STLV12: First Looks and Cool Stuff From The Vegas Con Vendors Room

The big Star Trek con kicked off in Las Vegas today and we start our coverage with a look at some of the new cool stuff be shown off in the Vendors room, including some new shirts, Star Trek undies, a first look at some groovy posters and more.



As usual, the vendors room at the Star Trek con is full of booths selling all sorts of new and old Star Trek goodies. A few items caught my eye as being brand new (even some that are just prototypes) or just cool stuff I hadn’t seen before. Here is a collection of some of the best stuff from the con.

Bye Bye Robot: New Posters and stickers

Bye Bye Robot ( are showing off a couple of new retro-style posters which will be available soon. They are also selling new Horga’hn stickers and "Vegas Khan" stickers.

QMx TNG Replica pin

Replica makers QMx revealed a prototype for a TNG combadge pin. It is made of metal and uses a magnet instead of a pin to be worn, so you cosplayers wont have to poke holes in your uniforms.

QMx were also showing off a prototype of their previously announced Starfleeet Academy class ring from the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Floppets and Flute from Roddenberry have a brand new line of Star Trek themed "Floppets" made of neoprene with a Velcro. There are 12 different ones to chose.

Roddenberry is also now selling a replica of the Ressikin flute seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s "The Inner Light."

New apparel and shot glasses from Creation

Creation Entertainment, who put on the show, have some of their own exclusive merchandise. They are showing off a couple of cool T-Shirts, one a Japanese style TOS shirt, and then a stylized "Enlist Now" tee.

They also have lots of apparel (has, shirts, jackets, etc) with TNG 25 logo celebrating this year’s 25th anniversary of Next Generation.

And finally they also are showing off some new shot glasses.

Everything from Creation is available now at their online store.

Totally Trek’d Out Tee’s

Some unique designs can be seen at the Totally Trek’d Out Tee’s booth ( My favorite is a shirt with Data drawn from 0s and 1s.

They were also showing off a new design for a cloaked Bird of Prey Shirt and some silliness with "Bat’leth Man" for your Star Trek/Batman crossover needs.

Trek’d out also have some undies and kids shirts and onesies.

Star Trek corsets

If you are looking for something even sexier than a T-Shirt, Bad Attitude Boutique ( are showing off some Star Trek style corsets.


Tribble Toys were showing off a new limited edition set of mini-tribbles, available now at

Star Trek Towels from Robe Factory

The Robe factor have followed up on their Star Trek robes with Star Trek beach towels (in gold, red and blue), which are available now at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

Much more coverage coming + livetweeting

The Vegas con has just started. Keep your eye out for daily reports and more. You can also follow live tweeting coverage from the Star Trek team of Anthony (@trekmovie), Erica (@startrekcon) and Kayla (@kaylai).

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Find any ST2 teaser-trailers out there? Just lying around?

Thanks for the pics and links Anthony. Wish we could be there.

Lots of cool stuff. What the heck are “floppets”?


I really like the Risa poster! Very tourist-y! :-)

le cutest of borg. nice.

When the retro looking posters first starting appearing I thought they had a good look to them. Looking on further, though, they really do resemble those propaganda pieces out of the Soviet bloc, and really, if Star Trek is supposed to represent our bright and hopeful future, would the Federation and Star Fleet really be putting out stuff that looks like they are always on a wartime footing? OKay, I get that Starfleet is tasked with defending the Federation, but aren’t they also explorers?

Boy, some people will buy ANYTHING!!!!

I’d hardly call any of this stuff “cool”. It doesn’t get much lower end than t-shirts, caps and floppets. Too bad no one seems interested in producing good quality props (ala the old Master Replicas) that are actually obtainable anymore.


Agreed! Aside from the QMX stuff, everything else is cheap junk. “Star Trek” themed thongs and corsets? Really?

And just what the heck is a “floppet”?

I actually got one of those comic con exclusive tribble sets at Comic Con. Gave one to each employee based on their position at work. This turned out to be a very bad idea since they now they throw them at me with all their might. No matter how much I keep reminding myself that these things cannot hurt me in any way no matter how hard they’re thrown, I still fall off my chair in panic.

P.S. I kept the G.A.S. tribble. I like pink.

