TNG Season 2 Blu-ray release date and Season 1 replacement discs shipping – UPDATED

The release date of Season 2 of Star Trek The Next Generation has been released to retailers, which means the word got ’round quickly to the Internet. The release date is now known to be December 4th in the U.S.A. Read on for the unconfirmed list of extras.



The 5-disc set will include all 22 second season episodes remastered in HD.

The highlight of the extras are “hybrid extended” and full HD extended versions of the episode The Measure of a Man recreated from original elements.

This includes an extended version of “The Measure of a Man,” widely regarded as one of the best Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.

Lost first cut of episode reconstructed in high definition with extended scenes including new visual effects and audio mixes.

“Hybrid extended cut” using the high-definition version of the original television episode, plus rough VHS video of deleted scenes and different camera angles from that episode’s “lost” first cut.

Audio commentary on the extended The Measure of a Man with writer Melinda Snodgrass, director Robert Scheerer, and Mike Okuda.

Audio commentary on Q Who with TNG visual effects supervisor Dan Curry, director Rob Bowman, and Mike Okuda.

2 new HD featurettes

  • Reunification: 25 Years After The Next Generation
  • Making It So: Continuing The Next Generation.

5 Archival Mission Log featurettes (ported over from the DVD set)

  • Departmental Briefing Year 2: Production
  • Departmental Analysis Year 2: Memorable Missions
  • Inside Starfleet Archives: Penny Juday – Star Trek Coordinator
  • Mission Overview Year 2
  • Selected Crew Analysis Year 2

As with Season 1, the original syndicated episode promos are included along with the rarely seen Season 2 gag reel

Remember that the list of extras is unconfirmed for now. The list is subject to change pending an official CBS announcement of the Season 2 disc contents.

Thanks to our friend Bill Hunt at The Digital Bits for the scoop! 


In another bit of TNG on Blu-ray news, As we first reported on in July, the corrected discs for Season 1 (Discs 1, 3, 4 and 5) are now shipping to people who signed up for the new discs. The discs were held for a few extra weeks while the CBS Digital team fixed a few small visual effects oversights, most importantly, the missing phaser beam in Heart of Glory. Kudos to all involved that they stopped to correct all known errors both on the disc authoring side (audio issues) and in the episodes themselves with the missing VFX oversights due to CBS Digital’s intense schedule.

The fixed retail disc sets are starting to ship to retailers. The fixed versions can be identified by a yellow colored UPC barcode (instead of white), and a small TNG Starfleet logo has been added to the spine of the cardboard cover that comes around the plastic disc case.

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Reason 2 to purchase a blu-ray player

Can’t wait! And I got my S1 replacement discs today finally!

I have specifically held off buying this set until it was fixed – any idea how to tell the “good” version in store?

I got my discs today too.

Oh wow – I didn’t realise that there were replacement discs. Do you know if it is possible to still request them?

Any word if there will be a theatrical event similar to Season 1? Would love to watch the extended Measure Of A Man in a theater.

Trek core is reporting a commentary on Q who as well

I’d decided that IF I was going to invest yet again in Trek eps I would wait for season three, so I haven’t kept up with the ‘re-mastered’ news. What exactly was the problem that necessitated replacement discs?

And thanks Matt. We’re all…well we, most of us, are salivating for any and all new Trek news and info. Especially from this site we’ve grown to love so much :-)

According to TrekCore, the commentary with Curry and Okuda is for “Q Who” and also features director Rob Bowman.

I would love to see a Theater run of measure of as Man and Q Who. Can’t wait to see season 2 on Blu-rey.

Got my S1 fixed set from just over a week ago. Rather than just provide the discs that were faulty, they shipped a complete replacement series to me. Which was nice, so I gifted my slightly faulty copy to a friend :)

I e-mailed them about the replacements and sent them the required information, but never heard from them again. I really hope that I was put on the list. If I don’t see anything in the mail, I’m contacting them again.

And here I was thinking the phaser beam would remain unfixed!

Will the retail version of TNG have the old or the new discs in it? And if I get a box with the old ones, is it too late to ask for the new ones?

Man, they fixed their mistakes? Right on!

Now they need to go back and fix about 10,000 errors in TOS-R, esp..Earth’s rotation in “Assignment: Earth”

I ran into an interesting problem with Itunes on the Season 6 Episode of DS9 One Little Ship.
The copy I downloaded was apparently a work print that had not been submitted to the foley people and sound effects department.
It was really weird and quite hilarious watching an episode with just the voices and the music. No explosions, no phaser fire, no sound when a punch connected, just the sound of the actors grunting when they flew out of chairs or hit the ground.. I never knew the microphones were so unidirectional that the hiss and sizzle of the practical spark effects aren’t even picked up in the recording process.
Very disconcerting.
I contacted iTunes and so far all they have done is allowed me to download it again and i got the same work print. Shot off another Email 2 days ago.
No word yet.

I noticed the audio glitches myself, but it wasn’t bad. I thought it was a random glitch in my equipment. Right around the time I was going to check some of the episodes I noticed the problems, I heard that it was a issue with the discs themselves.

