Roddenberry Launches Podcast Series To Explore Themes Of Every Star Trek Episode

Coinciding with the Las Vegas con , Rod Roddenberry (son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry) has launched a new podcast. Each episode of the new "Mission Log" series will examine a different episode of Star Trek, with the first looking at the pilot ("The Cage"). More info below.  


Roddenberry Launches New Star Trek Podcast

The goal of the new "Mission Log" podcast from Roddenberry Entertainment is to explore the themes and try to go in depth into each and every episode of Star Trek. The first episode (online now) looks at the unaired pilot "The Cage." The rest of the weekly series will go in release order for all 726 episodes from 30 seasons of televised Star Trek, all exploring the ethical and more philisophy and trying to see if the episodes still ring true today.

The show is co-hosted by John Champion of DVD Geeks and Ken Ray of the Mac OS podcast. Rod Roddenberry is the show’s executive producer and he will also be joining in as a guest periodically.

More info and the first episode at

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