Exclusive: Title Chosen For Star Trek Sequel

TrekMovie is back with some very big exclusive news. The "Untitled 2013 Star Trek sequel" has taken a step towards getting a title. TrekMovie can confirm that the Star Trek team have chosen a title for the film. We don’t yet know what this is yet, but have more details below.       

UPDATE: Title Revealed

TrekMovie has confirmed the new title. Details in our follow up article.


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Star Trek Sequel Gets A Title

TrekMovie has learned that Paramount and the Star Trek team have finally chosen a title for what is currently referred to as the "Untitled Star Trek sequel." The follow up to JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek is due in theaters next May. The chosen title for the sequel is currently going through final vetting and creatives are working on how it will be presented in a roll out which should be coming soon.

TrekMovie had previously reported that over the summer Paramount had tested a number of title possibilities. We have learned that this testing was done both for the domestic market as well as overseas. Historically, including with the 2009 movie, Star Trek has not performed as well as over action tentpole franchises in non-English speaking markets. So apparently a big focus of the testing was to find a title that worked globally.

While we have not confirmed the exact title, indications are that the team stuck with their plan to not include a colon in the title. If you recall earlier in the summer, co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof talked to MTV about the team’s struggle to find a title that didn’t fall into the traditional sequel structure saying "It’s hard to do movies without colons."

TrekMovie is trying to confirm more information about the title selection process, the plans on how they will roll it out and when will we be seeing the first trailer, which has previously been said to be some time this fall.

Stay tuned for updates on this and other stories as TrekMovie is now back on the case.

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Finally! Been waiting so long for this to happen :)

Welcome back Anthony. Hope all is well with ya.

So basically they’re doing what Enterprise TRIED and ultimately failed to do by not having a STAR TREK: (Something) it’s an attempt to bring in a broader audience who otherwise wouldn’t go to a “Star Trek” movie.

Oh well. Ultimately the title doesn’t matter. The movie just has to be awesome.

TrekMovie has been back thanks to Kayla and friends. :D

But, welcome back Anthony!

Any guesses everybody? I bet it doesn’t have trek in the title.

The title will not have a colon, but will have lots of heart. :P

Trekmovie is back but how soon before it goes on another long month vacation?

STAR TREK… The Trek To The Stars!

Sorry, don’t know why I said that.

Star Trek 2: The wrath of someone who is not Khan.

KHAN anyone guess what the title will be?


And no colon works for me. I hope it’s something totally unique.

ST2: Gary Mitchell: White Eyes :-)

The secrecy seems excessive to me. You can have too much mystery. If the title gives too much away, maybe they need a different title. But you know “the Wrath Of Khan” gave away the plot, and that did okay.

A couple of days ago driving back from a day out, my sister said, “I wonder if they’re going to do a sequel to Star Trek. It was ages ago.” So I said, “they are.” and she said, “What’s it called then?” and I said, “I don’t know, everything’s secret”. And there the conversation ended. I’m not sure this is a fabulous strategy for creating a buzz, when people have nothing to talk about.

I loved Star Trek: Reboot. But they have in my view taken far too long already to make a sequel. One more movie and the cast will be too old. Is that the plan? Three movies, and that’s your lot? What then? Another reboot?

It has a name. We’re not telling you it. This is verging on silly.

The Wrath of Lens Flares

Hmmm… Guess it’s gonna “Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before”…

enterprise didn’t fail because it didn’t have star trek in the title, it failed for a myriad of other reasons too extensive to list (again). anyway, i’d be cool with a non “star trek” title. i’d just prefer they not keep it a bloody secret for another 6 months.

“To Boldly Go”
or (unfortunately) “Star Trek 2”

Bob Orci, can you give us a hint?

If Star Trek isn’t in the title, then why use Star Trek characters? We could follow the adventures of Captain Pine on the ship Hollywood.

JJ will never allow the villain’s name in the title.

Yay news!

Kirks colon, where no man has gone before … sorry did I say that out loud?

“STAR TREK: Khan you search for Spock on your voyage home at the final froniter behind the undiscovered country?”

If the movie is about what we think it’s about, I would go for one word: KHAN

“Trek All The Stars!”


Either way I bet the title’s gonna be both harking back to the original series and quite probably as nondescript as possible… Maybe they throw in another Shakespeare quote – that would be classic: “Star Trek: What Dreams May Come” … or… “Star Trek: When Shall We Three Meet Again”… “Star Trek: When the hurly-burly’s done” …oh well, I’m getting carried away here…

OH, oh, oh! How exciting no news can be:) That’s right, no real news, yet, but can’t you just feeeellll it coming?!

WELCOME BACK, ANTHONY. I hope everything is well with you. I wonder if a title can help with worldwide box office. I mean is there any science or statistics for a title?

As I always say, the thing is that these movies are done by “non-trekkies”, even more, they are confessd Star Wars fans. Because of that they want to be as far away as possible to ST as they can.

If they were doing a SW movie, we wouldnt be having this discution because it would be “Star Wars: something”.

Shame on you JJ.

#26. what kind of fancy schmancy star trek movie are you expecting?

StarTrek Curiosity… ;)

@ 5. Legend of Link – September 7, 2012: “Any guesses everybody?”

Without knowing what it’s about, I can’t begin to guess; but given the intent to sell it as an action film, and to have a title that will spell ‘Action!” to overseas masses…, I don’t think it’ll be close to anything I’ve seen suggested so far.

“Welcome Back KHAN-er”

PPS: Another guess: “Star Trek-like Movie: Super Fun Space Adventure Time”

Damnit. I should go off this site immediately… this thing’s messing with my brain.

“Kirk & Spock’s Excellent Adventure”?
or maybe
“Enterprise Weekend”?
“Dr. McCoy & the Planet of Doom”?
“Vulcan’s Don’t Bluff” ?
“Beam Me Up Scotty”

Welcome back Anthony!

Great, they picked a title. Are they actually going to tell us what the title is? Well, at least this one gets a title, unlike Trek XI.

So, it’s now “Titled Star Trek Sequel”. …..yay.

Star Trek 2

Star Trekin Across The Universe

So, for the foreign market …El Diablo en la Oscuridad

“Run Sulu Run”
“Federation Gump”
“A Star-System is Born”
“The Trek Ultimatum”

okay I’ll stop now

The Final Frontier

(First Contact was used twice so why not – dosnt have to have Star Trek b4 it either)

call it ‘Star Trek whatever’ in US…but call it ‘Star War’ overseas :)

Universal Group Hug

“John Carter II”

i predict they’ll go the route of wolverine and just call it “the star trek”.

ok probably not.

Good to hear they’ve settled on a title, but I hope they aren’t over-thinking it in terms of marketing the movie to as broad an audience as possible. The ghost of “John Carter” (OF MARS!) still lingers….

maybe they could do something similar to the SW original trilogy: (before all the ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ etc nonsense)

Star Trek
star[The Federation Strikes Back]trek
star[Return of the Romulan]trek

(little star trek wrapped around the title logo on the posters)

The Voyage Home also did this to a certain extent (overseas)

It should be Star Trek Phase II.

get the action crowd in call it:

Star Trek Explosions!