Chris Pine on Trek 2: “We’re Not Making Batman” + First Look At Pine As Jack Ryan

As usual, the cast’s lips are sealed when it comes to details about the Star Trek sequel, but Chris Pine took a bit of time to talk about the mood of the new film saying, “we’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal.” Chris is referring of course to The Dark Knight‘s darker take on the Batman franchise and indicated that, although the stakes will be high and the action great in the new Trek, it wasn’t meant to be darker and will still have comedy. More after the jump. Plus check out Chris in the first images of him as Jack Ryan.


There’s Still Room for Comedy and More Character Development in Trek 2
Pine noted that the newest Star Trek would not follow the party lines set by the Batman reboot and noted that we’d still see some lighter moments.

“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal. There’s comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.”

The 2009 Star Trek really needed to take some time to reintroduce the characters to the audience and give the viewers some backstory to work with. This time around, it seems like we will get to see those characters grow and develop a lot more with some intricate and powerful story arcs.

“The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect. The arc is huge for all the characters. It’s a really big story – I can’t hype it enough!”

In other news, Paramount released a couple images of Chris Pine from the new Jack Ryan movie, currently in production. And yes, it’s true that Paramount has yet to release any images from the movie Chris Pine shot for them before the Jack Ryan film, namely the Star Trek sequel. The new Ryan film is a prequel to the previous four Jack Ryan movies and will be released Christmas Day 2013.

Chris Pine plays young Jack Ryan, cruising the downtown streets of Manhattan (David Lee)

First look at Kevin Costner (far right) as a legendary CIA Field Agent with Chris Pine (center) in JACK RYAN (David Lee)


Via Totalfilm.


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So it’s a Star Trek movie? Does this mean it won’t have Christian Bale?

#1 Presumably, it won’t have Batman so I’m assuming not. Glad we got that tidbit to tide us over. Lol

I appreciate that. I actually think, that when done right, comedy is good for Trek.

He tasks me and I shall have him!


So, wait. Are they making Batman?

Meh. Heard this before. Bigger, badder, better, greater, more incredible…

Nothing of substance here. Teaser trailer, anyone?

I’d settle for the intensity of MI3. JJ did great with that one and Cumberbatch can compare favorably to Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a villain.

Is Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing The Joker in the new Star Trek?

Good thing William Shatner never played Batman. Could imagine him saying, “I’mmmm … BATMAN, Mister!” Deedlee deedlee doo. Then you’d have to start calling him SHATMAN lol …

Hoffman is a great actor but I can’t see him topping Heath Ledger.

I bet Cumberbatch is playing Batman.


Yeah, it is good for trek. When done right. And too bad it hasn’t been done right with Abrams’ movies.

It’s actually been really juvenile. The worst in any star trek movie.

“Gene Roddenberry had a dream that was Star Trek.” ::points sword to arena:: “This is not it. This. Is. Not. It.”

Why would they cast Benedict Cumberbatch to play Philip Seymour Hoffman? They look nothing alike!


Yes. I just did that. No. I don’t care if it’s old hat.

I hope they strike a better balance this time out. Some of the gags in the first flick were good. Some, not so good. I did enjoy the antics between McCoy and Kirk, but I felt certain bits were just too goofball. (Kirk being a jackass in the simulator, the big hands gang, some of Scotty’s OTT bits. Though I did love his line “Can I get a towel, please?” That was very natural.)

Oh, and Pine is very wrong. He can overhype it. Don’t do that. Really. Don’t. Let the movie speak for itself. It will find it’s audience if it has a worthwhile story. Star Trek always finds it’s audience if the story is well craft.

I’m still cautiously excited.

Alright then … Captain!

Oh Kayla… you picked one of the worst pictures of Chris Pine … LOL

………………… I had to say that … ;-) :-)

So far all I gather is Cumberbatch stars as Khan and Pine plays Batman. Right? Can’t wait for the trailer.

JJ abrams is going to be on the today show on september 14 @ 7 am dont have any idea what he going to talk about so just passing information..

So before they can do the Justice League movie we have to go through all of these “character” films first. “Dark Knight”, “Man of Steel”, “Green Lantern”, and “Star Trek II: Working Title Only”. OMG this is going to take forever!

This comments section has some of the BEST comments EVAR. I applaud you all. I want to cast an actual vote for the Nolan’s taking on Prime Universe Star Trek in some way.

@ 17

I suspect JJ is on Today to promote his new NBC show Revolution.

Oh, and you can watch said show here…

Never liked batman, im glad its still trek.

Yee-haa! Loves me some of that good ol’ action. Can’t wait for this movie! :-)

These aren’t the interviews you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along…

Well, thank goodness. I was worried they were making Batman. Might as well read about it anyway, no news here.

I thought Spock was humorous, in a more Vulcan-subdued way.

McCoy: “If you’re gonna ride in the Kentucky Derby, you don’t leave your prize stallion in the stable.”

Spock: “A curious metaphor, doctor, as a stallion must first be broken before it can reach its potential.”
–the way he says this…with that almost not quite smile. Like, while he’s a Vulcan, he knows he’s trumped McCoy and he sees it as a personal victory.

