Roddenberry Launches Podcast Series To Explore Themes Of Every Star Trek Episode

Coinciding with the Las Vegas con , Rod Roddenberry (son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry) has launched a new podcast. Each episode of the new "Mission Log" series will examine a different episode of Star Trek, with the first looking at the pilot ("The Cage"). More info below.  


Roddenberry Launches New Star Trek Podcast

The goal of the new "Mission Log" podcast from Roddenberry Entertainment is to explore the themes and try to go in depth into each and every episode of Star Trek. The first episode (online now) looks at the unaired pilot "The Cage." The rest of the weekly series will go in release order for all 726 episodes from 30 seasons of televised Star Trek, all exploring the ethical and more philisophy and trying to see if the episodes still ring true today.

The show is co-hosted by John Champion of DVD Geeks and Ken Ray of the Mac OS podcast. Rod Roddenberry is the show’s executive producer and he will also be joining in as a guest periodically.

More info and the first episode at

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Will listen hopefully it will enjoyable and insightfull just hope its a balance view evem the none gene star trek

Wait…this is a podcast series with an expected run of THIRTEEN YEARS?

I’ll see you guys in two years when you start with the TNG episodes…yikes

Hmm.. Other podcasters have been doing this for years. This Week in Trek and are the two latest ones. TWiTrek picks a random episode so it’s almost like a present every week. They even had Rod on a few months back. The two TWiTrek cohosts are veteran podcasters, going back at least seven years. I even think one of them used to be on the radio.

I’ll listen, but I don’t expect to be blown away.

Even if they don’t make it to every episode it should still be fun. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

I love how Rod is carrying on his father’s legacy.

It was kinda good. Listened at work.

Very cool, I will be listening.

Anyone else interested in trek podcasts, IGN has a great trek podcast called Transporter Room 3. Almost every episode has had me in stitches, its quite funny. Their last episode featured an interview with LeVar Burton.

I listened and was done after about 4 minutes. Even though the Roddenberry name is stamped on the podcast, there is no trace of anyone named Roddenberry anywhere within.

I found the podcast to be dry, and lacking any entertainment value. Also – why review the crappy episodes? Yes, there were many. Tell me about something I’ll want to watch – not something that would be a waste of time.

Thanks! Love ya though, and thanks for trying. There is always room for more Trek goodness.

This was an intelligent, in-depth study of The Cage. Got me thinking–a lot. Well worth listening.


Nice to see Roddenberry truly embracing the family legacy. Saw (and bought) his documentary “Trek Nation” at Comic Con recently, and it was quite good (surprisingly raw and honest at times, with no punches pulled). As ST documentaries go, it was quite bold (not the usual fawning, tired anecdotes we’ve all heard 100 times). Told from a perspective only the younger Roddenberry could know.

I’m inclined to check this podcast out…

@Capt. Dunsel: Thank you for the heads up! I didn’t know about those podcasts…

It’s like listening to two guys swap opinions. I was a little frustrated that they went on and on about how it seems “The Cage” legitimizes slave trading. In fact, Pike is having a dark “forbidden” fantasy. I did appreciate that they shared their thoughts on Pike burning in hell being “from a fable you once heard in childhood.” I always stupidly tried to figure out which “fable” that was, and never got that it was Roddenberry expressing his humanism philosophy. Still, I wanted to say something during the whole conversation. Maybe these would be better with chatting attached. Maybe not… I would definitely like more well-researched information on the making of each ep or history of the key personnel. They had some, but I’d love to hear more of that.

Sure this isn’t for everybody but this is exactly what I love about Trek. I enjoyed listening to this a lot. I wish they could do more than one episode a week but know that’s probably not possible. I wonder what there would be to discuss about Star Trek 2009. Maybe September 11th.. but I never understood what Bob Orci was talking about when he said Star Trek 2009 had relevance to Bush vs Obama. Is Kirk supposed to be the cowboy like Bush and Spock the intellectual like “Obama? ” Honestly I think there’s more “meat” to talk about in “The Cage” than there is in Star Trek 2009. I’m not sure what that says about Bob Orci and company. Hopefully “Star Trek 2013” will reverse that trend.

I’m sorry-but that was BORING! I want my 25 minutes back.

it was a fun podcast, but once a week? They have committed themselves to 13 YEARS… A little ambitious if you ask me.

Dude – your documentary wasn’t bad but it was enough. This is just too much to try to mooch off your dad’s work. Do something creative on your own outside of ST.

I thought it was a good podcast, but – NO instructions on how to give feedback? Uncool. And very unTrek.

Oh, my mistake – I see the feedback option now. Mea maxima culpa!

Wanted to use the promo code on some DVDs. Never did see a field to enter the code but I sent them an email with the code after the transaction and they gave me the discount. Good people to buy from.

This is a fantastic podcast! The production values are high, and the discussion wonderful. I have listened to many Trek podcasts in the past and have been let down, the quality sometimes is lacking and not a full blown mature discussion of the philosophy of the show etc. this one however was probably the best Star Trek Podcast I have heard so far. I hope they are all this good, and that they do make it through the whole franchise. I also hope as has been previously stated, that they are fair about later Treks.
Check this out if you want Quality!!

Very informative 60 minutes but a bit dry (like captain Pike). The toneless artificial female computervoice inbetween almost put me to sleep.
About as engaging as listening to two random Trekkies.
And they should have left the show with the obvious farewell “Live Long and Prosper”.
But I applaud the effort, and like the original TOS pilot I’ll give this podcast another try though.

Terrific idea, have subscribed & will check it out soon, and thanks for the listings of similar items that other people have mentioned that I’ll take out too.

Follow-up to my last post: Just listened to the second episode on ‘The Man Trap’; very informative and entertaining. Looking forward to more. You’ve won me over kind sirs, this link goes on my ‘favorite’-list!

They have chosen the broadcast order and not the production order?

Isn’t that going to be confusing when they get to “Where No Man Has Gone Before” which was the second pilot?

A rooster is an PlayStation 3’s method of generating even more PS2 lmao =)