Patrick Stewart to Guest Voice on Futurama Tonight + LeVar Burton Supports Seth MacFarlane to Bring Back Trek to TV

In two pieces of animated news, Patrick Stewart will lend his voice to the hit animated series Futurama in an hour long midseason finale episode set to air tonight (Aug 29). Plus, LeVar Burton replies to rumors about Seth MacFarlane bringing Trek back to TV saying at Fan Expo that he would support MacFarlane to do the job right.


Patrick Stewart’s character the Huntsman in tonight’s Futurama

Not Stewart’s First Time Being Animated
In tonight’s episode, titled “31st Century Fox”, Stewart plays the role of the Huntmaster who leads a group of fox hunting enthusiasts, including Bender, on a fox chase. Patrick Stewart is no stranger to guest voicing for popular animated comedy series’ having played characters on both Family Guy and American Dad! And, Futurama isn’t averse to playing on Star Trek references, either.

LeVar Burton Says Seth MacFarlane Could Bring Back Trek to TV
At Fan Expo yesterday, LeVar Burton took the stage and answered questions about Trek and his career. One audience member asked, given Burton’s connection with Family Guy (he’s voiced in two episodes) and having worked with the show’s creator Seth MacFarlane (an admitted Star Trek fan), how would Burton respond to rumors that MacFarlane wants to bring Trek back to TV. He replied with great support for the idea, saying “I can’t think of anyone on the planet better suited”, and finished with his Reading Rainbow catchphrase, “but you don’t have to take my word for it!”

Seth MacFarlane is no stranger to the world of Star Trek and has said clearly before that he wants to reboot trek for the small screen. Check out an interview with MacFarlane below.


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