Oreo is Captain Kirk to Milk’s Spock on Star Trek Day + More Trek Anniversary Great Links

On this day in 1966, Star Trek debuted on television. Google may have celebrated a day early, but today Oreo Cookie celebrates the 46th “Star Trek Day” by tweeting their #dailytwist photo in honor of Trek with the caption, “We are the Captain Kirk to Milk’s Spock.”

Check that and more Star Trek Birthday links from across the web


Happy 46th Anniversary, Star Trek!

Today, Oreo payed homage to Trek as part of their Daily Twist campaign, and you can see all of their other tributary cookie creations on their twitter page (@Oreo).

More Trek Bday Links + Google Doodle Is Big News

Here are some more links celebrating Star Trek’s birthday:

And there are dozens of stories across the web all about Google’s Star Trek doodle, inlcluding major news outlets like Fox, Washington Post, LA Times and many more.

More birthday Tweets

There have also been many many tweets about Star Trek’s bday, including a couple showing your tax dollars at work…

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Something tells me, the supreme council is behind this :) I mean…Star Trek day, Star Trek google :), Star Trek Cookies…

Glad the cookie people remember the fans. Wish Hollywood did.

When do we get a trailer and a few plot points? Where is the merchandise and the big build up a major release needs (that these days begins a full year in advance)?

Oh, Happy Man Trap, everyone. Remember… the episodes get better!!

Am I the ONLY one who thinks that the Kirk’s Oreo into Spock’s milk sounds like a really nasty joke somehow?


Oh, and happy Star Trek day. ;-)

Love to see Trek in the public spotlight and people having fun with it!

So what’s McCoy?

Joking, joking. Sort of.

With the lack of an engineering section, though, this is more of an NX-01 Oreo.



“Into the Darkness” indeed…

I guess you are supposed to dunk Kirk’s oreo in Spock’s glass of milk? It sounds a bit weird, a little off even. I don’t know.

Anyway, can I get one of those Oreo Enterprise cookies? I’m supposed to be watching my weight – such a bore…sigh. Then again, Oreo Enterprise cookies only come but once a year – 8 September…

If only Gene R was still around to see his baby at 46 years old.

That is a better design that JJ’s Enterprise!

Yes sir, that’s one delicious saucer separation.

Every time I see a “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Trek,” I think I could make a million dollars betting against it.

I’m down another million. Great stuff.

Happy Birthday Star Trek!
May you continue to live long and prosper

Happy Nit Pickers day

Does that model of the Enterprise still exist?


Agreed. Where is the viral marketing campaign? Where are the teaser posters? Where are the official teaser photos and videos? Isn’t it about time we see SOMETHING to start drawing interest toward the next chapter in Star Trek?


I see what you did there. XD

Enjoyed the “10 things you didn’t know” article. I only got 8 out of 10, though – missed numbers 8 and 10.

Mayberry, indeed. I knew that “The Paradise Syndrome” was filmed near the Mayberry swimming hole, though, so I should have known that one. I’m going to have to watch “City” tomorrow.


I read that Mr. R had lent this model to someone, never to get it back, so maybe it is still out there somewhere. Time to put out an APB:)

Now this is a good night. Get some Oreo cookies and a big tall glass of ice cold milk and watch some Star Trek TOS episodes. See ya!

No Science Saturday. Waaaahhhhhhh.

The “10 Things…” article was wrong about one thing. According to Solow and Justman’s “Inside Star Trek” (a great book if you can get your hands on it, as it’s long OOP) NBC didn’t object to the woman as the ship’s second-in-command. What they did object to was the actress herself. The network suits were amused when the show went to series as Roddenberry tried to sneak that same actress past them by putting a blond wig on her, thinking that no one would notice. The network suits objecting to the woman was an urban legend that Roddenberry himself loved to embellish.

Star Trek and my dad, both born on the same day 31 years apart. Happy birthday to both (77 and 46)!

That hottest women of Trek page is terrible!!! They miss sooo many! Geez.