Did anyone from the UK order from

I and my friends have not heard anything from them in regards to our replacements even though we got the email at start of August saying that they will replace it.

I am patient but what i find annoying is that people from Amazon UK are getting there sets and those who ordered from play seem to be left in lurch.

Any new news from others who ordered from play?

What the devil do we reckon hybrid extended means?

I am thinking of refunding my set from and rebuying it from amazon if play dont get something sorted out soon.

#1- I know, right??

23. I’d do that if I were in your position. I was very impressed with Amazon UK’s level of service. Request authorisation to return back to for a refund… even if you have to pick up the phone.

So are the going to fix season 5 episode 1, Darmok I think it was called where s phaser shot comes out of the torpedo opening on the neck of the Enterprise?

I bought from Amazon UK – the new disc set turned up yesterday without me having to even request it. That’s good service!

@26 I’m sure they will. That’s the first thing I thought of when they said they would fix a few mistakes.

My replacement discs arrived today! I requested them via e-mail. No prior confirmation, just the disks.

Your welcome for me letting you know and emailing pictures in of the card and replacement discs, and not aknowledging my tip sent into you on Aug 30th. and mentioning several times in other threads that discs had shipped.

“In a message dated 8/30/2012 12:57:43 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Hi Anthony, haven’t seen a report on this yet, but I just got in the mail my 4 replacement discs for TNG remasterd Blu-ray season 1 set.
They are shipping now, including some photos.
the replacement discs came back with a nice little apology card that has the art work of crew members in 10 forward used final enterprise warp out from the opening credits
I’ve included some photos below.
aka Daniel Craig is my wookie Bitch”

Well i guess better late than never that the site finally opens an article about it

I am simply amazed at how gorgeous TNG looks remastered in HD done the correct way the subtle upgrades (planets etc). Encounter at Farpoint starts with the opening theme and the Enterprise beauty shot is breathtaking. This was very well done and is worth the money. The effects visually no longer look dated, you can’t help but smile :)

so if i went to best buy and bought season 1 would it have the correct disks?

I had to wait a month here in Australia for new stock, but finally got Season 1!

I found an oddity in “Code of Honor” at 21:20 minutes, there was a shot that was pixelated like a badly compressed downloaded video, far worse than the old DVD’s for just one shot when picard sits down with the leader watching a juggler before the handing over of Yar.
was that fixed?

Also, did they fix the Phaser shot in “Heart of Glory” & the lights on the Starbase in “11001001”?

What I don’t understand is why the shot of the Enterprise they lost & replaced with a poorer CGI shot that was behind the corrected shot of the Enterprise sending the energy beam to farpoint was in “Code of honor” where the enterprise fired into the atmosphere after Yar was taken or “Heart of Glory” where the enterprise just sat there in space at 38:08?

They obviously found the shot & processed it again- so why not use it behind the photon torpedos & energy beams instead of the poor CGI shot?

I thought the other CGI shots & Matts were all good except that one.

I actually love the first 2 seasons, they are my favorites as whole seasons.
Some of the best episodes were in the later seasons but I thought every story was a different adventure & the music was great after the third season it became more of a drama show with the same lighting & dull music.

Can’t wait for the Second Season :)

How ironic that originally CBS turned down Star Trek in favor of Lost in Space and now with Star Trek being the much more successful of the two they were lucky to be able to buy the rights to the show now.

I’m debating whether or not I should wait until all 7 season come out on Blu-Ray or go back and buy S1, then get each one as they come out.

preordered S2, still waiting on S1 replacement disks

Great job CBS Digital.. I wish I could give you an Emmy..! What an exciting time to love Star Trek….

Finally… some commentary tracks….!

Does anyone know whether this is coming to Netflix?

Replacement disks delivered :)

FYI I called and they directed me to the email address… don’t think they are taking names and info over the phone any longer, but I was assured if I email my address and the S/N on the ring of disk one, I will receive the replacements.

got my replacements in the mail yesterday

Hopefully CBS has replaced their previous QC personnel that they used on Season 1, and has implemented a “triple-check” QC process. The ongoing Season 1 problems have been a public relations disaster for CBS, in particular with overseas fans. Some of us fans have been referring to the Season 1 Blu-Ray as “the Edsel of Blu-Ray Remastering efforts.”

Let’s all hope that lessons have been learned, the necessary head(s) got rolled, and the the product for Season 2 is what we had all hoped Season 1 would have been out the gate.

Hi Folks,

Are we supposed to get the disk 5 or not ? Lot’s of other posts mention the 1,3 and 4. I’ve sent the email to CBS and they returned with a message for disks 1,3 and 4 only. Did not mentioned the 5th (which I think is related to the phaser beam error – I guess). I watched my self the 5th and I couldnt find the missing phaser, what time index that happens ? And is CBS shipping the 5th disk for sure ? Do I have to tell them something ?

Thanks !

Fabio – Florida

I have received the replacement discs; yes, disc 5 is also included.