Chris Pine on Trek 2: “We’re Not Making Batman” + First Look At Pine As Jack Ryan

As usual, the cast’s lips are sealed when it comes to details about the Star Trek sequel, but Chris Pine took a bit of time to talk about the mood of the new film saying, “we’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal.” Chris is referring of course to The Dark Knight‘s darker take on the Batman franchise and indicated that, although the stakes will be high and the action great in the new Trek, it wasn’t meant to be darker and will still have comedy. More after the jump. Plus check out Chris in the first images of him as Jack Ryan.


There’s Still Room for Comedy and More Character Development in Trek 2
Pine noted that the newest Star Trek would not follow the party lines set by the Batman reboot and noted that we’d still see some lighter moments.

“We’re not making Batman. That’s not our deal. There’s comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there’s some serious issues being dealt with. And I’d say the threat is even greater in this one.”

The 2009 Star Trek really needed to take some time to reintroduce the characters to the audience and give the viewers some backstory to work with. This time around, it seems like we will get to see those characters grow and develop a lot more with some intricate and powerful story arcs.

“The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It’s relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you’d never expect. The arc is huge for all the characters. It’s a really big story – I can’t hype it enough!”

In other news, Paramount released a couple images of Chris Pine from the new Jack Ryan movie, currently in production. And yes, it’s true that Paramount has yet to release any images from the movie Chris Pine shot for them before the Jack Ryan film, namely the Star Trek sequel. The new Ryan film is a prequel to the previous four Jack Ryan movies and will be released Christmas Day 2013.

Chris Pine plays young Jack Ryan, cruising the downtown streets of Manhattan (David Lee)

First look at Kevin Costner (far right) as a legendary CIA Field Agent with Chris Pine (center) in JACK RYAN (David Lee)


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