certificate brother
You should have gotten the role in the film

BTW I thought Chris Doohan was awesome playing his fathers role. The voice he did was probably as close to Scotty’s as we will ever get.


That is easily the most professional-looking Trek fan film I’ve seen.


TOS was shot in 4×3. They want to make a faithful recreation of the show, right down to the aspect ratio.

I sincerely hope that if this animated Star Trek gets off the ground, Chris Doohan gets the part of Scotty.

I agree that it needs to be 16×9. I was disappointed when I saw just how bad TNG’s “proper” 16×9 version looked (with lighting in the way and scratches on the other side), because I really wanted to see it that way. Unfortunately it never occurred to them to keep the entire frame safe.

I also think it would have been a good idea for these guys to collaborate with phase 2. By collaborating, you share the costs of running the set which helps keep the costs down.

This wasnt bad. Like a couple others, Im not too excited with the retro 4×3 ratio. The best parts of the clip for me were Chris Doohan as Scotty and Alena Van Arendonk as Janice Lester. I know what Kim Stinger is capable of from her time on Phase 2 and other commercials Ive seen on Youtube. Grant Imihara looks like he should be able to do well as Sulu. I need more data to make an informed opinion on the kid playing Chekov. Im not Sold on Todd Haberkorn yet as Spock. I feel his talents would have been used better as Sulu. As to Chuck Huber, If I didnt know ahead of time that he was supposed to be McCoy, Id be asking who he was. As others have said, I hope he grows into the role as John Kelley has done in Phase 2. Frankly There has only been one other man to me who nailed McCoy since Deforrest Kelly out of the box and that is Karl urban in JJ Trek.
Now on to Vic Mignona as Kirk. I would say ease off on the Shat. If thats what he wants all the power to him but like it has been said, its about the characters and not the actors so please make Kirk your own.

That was really fun. For someone who has watched the same episodes for decades, it’s fun to see a aparticular episode, and the series, continued.
I thought McCoy was spot on. I love the way he is leaning, like a Doctor/Civilian type instead of regular Starfleet, at the end. Not sure if McCoy did that so much, but it captured the spirit of the character.

Whoa…I forgot the mission here. To nitpick where no nitpicker has nitpicked before.
I’ll PASS! There was a smudge of dirt for half a second on the print. This is HORRIBLE. WHAT A WASTE OF MY VALUABLE TIME!
I could be nitpicking somewhere else….
Seriously, Chris, you were great, and to all of you doing this, thank you.

WOW! Looking forward to MORE!!
Chris- Hats off.! An amazing portrayal and tribute. You are thr rightful heir.

Not too shabby. And awesome to see Chris Doohan in his dad’s role.

And now for my suggestion: Whenever Grant Imahara is about to fire phasers to blow something up, I’d like to see him turn to the camera and explain exactly what he expects is going to happen to the target.

I’ve said it before… but, Gene Rodenberry would have given his left nut to be able to do in the studio what fans can now do on a laptop.

This is great fun.

Now, let’s see what this baby can really do…

This is probably one of the most disappoint fan films I have seen to date. They need to work on characterizations much much more.

For all of those complaining that it’s not filmed in 16×9, well TOS was filmed in 4×3 so they are staying true to that.

@8 Phase II is filmed and edited in HD, they don’t release their eps in HD because they found out people were downloading the eps and burning DVD’s to sell at conventions.


With all that said and done it just comes across as a rip off of Phase II

Simply brilliant. Totally raises the bar of fan productions.

And no it doesn’t need to be 16×9. The point of this show as I understand it is literally to pick up where TOS left off.

@48. Sorry, but that is just dumb not going with 16 x 9. Like that is going to ruin the experience or something???

@46 “For all of those complaining that it’s not filmed in 16×9, well TOS was filmed in 4×3 so they are staying true to that.”

Why??? TOS was filmed on 16MM film. Last time I checked, they are not staying true to that? TOS used models and blu-screen — they are not staying true to that either.

It is just idiotic to not give us widescreen on this. I find lack of widescreen to be distracting now here in 2012.