Neil Armstrong, First Man to Walk on Moon, Dead at 82

It is with a heavy heart that we post here on TrekMovie the passing of a worldwide hero, Neil Armstrong. He passed away after complications from heart surgery, his family told the press. Here’s to Neil Armstrong: first man on the moon, American astronaut, engineer, university professor, US Navy pilot, test pilot, self-proclaimed nerd, inspiration, and symbol of the golden era of space exploration. Rest in Peace and god speed.


And so comes the end of an era…
Or perhaps, the beginning of a new one. Neil Armstrong was an icon. His famous words after the Eagle safely landed on the lunar surface will echo through time. As the first man to walk on the moon dies, we are reminded that times are changing. One can only hope that human space exploration will one day be as progressive and exciting as it was during the Apollo era.

Updates and More Information
TrekMovie will not be following this story, and we ask that discussions about Neil’s passing take place in the comments section of this article. For updates from Neil’s family and more information about his legacy and his death, please see these sources:

Links Submitted by Readers

Oreo pays homage to Armstrong with this image and tweet
via Andrew Britton

Apollo 11 Video via Mark Lynch


Editor’s note: As some of you are undoubtedly aware, I did not want to write this article. For me, my words mean little in the wake of this event. While Armstrong’s death was not necessarily a shock given that he died at the age of 82, it nonetheless has a significant impact on me. As someone inspired by Armstrong as a child, I felt I was too deeply affected to write a meaningful piece on his life and death.
I made no attempt to write an homage to him. But, outcry from the lack of any acknowledgement of the event made me realize that I needed to post an article to simply show TrekMovie’s respect. I apologize if any of you were offended that it took us this long (days) to post about Neil’s death on TM. Please know that we meant no disrespect. It was out of fear, sorrow, and, indeed, the utmost respect that I originally decided not to post. Let this post serve as a place where we can discuss the event, and I will try and keep it updated with links that you readers submit in the comments. Thanks.


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