Karl Urban Talks ‘Character-Driven’ Star Trek Sequel + How He Approached Role Of McCoy

Karl Urban is back on the big screen in a couple of weeks, starring in the new Judge Dredd movie. While doing publicity he is trying hard to not talk about his role as Dr. McCoy in the 2013 Star Trek sequel, but some bits are sneaking through. Below we have some excerpts from recent interviews, plus the latest Dredd commercial. 


Urban Talks Trek Sequel

 Speaking to Digital Spy, Karl Urban offers up a few adjectives to describe the Star Trek sequel (now known to be titled Star Trek Into Darkness). He offers "relentless," "engaging," "action-packed," and "character-driven."

Karl offers more to Huffington Post, talking specifically on how he approaches the role of McCoy first played by Deforest Kelly…

DeForest Kelly is so known for that role. Do you go in trying to do what he did? That seems like a slippery slope.
Oh yeah. It’s a slippery slope. Here’s the thing: As a longtime fan of "Star Trek," I would have felt short changed if I had gone into that cinema and not seen a character that was identifiably McCoy. So, for me, it was the process of analyzing DeForest — sort of internalizing, I guess, certain elements about that character. And, then, from there it was a process of presenting a younger version of what that character would be. And I think what we ended up with was kind of a combination of some obvious nods to DeForest, but then, you know, I also have to make the character my own. And it is, ultimately, my interpretation of what Bones is. But, having such huge admiration and respect for what he did before, it was important that the character be recognizably Bones.

Dredd in theaters September 21

You can see Karl star in the new Judge Dredd movie which opens up in two weeks. Here is the latest TV spot.


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