Will.i.am to Broadcast New Song on Mars via Curiosity Rover [UPDATED]

Tomorrow, for the first time in history, a song will be broadcast from Mars by none other than will.i.am. The Curiosity rover will be pumping out his new song, “Reach for the Stars,” a new composition about the artist’s passion for science, technology, and space exploration. At the same time will.i.am’s charity, i.am.angel, in partnership with Discovery Education, will announce a new program that brings NASA into K-12 classrooms. [UPDATED with a video from the event]


UPDATE: Video from the Martian broadcast (This one goes out to all the negative nancies in the comments)
NASA has posted a video created specifically for this event, with will.i.am talking about why he did it and how he prepared the song specially for this interplanetary mission. Not only is the song meaningful, but will.i.am’s words are well thought out and inspiring. He is obviously passionate about space exploration, science, technology, and securing the future of the world through STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education. Check out the video below.

Reach for the Stars


Will.i.am gets a tour of JPL and checks out the full size model of Curiosity

The event will also be broadcast here on earth, and you can catch it live from JPL in Pasadena, California at NASA TV at 1 p.m. PDT (4 p.m. EDT) Tuesday, Aug. 28. Members of the Curiosity team will also be on hand to answer questions and explain to students the mission and the technology behind this interplanetary transmission.

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