STLV12: First Looks and Cool Stuff From The Vegas Con Vendors Room

The big Star Trek con kicked off in Las Vegas today and we start our coverage with a look at some of the new cool stuff be shown off in the Vendors room, including some new shirts, Star Trek undies, a first look at some groovy posters and more.



As usual, the vendors room at the Star Trek con is full of booths selling all sorts of new and old Star Trek goodies. A few items caught my eye as being brand new (even some that are just prototypes) or just cool stuff I hadn’t seen before. Here is a collection of some of the best stuff from the con.

Bye Bye Robot: New Posters and stickers

Bye Bye Robot ( are showing off a couple of new retro-style posters which will be available soon. They are also selling new Horga’hn stickers and "Vegas Khan" stickers.

QMx TNG Replica pin

Replica makers QMx revealed a prototype for a TNG combadge pin. It is made of metal and uses a magnet instead of a pin to be worn, so you cosplayers wont have to poke holes in your uniforms.

QMx were also showing off a prototype of their previously announced Starfleeet Academy class ring from the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Floppets and Flute from Roddenberry have a brand new line of Star Trek themed "Floppets" made of neoprene with a Velcro. There are 12 different ones to chose.

Roddenberry is also now selling a replica of the Ressikin flute seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s "The Inner Light."

New apparel and shot glasses from Creation

Creation Entertainment, who put on the show, have some of their own exclusive merchandise. They are showing off a couple of cool T-Shirts, one a Japanese style TOS shirt, and then a stylized "Enlist Now" tee.

They also have lots of apparel (has, shirts, jackets, etc) with TNG 25 logo celebrating this year’s 25th anniversary of Next Generation.

And finally they also are showing off some new shot glasses.

Everything from Creation is available now at their online store.

Totally Trek’d Out Tee’s

Some unique designs can be seen at the Totally Trek’d Out Tee’s booth ( My favorite is a shirt with Data drawn from 0s and 1s.

They were also showing off a new design for a cloaked Bird of Prey Shirt and some silliness with "Bat’leth Man" for your Star Trek/Batman crossover needs.

Trek’d out also have some undies and kids shirts and onesies.

Star Trek corsets

If you are looking for something even sexier than a T-Shirt, Bad Attitude Boutique ( are showing off some Star Trek style corsets.


Tribble Toys were showing off a new limited edition set of mini-tribbles, available now at

Star Trek Towels from Robe Factory

The Robe factor have followed up on their Star Trek robes with Star Trek beach towels (in gold, red and blue), which are available now at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

Much more coverage coming + livetweeting

The Vegas con has just started. Keep your eye out for daily reports and more. You can also follow live tweeting coverage from the Star Trek team of Anthony (@trekmovie), Erica (@startrekcon) and Kayla (@kaylai).

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