Complete 15-disc Star Trek TOS Soundtrack Collection Coming This Fall From La-La Land + DS9 Set In The Works

Tonight during the "Renaissance of Star Trek Music" panel at the Las Vegas convention, the guys from La-La Land Records announced they are developing a 15-CD complete box set of the music from the original Star Trek series. More details on this exciting new set below, including a special video they made to announce the set. We also have a little bit of details on a DS9 La-La Land is also working on.   


Complete Star Trek TOS Soundtrack Collection announced

We are truly living in a great time for fans of Star Trek music, as more and more of the scores are being remastered and released in extended sets. Today’s announcement may be the most exciting yet with a giant 15-CD set featuring all the music from all three seasons of the original Star Trek series, much of which has never been released before. In addition the set also includes tracks of music that was recorded for Star Trek but never used.

Mockup of TOS set box coming this fall from La-La Land

The set will be released in the fall, with a price not yet set. It will come with a 100 page booklet written by Music of Star Trek" author Jeff Bond. Here is a brand new video made for this exciting new release.

DS9 set coming too

La-La Land is also working on a new set of music from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So far the only details they were able to provide is that it will be a 4-CD set and will be available soon. We will provide an update when there is more info.


TOS Set press release


Burbank, CA — La-La Land Records proudly announces its forthcoming release of STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, a limited edition 15-CD box set, showcasing all episode scores as heard in all three original seasons of the landmark sci-fi television series STAR TREK (1966-1969). This special collection of ground-breaking, iconic music, from one of television’s most acclaimed and beloved series, has been newly remastered from studio elements and features hours of stellar material previously unreleased in any format.

Original series composers Alexander Courage, George Duning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Samuel Matlovsky, Joseph Mullendore and Fred Steiner are all represented in this deluxe collection, their historic work meticulously assembled, restored and remastered to ensure the finest presentation and sound quality possible. A 100-Page CD Booklet, featuring exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer and Star Trek historian Jeff Bond, complements this attractive set, which is housed in a hardcover slipcase.

The collection is expected to be released in late fall 2012. It will be a limited pressing, but the total number of units to be manufactured has yet to be determined. You can help the label decide how many units will ultimately be pressed by visiting now and signing up for the STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION MAILING LIST.

STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION is licensed by CBS Consumer Products and produced in cooperation with GNP Crescendo Records, the longtime home of pioneering classic Star Trek television and film soundtracks. GNP Crescendo’s Neil Norman has allowed for episode scores previously and exclusively released by Crescendo to be newly expanded and remastered for this box set, in order to make the collection as comprehensive as possible.

This release marks the kind of authoritative collection of original Trek series music that fans have desired for decades. “For 45 years, those like me who love this music could only dream about having it all,” remarks album producer Lukas Kendall. “This is the major, historical piece of sci-fi music, television music and pop culture music that we have always wanted to release in a definitive form for the collector.”

“A majority of the music featured in this set has never been released,” adds Executive Album Producer and La-La Land Records President MV Gerhard. “Of that unreleased music, there is a fairly large percentage that no one has ever heard because it was written and recorded for the show, but never featured in the episodes.” Regarding some of these previously unreleased tracks, Album Music Editor Neil S. Bulk comments, “No original music from season three, apart from the main title, has ever been released. It’s really distinct and definitely Star Trek… It’s what people have always wanted.”

“The original show was very theatrical,” says Trek historian and liner notes writer Jeff Bond. “So the music reflected that. It was huge and very expressive and thematic. And that makes it very exciting to listen to apart from the show.”

The original Trek series scores team with action, adventure and drama, but they are also infused with deep emotion and the greatness of the human spirit. Such characteristics have kept these richly orchestrated tracks vital and relevant decades beyond their original recording. “Trek was always about the human condition,” remarks Co-Executive Album Producer and La-La Land Records VP, Matt Verboys. “And the scores have that in it and I think that’s what has made both the show and its music timeless.”

For more about STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, visit now and join the STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK MAILING LIST to receive important forthcoming information and announcements regarding the release, such as the official release date, the number of units pressed, pricing and much more!


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Music to my pointed ears!


My goodness that is epic. Insta-buy!

Epic. Insta-buy. Can’t wait, already signed up for the mailing list.

La-La Land never disappoints. This will be extremely comprehensive and mind boggling.

Special thanks to GNP for allowing LLL to release music originally under their banner. This might just redeem you for not allowing the complete “The Best of Both Worlds” score on the Ron Jones project.

You know, it would’ve been nice if they released all this cool shit, you know, when there wasn’t a world recession going on, and I could actually pay for these kind of things.

Wonderul project.

I’m all over this. Signed up for the waiting list!

LaLa is doing awesome work-LOVING the TMP set.

La-La Land Records, FTW!

Still waiting for generations, insurrection and nemesis to be released in special edition. Then my movie collection will be compete!!!

Very happy for those of you looking forward to the big box set, but I was hoping for some good details on DS9. Once again it is the forgotten middle child ;)

This will be bought, cherished, and listened to often! Following the TMP release, this fulfills my wildest dreams of owning Trek music bliss!

Talk about the Holy Grail!!! Thank you so much LaLa Land!!!!
Already signed up!

The Original Series soundtrack remains, to this day, the most memorable of all the Star Trek series because of the theatrical passion and integration to the story. Aside from the opening main themes. none of the other series had anything that fan’s can put a finger on say “I remember that scene!” like the Original Series has.

Good god almighty yes!

I leave the computer for a few minutes for a restroom break, and while I am gone, the nerd genie grants one of my longest-held wishes. Seeing the press release in my inbox just made this a fantastic Friday!

Now, if they could somehow do up a release of Oliver Nelson’s cues from the “Six Million Dollar Man”, I could die happy! :)


I REALLY want this….. now if you’ll excuse me I need to wipe the drool that’s pooling below me.

