Exclusive: Sequel Title Confirmed – ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

TrekMovie has an update on our earlier story regarding the title for the Star Trek sequel We can now confirm the title that has been chosen by JJ Abrams and Paramount for the 2013 movie. More details below.



Sequel title: "Star Trek Into Darkness"

TrekMovie has confirmed with multiple sources that "Star Trek Into Darkness" has been selected as the title for the 2013 sequel to JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie. This is a title that comes out of a long process of discussion amongst the creative team. As reported earlier, Paramount tested a number of titles for the film over the summer, including at least one title that did not include "Star Trek." Also noted in our earlier article, the title (by design) does not include a colon, like were used for the past franchise films such “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” "Star Trek: First Contact," etc.

While Paramount will not officially confirm the news, multiple sources have told TrekMovie this is the title they are going with as of now. It has also been reported by ComingSoon that Paramount has secured the domain names to both www.startrekintodarkness.com and www.startrekintodarknessmovie.com, neither of which has any content.

As for the title itself, "Into Darkness" does not reveal anything specific about the plot. So for those who were hoping for "Star Trek Khan" or "The Revenge of Gary Mitchell" you are out of luck. However, "Into Darkness" certainly gives us a hint that this film could have a serious tone and perhaps darker theme than the 2009 Star Trek film. On the other hand the title is also evocative of Star Trek’s core mission of going into the “darkness” of space, to seek out new life and new civilizations. Of course the current Trek team often point to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy as inspiration, with the second film in that series being titled "The Dark Knight" which itself had some very dark themes. Is this Trek sequel Star Trek’s "Dark Knight"? As that film grossed $1B world wide, I imagine Paramount is certainly hoping it is. 

According to sources, the creative team are still working on how they will officially roll out this new title. The first acknowledgement will likely be made with some kind of visual treatment, either a type treatment for the title or possibly even a teaser poster or image. Indications are that this official roll out should be coming soon.

What do you think?

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Like it.

Not bad now for the trailer…

Works for me. Just make it a great movie! (And it will be).

Interesting… I like that Star Trek is still in the title.

And when Star Trek goes into Darkness, there you will find….


….and rich, Corinthian leather…..

Star Trek Into Darkness? Really? REALLY? No offense but this sounds not at all like good marketing. Sends the message that if you go to see the movie, you’ll regret it.

That is an awesome title… mysterious and stark. Love it.

So, basically, it doesn’t include a semi colon because they didn’t want to. Especially as that title should actually have a semi colon to make sense.


NB: I still like it though :)

so is it into darkness or into the darkness?

That is a horrible title. Star Trek Into Darkness? What?

The lack of colon and the ambiguity leave me a bit cold. But seriously, who cares?

Title is a bit odd, but I can get used to it. At least we finally have one!

As I said, It should say, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

It does sound better that way.

I would rather have a colon. : ) See?

I have no doubt it’s going to be a great movie, but a gimmicky title is going to make it harder for the masses to take seriously.

I guess you can get away with no colon because it is like a “trek into darkness” Interesting title, I will wait for the teaser

Gosh, I just posted a comment about this as a possible title and I thought it was a horrible title. So disappointing.

Star Trek is meant to be hopeful, speaking to a better time and age, where most people are not dragged down by mean, dark thoughts and events. Why, in gods name, why?…:((

It will grow on me.

I have a question. Is the title “Star Trek Into Darkness” or “STAR TREK: Into Darkness”?

It’s space. It’s mostly dark. Sort of a given. Without a colon, that title just sounds silly. With a colon, it’s a bit better. Am I supposed to read it like ‘take a trek into darkness’? Ugh.

Terrible Title.

Totally devoid of creativity.

The Dark Knight Rises was a horrible title for a film, but this is even worse.

Star Trek to this movie is taking freaking forever. Don’t like it.

PS- your poll is broken

not a bad title. i think Star Trek: Darkness would have sounded more intriguing.

So they like The Dark Knight movies as a template so much they worked “dark” into the title? Is the third movie called Star Trek Rises? :)

I’m struggling with this a bit. When the movie logo comes up on the screen, are all the words worked into it? Is Star Trek more prominent? Is this a Star Trek episode called “Into Darkness.”

