Viral Video: Call Me Maybe: The Next Generation

A new video going viral this week is a version of the Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop hit "Call Me Maybe" made entirely of snippets from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Watch it below. 


Call Me Maybe: The Next Generation

All Pop songs are better with a little Star Trek, here is proof with "Call Me Maybe" via Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The TNG parody may be a response to a Star Wars/Call Me Maybe viral video from July which has already racked up over 5 million views. Watch it below and decide which is better.

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First to say…. Get a Life! = D

Yeah. Who has time for this? Although I do admire the patience.

Ugh, that’s just painful to listen to.

Irritating, baby.

I’ve seen it done a lot better.

OK, I just wasted the hour deciphering the song and watching all the parodies.

I really wish I had this much time on my hands.

God…Their both moronic. Single words slapped together and they think its

actually good – worth viewing? Even Beavis and Butthead would change the

channel if they came across this mess.

Oh my…having to watch every episode of TNG in order cherry pick the right words to recreate the lyrics of ANY song would be my worst nightmare! lol

Call me when Shatner does a spoken word version in movie red. Then we can debate whether it’s canon.

^9. There are online transcripts of every episode that can be combined and word-searched.

WTB a DS9 and voyager version. I really can’t imagine TOS or ENT making this all that interesting, but you never know.

I guess i’m the only one who laughed at the star trek video? And did i see Data with a Riker beard? What episode was that?

Star Wars cheats with the alien languages subtitled…but who cares? I’d prefer to see a Star Trek version of All Along the Watchtower any day (and yes, I’m a BSG fan too). Any excuse to hear the Jimi Hendrix riff for me.

Now that is a challenge to someone with more time, talent and motivation than me…and there are a lot of them.

My God does today’s pop music suck.

i’ll be happy once the kids go back to school. Ill be able to bang the Mrs during the day and actually look at stuff on the net that i like LOL…

In response to the original question, I thought the TNG version was better, but the part of the SW where they did the sub-titles was pretty funny

So many haters. “Waste of time…” this is a funny sentiment coming from Star Trek fans looking for updates on a movie. Have a sense of humour.

@19. What is it with some people who when others express an opinion of not liking something that they feel the need to label it as basically a hate crime? That is sad!

This is unwatchable, it’s a crime to humanity.

At least the Obama version has more polish

The Batman one is the best by far. Instead of cutting up episodes they came up with their own (really good) lyrics.

The Star Trek TOS’ parody of Tik Tok was a lot better than this. This almost sounds garbled.

I think I’d rather hear a William Shatner cover of this. There, I said it, and I don’t regret it.

…it takes a certain dedication….

Looks like Picard and the Borg have got in on this too!

Late to the party as always.

Had fun though.


Brilliant! It’s no less than 12 parsecs better than the Star Wars effort!

And now, a TOS version: Star Trek TOS cast sings Call Me Maybe