TOS was the only ST series where the music was as much a character as any of the actors. The rest (with only occasional exceptions) were essentially musical wallpaper. TOS’ music was iconic and memorable.

Here’s hoping that the Great Material Continuum will send me a copy….


I have been waiting years for this to happen.
VERY happy about this!


Don’t forget to go to the La-La Land site and sign up for the mailing list – that’s how they’re gonna determine the quantity!

Now THAT’S cool news! Great, in fact!

Damn, I’ve been waiting 50 years to get a good recording of the battle music from Elaan of Troyius! (at 3:49 above) Used my taped off TV cassette for a solide decade + of writing and driving inspiration.

Plus somebody took my DOOMSDAY/AMOK CD, so I’m seriously jonesing for those too.


I love the call sheet titles for each little cut and cue. Wish we could get to see that too in the release. That’s really cool. Is that going to be a feature too?

Wow, to have just been able to look through the vaults and find that stuff! What a cool, cool project. Bravo!

I think I may pass out!

Gonna have to start saving my quatloos NOW!

I’m honestly surprised some Tarantino-era filmmaker hasn’t insisted on finding these recordings earlier, to incorporate (track) into new movies, like QT has done with Morricone scores. For me, I’d’ve probably made space travel movies using music from the old NFL FILMS highlight shows.


OMFG!!! THIS IS SOOOO COOL!!!! I WILL HAVE IT!!! OH YES…I WILL HAVE IT!!! Unheard tracks never used?! OMG!!!! Who knew such a thing even existed!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Soundrack GODS!!!!! :-)

This is about as fan-gasmic as it gets!!!!

Just the music in the promotional video gave me goosebumps. Not to mention all the cool models and props.

Hey Jeff,

Digging your collection of props there. Impressive. Including the curved whiskey bottle. Don’t suppose you have a Gary Seven servo in your collection?

The level of drama in some of the generic pieces to create atmosphere was really unique… like the one with the drums, when they find a destroyed ship or outpost, or realize something bad had happened. Some of those pieces still float around my head every now and then :D

Okay, not caring how much this costs- I’m buying it no matter the price.

It’s amazing to see that the masters are in good condition nearly 45 years later. I’m so very excited for this one.

Wow! Just bought The Motion Picture score release and now this!



I just had my biggest Star Trek orgasm EVER!!!!! Pardon my blunt words, but this is a Star Trek fan who was born the same year the series went on the air! I have followed it ever since I started watching TV. The music teacher in me loves this idea and the fan in me is totally geeked out!!!! This set will be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as i love the original series, truth is…its music..its not for me! I have no desire to listen to music for a 60’s made show! Now, the Ron Jones project means more to me, that’s why i got it!

DS9, i ll give it a shot!!


Good lord. I so want this…I hope I can save up for it. Do we have any idea of the price range? $200? $300?

So this isn’t the re-recording made for the Remastered series?


Most likely it’ll be in the $200 range; the Ron Jones project box set ran for $149.99, so we’ll see.


Only the main theme was re-recorded for the remastered (and subsequent Blu-Ray) versions. That particular re-recording might show up on this set but the majority of the set will be the 1966-1969 recordings.

Cue up the, This will be to expensive, or a money grab, posters in

I don’t have a Gary Seven servo–but thanks to the convention I now DO have a universal translator, McCoy’s operating instruments and a nice Captain Pike laser pistol.

The Remastered rerecording of the main title will be on the set. And yes, the price will be about $200.

The ‘hoarder guy’ in me says “YES!” And the ‘practical guy’ says “NO!”

In all truth, if I want to hear this music, it’s better with an episode on the TV for context.

Any music that wasn’t actually released as part of an episode is something I would never listen to anyway, so ”practical guy’ will pass on this set while he saves up for the 8th re-issue series of Jethro Tull’s Chrysalis catalog.

Now , REALLY re-mastered!

I cannot wait to order this — my only aggravation point is the whole “extremely limited edition” mindset. I understand how it drives sales, though.

@43 The Ron Jones Project box set was limited to 5000 and apparently there are still copies available.

There are a buncha Trek fans out there but if they’re anything like the guy posting above you, they don’t really love the music the way they love the show; not enough to sell out a fairly substantial box set.

This being complete, however, might make all the difference.

Was trying to link the FSM thread earlier with your actual comments but it wouldn’t go through so I tried to share the info the only way I could.

Thanks for keeping people in the loop! :D

Actually so far it looks like interest is WAY above that for the box set–LLL is very happy about the response so far. I think the Ron Jones set suffered from the perspective about the TNG music in general–it was hard to convince people that Jones’ music was NOT the “wallpaper” sound of most of the series. Also while I love Jones’ music, you ARE talking about one composer’s style there playing across 10 CDs. Here we have a 8 or 9 composers with VERY different and very distinct styles of music and a LOT more variety because of that.

Works for me; I hope it sells, but hope it doesn’t sell out! :D I’m trying to add my name to the interest list but apparently my email and the site aren’t getting along so well.

It’s going to be an expensive time for Trek fans; I still haven’t nabbed any more of the complete film scores like I was planning to; that’s another $100ish for those…

Hey Jeff,

This is great news! I would have liked to have been there at the convention.

I signed up on the LaLa website to be put on the list, but have not received the email back to complete the process. The server must be overloaded with the intense interest?

Wow, I didn’t think there was more than maybe 20 minutes of original music for TOS. Cue the sound they play when something shocking happens.

Good news, everyone! But, I wonder what the quality will be like? The GNP Crescendo releases weren’t the best quality. I really liked the rerecordings of select episodes by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. But, I am assuming this 15-disc set of TOS music is the original tapes remastered?