McCoy: “My God, man, you could at least ACT like it was a hard decision!” (funny!)

Spock: “I intend to assist in the effort to reestablish communication with Starfleet. However, if crew morale is better served by my roaming the halls weeping (picture that!), I will gladly defer to your medical expertise. Excuse me.”

So there’s no Christian Bale…how about Christian Slater!



Slater already had his cameo in TUC. Too busy selling cars, anyway.

I have read this article about what Chris Pine said about the new Star Trek movie, but did not post it here. I did not want to be accused of being “obsessed with Chris Pine” if I did post the link here…

god i hope its not like the last batman,
that movie was F**KING TERRIBLE

Oh wow there’s a Star Trek movie coming out in 2013!? I kid I kid. If it were not for tiny articles like this, I wouldn’t think there is a star trek movie coming out in 2013….Its not like i’ve seen a trailer or anything…..Bob :P

The Batman reboot is an amazing trilogy. Being a batman fan I love what was done with it. I would be interested to see if Star Trek 2013 bumps it up a notch the from the original the way The Dark Knight bumped it up from Batman Begins. It might not make it better depending on how its done. The Dark Knight was intense, DK Rises an emotional ending, but Batman Begins is still my fav of the trilogy.

I truly hope Star Trek 2013 is leaps and bounds better than Trek 09.

# 30 Truer words were never spoken.


Interesting that you say that, as both Adam West and William Shatner shared a similar physique and acting style. Both broke the mold when it came to portraying tv heroes. Both the 60’s “Batman” and “Star Trek” had that pop-art feel to them.

Shatner: Iam…… James T….Kirk!

West: Well…..I am….BAT..MAN!


I disagree. I found The Dark Knight Rises to be the best film of the Nolan Batman trilogy.

Well, TOS always had a great balance of drama, humor, action and romance, all laced with a full dose of creative imagination. JJ clearly recognizes that and brings it to the table. I look forward to more of the same and the fact that Chris Pine is excite, and wants to hype it up, means he is personally very happy with it. My only gripe is that it’s almost a year away.


Hate to break it to you, but “The Dark Knight Rises” is a tremendous film. Maybe not quite as good as the previous two, but still, a great movie it is despite your lame protestations to the contrary.

I will wait for the first trailer and then make up my mind if it’s Batman or not. :)

#29. Keachick…

Do not worry about I played that role … I put the link here … although I do not know if anyone noticed this … LOL


The secrecy is getting really, really old.

wow…. this better not be action scene after action scene….. i mean really star trek stories will naturally have action in it because you’re exploring the unknown and dealing with volatile sitations and people…. but it seems like the memebers of production of this latest installment are unofficially saying its an action movie….. i hope to god it isnt. this is coming from a 19 year old so no im not saying this from an oldtimer’s perspective im saying this from the perspective of someone who is smart enough to not need violent stimulation to find a film entertaining.
if this falls under the genre “action” im just gona flip at abrams and the writters.

36 RSD,
while I totally disagree with his thoughts on Dark Knight Rises, as it was my personal favorite in the entire series.

He is entitled to have that opinon on the movie, just as i am entitled to have the opinon it was a great movie.

Just because he doesnt like it doesnt mean him saying he didnt like it is lame, its his opinon.

19 I am much more excited about CBS picking up the pilot for Beverly Hills Cop, than I am for JJ’s next primetime failure.

I am really excited Eddie is going to actually guest star in the pilot as Detroit Police Chief Axel Foley, and if it gets picked up for series, he will be a recurring occasional guest star.

Now if they can just get Judge Reinhold to be a regular on the series, it will be perfect.

Not Batman, they’re making The Avengers in space. It’s a comic book franchise now.


Well, here’s what he wrote:

“god i hope its not like the last batman,
that movie was F**KING TERRIBLE”

As you can see, he didn’t offer any real reason why he didn’t like the movie. So yeah, it was lame. He should have at least come up with a couple of reasons why, in his opinion, it was “F**KING TERRIBLE”.

RdR, point taken

LOL, article on TMZ about our friend Bill harassing the help

In other news really wish there was a thread where i could discuss the great job, paramount did fixing the audio issues and the VFX issue on the bluray replacement discs for TNG season 1.
I mean its not like any posters have sent in pics of the discs or info about the replacements being shipped now :)

46 its funny how in the comments section over there Shatner is censored to ****ner

#40 – I agree.

I also hope that it is not a violent movie, because I think that is what “action packed” or “relentless” (another adjective Chris Pine used to describe the sequel) has generally come to mean. I want to be moved and excited in ways that don’t involve lots of violence, battle scenes or Kirk being punched in the face yet again, although a good Kirk-fu scene, where he actually wins (just once, mind) will be fine…:) I have no doubt that there are scenes which involve obvious violence, but I hope they are kept to a minimum.

We’ll just have to wait and see…only 8 months and 12 days away – a doddle really! MG has started working on the music, which suggests that JJ and co are happy with the film as it is playing so far and now needs the music to set the tone. You can’t have a trailer without music…

Uhura dies. That’s their idea of drama. Not story, not suspense, not real emotion, just a stunt. Just watch – there’ll be a cheesy, actor-driven, high profile death.