On Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary, Google Celebrates With Interactive Doodle

46 years ago, Star Trek beamed onto the TV sets of America for the first time. Today, Google celebrates that anniversary with an interactive “Google Doodle”, a game embedded into the search engine’s logo at Google.com. Click on characters and objects on the bridge and watch a famous Trek story unfold. Hit the jump for photos.


Celebrate 46 Years of Trek With Google’s Version of Arena
Watch the Enterprise bridge crew, who have taken shape as the letters G-O-O-G-L-E, relive a Googly version of the famous Trek episode Arena in which Captain Kirk must do battle with a giant lizard creature at the Vasquez Rocks Cestus III. And, if you’re clever enough, you might just find a cameo appearance made by some Tribbles!

The scene opens on a familiar crew with unfamiliar shapes

Follow Kirk to the transporter room where you may spot some Tribbles

Then beam down to the planet and try to beat the Gorn!


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