Oreo is Captain Kirk to Milk’s Spock on Star Trek Day + More Trek Anniversary Great Links

On this day in 1966, Star Trek debuted on television. Google may have celebrated a day early, but today Oreo Cookie celebrates the 46th “Star Trek Day” by tweeting their #dailytwist photo in honor of Trek with the caption, “We are the Captain Kirk to Milk’s Spock.”

Check that and more Star Trek Birthday links from across the web


Happy 46th Anniversary, Star Trek!

Today, Oreo payed homage to Trek as part of their Daily Twist campaign, and you can see all of their other tributary cookie creations on their twitter page (@Oreo).

More Trek Bday Links + Google Doodle Is Big News

Here are some more links celebrating Star Trek’s birthday:

And there are dozens of stories across the web all about Google’s Star Trek doodle, inlcluding major news outlets like Fox, Washington Post, LA Times and many more.

More birthday Tweets

There have also been many many tweets about Star Trek’s bday, including a couple showing your tax dollars at work…

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