They may not want a colon in the title…but it still “feels” like its there.

Seriously, if your breaking point with this movie is over the title, then you probably didn’t want to see it in the first place.

I for one am excited. I like dark Star Trek. It’s why I contend to this day that DS9 was the best Star Trek got on TV. Bring it on!

Again these guys are still wanting to do a Star Wars movie.


Star Trek the Dark Side!>!>!>!>


A sense of humor is a great thing! Your response made me laugh!

I just hope the movie justifies the title.

Love it, BUT…it really does need a colon. It’s kind of silly without it.

Into darkness? As in, “We’re leaving the Galaxy, Mr. Mitchell”?

Will all future movies use Star Trek as the first part of a sentence?

Star Trek To The Edge of the Galaxy
Star Trek To The Center of the Galaxy
Star Trek To The Future
Star Trek Across The Universe
Star Trek To Find Spock
Star Trek Home
Star Trek Through The Final Frontier
Star Trek To New Worlds
Star Trek Where No One Has Gone Before
Star Trek Through The Looking Glass

Like how they’re using the literal meaning so the title basically mean “Space Adventure into Darkness” which is kinda cool. Also heard it may be a reference to “Heart of Darkness” – which I love (a bit of a Nick Meyer-like literary reference).

I wonder if the title means that they ditched the lens flares? :P

If this title is the domain name, then perhaps they could change the word “into” to “from” or “out of” – as in Star Trek from Darkness or A Star Trek out of Darkness.

Hopefully, the movie is mostly positive and this change of wording may reflect that better without negating the more serious tone of the film showing the problem that is being faced by our heroes. Using the word “into” is really depressing.

Damn, I posted something on the other thread saying how I didn’t think this would be the title.

Don’t like the title. It’s awkward, and just seems a cop-out, as it seems Paramount and the Supreme Court are trying to ride on the success “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

The title just isn’t that imaginative, even though its clear they spent months coming up with it.

I don’t mind a little darkness in Trek–“Deep Space Nine” is my favorite of the Trek series, with TWOK and FC two of my favorite movies, and they balanced out the darkness with hopeful optimism–but not so much in the title.

Anyway, I’m sure its going to be a great movie.

I kinda like it. Glad they were able to keep “Star Trek” in there while avoiding the dreaded semi-colon.

Did they confer with the people who did the Spider-Man musical? Didn’t get that. Don’t get this.

Don’t instinctively love the title, but a great film can always change my mind!

I was sure it was going to be the title when RDR said it wouldn’t be :) I kid, I kid!

Don’t like the title at all, but by this point, all I care about is the movie itself.

I’m going to go ahead and say the next movie will be “Star Trek to the Light.” or something to that sort. I like the play on words. It establishes a unique identity and system for the new era.

It would have been better if they used something like “Into The Final Frontier” or something to that effect.

I realise that space is dark, but I have the feeling that this is not the kind of dark the writers are probably referring to and it doesn’t feel quite right, not for the Star Trek TOS, even in the alternate universe. However, a simple word change and/or addition could easily rectify the tone and my misgivings.

…to seek out new life and new civilizations…to boldly go…into darkness

Maybe we’ll see Kirk get his back broken over the knee of the villain. :-)

Sometimes it’s best not even to try being clever and hip and meta with your title. Maybe if I say it out loud over and over again it will start to sound good.

I was just watching Empire Strikes Back with commentary, and I think Ben Burt or Kirsh even says he didn’t think the title was very good or didn’t think it was the final title when working on it. I hope Into Darkness is just a setup for the logical conclusion in Part III, which leads us Into the Light, where Trek belongs.

So it’s a Trek Into Darkness, is it?

Sounds dope to me. Like someone else stated, if you piss on the movie just because you dislike the title then man, you need to grow up.

The title seems to conflict with Chris Pine’s recent “This ain’t no Batman” comment, along with his statement about this film having a lot of humor and levity (if I remember correctly.)

I hope we get some evil, something sinister, some serious drama and most of all, some boldly going.


45. RDR

Kirk is the next Pike, wheelchair bound as well. ;)