Star Trek Phase II Re-Launches With New Vignette Featuring New Kirk + Refit Enterprise & more

Earlier in the summer the popular fan series Star Trek Phase II announced the recasting of their Captain Kirk. And tonight they released a new video vignette to re-launch the series which featuring Brian Gross’ Kirk along with their newly refit USS Enterprise. There is also another new member of their bridge crew which is going to blow you away. Watch it below .



Star Trek Phase II re-launches with new Captain Kirk and New USS Enterprise

Star Trek Phase II producer (and original Kirk) James Cawley has just sent over a link to this “Going Boldly” vignette which he is calling a “re-launch” for the fan series. It features Brian Gross as the new Kirk addressing his crew and it also shows off the newly re-fit design for the USS Enterprise. Pretty cool stuff.

The previously announced big change to the series was bringing on actor Brian Gross to step into the role of James T. Kirk, played in all previous episodes by producer James Cawley. Gross’ first episode will be “Bread and Savagery” which recently finished shooting. There are still a couple of episodes featuring Cawley that have yet to be released before his introduction as Kirk.

It is also interesting to see how the fan series which launched as Star Trek: New Voyages in 2004 continues to evolve. This new vignette demonstrates how the series is trying to move closer to the Star Trek: The Motion Picture era. Phase II’s Enterprise is now a step towards the full TMP refit.

It was actually four years ago that the Phase II team first announced their intentions to ‘refit’ their Enterprise, but that original plan was eventually put aside, until now.

The show has also brought on board a crewmember from the Star Trek animated series in the 1970s. The three-armed tri-pedal Edosian navigator Arex joins the cast, thanks to the CGI work done by Tobias Richter. Adding Arex was announced back in 2010 and he was originally supposed to come on board for “The Child,” which was released earlier this year.

For more info on the series visit the official site.

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