Exclusive: Title Chosen For Star Trek Sequel

TrekMovie is back with some very big exclusive news. The "Untitled 2013 Star Trek sequel" has taken a step towards getting a title. TrekMovie can confirm that the Star Trek team have chosen a title for the film. We don’t yet know what this is yet, but have more details below.       

UPDATE: Title Revealed

TrekMovie has confirmed the new title. Details in our follow up article.


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Star Trek Sequel Gets A Title

TrekMovie has learned that Paramount and the Star Trek team have finally chosen a title for what is currently referred to as the "Untitled Star Trek sequel." The follow up to JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek is due in theaters next May. The chosen title for the sequel is currently going through final vetting and creatives are working on how it will be presented in a roll out which should be coming soon.

TrekMovie had previously reported that over the summer Paramount had tested a number of title possibilities. We have learned that this testing was done both for the domestic market as well as overseas. Historically, including with the 2009 movie, Star Trek has not performed as well as over action tentpole franchises in non-English speaking markets. So apparently a big focus of the testing was to find a title that worked globally.

While we have not confirmed the exact title, indications are that the team stuck with their plan to not include a colon in the title. If you recall earlier in the summer, co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof talked to MTV about the team’s struggle to find a title that didn’t fall into the traditional sequel structure saying "It’s hard to do movies without colons."

TrekMovie is trying to confirm more information about the title selection process, the plans on how they will roll it out and when will we be seeing the first trailer, which has previously been said to be some time this fall.

Stay tuned for updates on this and other stories as TrekMovie is now back on the case.

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