I had no idea what a floppet was, so I used google to find out:

Floppets by Zydeco Studios are the homegrown brainstorm of Ilyse Brainin, a passionate reading teacher. Ilyse’s vision is to create cool, fun, and affordable transmedia toys and novelties that are story driven.

Floppets are a clever, cute and customizable collection of characters you can attach to anything! Wear them on your finger, back pack, flip flops, shoe laces, wrists, ankles or add them to your most personal accessories. Floppets allow you to demonstrate how clever you are by “wear” you attach them! You can collect, share, wear, and trade them with everyone!

Wouldn’t it be nice if they would release a picture from the new movie? If Comic Con was a no-go, this weekend seems like a good time to release something…anything…

I wish I could go. I’m still kicking myself for missing the con here in Dallas a few months ago.

I really wish the “ENLIST!!” type posters would get it RIGHT, and use the actual TOS Starfleet boomerang (or starburst). The arrowhead badge was just for the crew of the Enterprise… so unless it’s a poster encouraging people to specifically join the crew of the Enterprise, it shouldn’t be sporting the Enterprise’s badge.

Not to mention the “Join the Federation” posters are just retarded… obviously they have confused the Federation with Starfleet. Which happens far too often…

That t-shirt with Data made from 0s and 1s — makes him look like he’s on the android equivalent of steroids…

sooooooooooooooo wish I could go :-(

@14 – It doesn’t say “Join the Federation”, it says “The Federation Needs You” which is fine.

Not exactly the best spokesmodel for the corset.

Wow, what a bunch of whiners in here. Alot of this stuff is pretty cool and I would love to get some hats and posters. Maybe if alot of star trek fans would actually buy this stuff instead of picking it apart there would be more star trek collectables out there.

I have chosen to spend my weekend celebrating JAWS in Martha’s Vineyard at JAWSFEST, friendlier organizers, cool events, and Locals who get in on the fun of celebrating the first summer blockbuster.
It litteraly looks and feels like walking through Amity right now.

Some friends tried to get me to vegas, but i just cant give my hard earned money to the people behind Creation. Ill stick to going back home and going to Away Mission Orlando on the weekend of Oct 5

So my ol Pal Bruce the shark won out this weekend and even with the price of airfare and room and board while in Marthas Vineyard I will still spend less than what that creation show costs, and Ill be around friendly event organizers to boot

@17 the T-shirt says “Join The Federation” on the top, and the bottom says “Enlist Now”. @14 wasn’t talking about the poster.

JAWSFEST huh? Uh yeah cool……????

22 yup, And it is very cool.

I do have to say there are some nice items pictured from Roddenberry, and those posters from Bye Bye Robot are cool. Ok Ive got to try to get some sleep still on pacific time

so when will this years hallmark stuff be out..thought it was july…what trek stuff will they have this year..

I am really sad that none of these are available in Istanbul…

Idea for a retro trek shirt: Uhura as Rosie the Riveter. Somebody probably has done it already.

Glad it’s not all about the “stuff.”

Wish I had millions to blow on Trek stuff.

An ST2 teaser trailer would be awesome, but we all know they’ll never give us one till January at the earliest.

Sorry, but this is all just tacky.

What’s with all the retro garb floating around? This fifties fall back aint doin’ it for me :(

@32 I was thinking the same thing…it looks nice, but not very Trekkie IMHO

I was also thinking…when did Star Trek become Starship Troopers?

Me? I would be looking for any original AMT Star Trek model.

Any Trek convention should have one of those.

The vendor room is the only reason I go to the conventions. I love our Trek stars but after seeing them a dozen times It get’s repetitive.

But there’s always ships.

#20 – Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. If you buy cheap, inexpensive junk they’ll only make more cheap, inexpensive junk.

As an older (47) collector I outgrew the posters, t-shirts and baseball caps years ago. You can only buy the same stuff so many times over. How many years has Art Asylum been promising us a Reliant or Excelsior model? What happened to QMX’s grand plans for a 12″ working Enterprise with lights and sounds?

Maybe I am being a little too harsh in my criticisms but I’ve always been drawn to the hardware of trek just keep wishing some enterprising company would release some good replicas (preferably with lights and sounds) at semi-reasonable prices and on semi-realistic schedules.