STLV12: Zombie Red Shirts Dance To Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ [Pix & Vid]

The Las Vegas Star Trek con kicked off on Thursday morning with a group of Zombified Star Trek red shirts dancing to Michael Jacksons "Thriller." We have photos and video and report on how it was organized below. 


Zombie Redshirt Crew Dances "Thriller"

The con kicked off today with a new and unusual sight — a swarm of red shirt zombies sauntered onto the con floor and gave con-goers quite a show with a choreographed rendition of Michael Jackson’s "Thriller."

What looks to be a new Vegas convention favorite started as a conversation online. "It was the power of Facebook," says organizer and lead zombie Anthony Kwan. With the help of Facebook friends from all over the country, and the professional skills of Zoomba instructor Damien Siegle, the group pulled off quite a show and made the con kick-off a moment to remember.

Here is video of the zombies

The local news were also on hand, here is their video…


More photos of the Red Shirt Zombies

Much more coverage coming + livetweeting

More Star Trek Las Vegas 2012 coverage:

Keep your eye out for the full Thursday report soon with more coming over the weekend.

You can also follow live tweeting coverage from the Star Trek team of Anthony (@trekmovie), Erica (@startrekcon) and Kayla (@kaylai).

Photos by Andy Britton

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That’s great! ;-D

Wish I could go; I was just in Vegas a week ago. Sorry I couldn’t stay for this….

Yeah…ummm…No. Anything that has anything do do with the pedophile known as Michael Jackson is a big no-no in my book. Well…except for some of his music (from when he was a kid). After that…well…we saw what happened.

looks like people having fun, good job!

Is that Shatner on the floor? ;-)

I’m with Mikey on this one. I change the station when his music comes on the radio. As soon as he died, he went from pariah back to pop star. Huh?? Too many peoples’ memories are too short.

Trekkies are nuts.

Apparently another slow news day on the movie front. Sigh…when will we get some news??? When will we get a teaser? SOMETHING PLEASE.

As a Trekkie, I take offence at that.

They’re just out to have a good time with likeminded people. It doesn’t say anything about their state of mind.

Like sportsfans for example, getting all decked and painted up in the colors of their club. You call those people nuts as well?

Boy, our nerd community is really running out of idea’s.

Good news, ‘red shirts’ don’t actually die! :-D

For some reason. This kinda looked Dead! to Me. Lol. Funny stuff.

And here I was expecting to be flamed/trolled/whatever etc. Thank god I was wrong. Well, for now anyway. And I probably just jinxed it so yeah, lol!

At least they’re harmless but damn that was really lame lol… God bless them.

I think that’s kind of stupid. What is this endless ridiculous obsession with zombies. Their 15 minutes passed along time ago.


So some of his music is okay? Will you be providing an approved playlist for the rest of us so we know?

Aside from the fact this video is painful to watch,
MJ was acquitted of all charges….#2 apparently knows nothing of the u.s. legal system. And if you don’t like his music, great. Listen to something else.

# 16 Not a big Michael Jackson fan, but I agree; like it or not, he was acquitted and if you don’t like it don’t listen to it.

I thought this zombie video was funny; and the lack of choreography further added to it’s jokey vibe. I don’t know why people feel the need to come down so hard on other Trekkies having fun. It’s not like they’re making a fan film; they were just goofing around and someone caught it with a camera.
No big deal.

As for # 6?

You’re posting as “CmdrR” on a Star Trek fan site; congratulations… you’re as nuts as the rest of us. ;-)

Couldn’t they have used a song like Monster Mash or Spooky??

Nice zombie make-up…No, wait….Oh, that’s not make-up! Now that’s scary!

Seem to be several people here that never get invited to parties or know how to have innocent fun, I feel sorry for you. I thought this was a fun idea and would love to be involved and if that makes me nuts so be it, at least I can enjoy myself.

Oh, the trolls…we never claimed to be good at this, it was just something fun to do! I don’t care if you think I’m nuts or lame or kind of stupid because I enjoy my Star Trek life and family ;-)

In the end, that’s all that matters.

Trolls are just miserable bullies which should be avoided.

The video posted here was just the practice (dry run), the real deal was much better. I’ve seen a couple videos posted and the dancers were pretty respectable for not being professionals.

Ahhh…nothing like a bunch of fatty star pigs trying to dance! This was priceless…and quite funny!!! Thanks for posting this, but you folks need to lay off the pizza and spaghetti. Those all night Trek-a-thons are catching up to you! LOL!!


The Zombie Red Shirts?

Great band name! What sort of music would they play? I guess it would have to be punk. . . .