Moonves Commits To Extend CBS/Netflix Streaming Deal + Says ‘Good To Have Star Trek’

Back when Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled seven years ago there was much discussion and speculation that the franchise had lost support at the corporate level of CBS/Paramount, especially with CBS CEO Les Moonves. But now the man who runs the company that owns Star Trek is singing a different tune, telling investors that the franchise is working "exceedingly well" as part of the CBS portfolio for online streaming. Find out what he had to say about Trek below.



Moonves Bullish On Star Trek

One of the coolest things that happened in Star Trek in 2011 was CBS licensing much of their content for Netflix online streaming, including the entire Star Trek TV library(and later they also cut the same deal for Amazon Prime). Fans could now see any episode of Trek at any time on their TVs and other Netflix (or Amazon) devices. These licensing deals come with time limits and any Netflix user can tell you movies and shows come and go all the time, however it appears that Star Trek will have some staying power.

While discussing the second quarter results for CBS Corporation with analysts, CEO Les Moonves was asked about the future of the Netflix deal. Moonves indicated that the deal is going to be renewed and brought up how popular Star Trek has been, saying…

Regarding, obviously, the Netflix deal, the renewal is already preordained per se. And you’re right, we have a better idea, although the information is somewhat limited and somewhat preliminary on which shows are working and which aren’t. And as you can imagine, some are working better than others. It’s good to have the Star Trek franchise, I think that’s something that works exceedingly well. And some of the others don’t work as well. And I think, frankly, with Netflix, our relationship is so good, we will be adding titles such as CSI: Miami, which just came off our schedule. And we are working with them about increasing some and decreasing others. And the overall bottom line will be, we will get more money for this and we will have better visibility onto which shows will go into those packages.

The good news here goes beyond Star Trek continuing to be available on Netflix in the future. It is also a good sign that the CEO of CBS is talking about Star Trek and how it is a valuable asset for the corporation. Moonves’ comments are similar to those he made last year following the CBS/Netflix deal, but this time he explicitly noted how important Star Trek was to the deal.  This faith in Star Trek is likely part of the reasoning behind the decision to fund the multi-million dollar restoration and remastering project for Star Trek: The Next Generation. This positive attitude for Star Trek could also bode well for hopes of CBS moving forward on a new Star Trek TV series (animated and/or live-action) in the near or medium-term future.


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