Watch: Taiwan Animators Make Their Own ‘Star Trek 2 Trailer’

We now know that the Star Trek sequel will be called Star Trek Into Darkness, so the next big thing we are waiting on is news of the first trailer. Well, Next Media Animation, the Taiwan animators who love to create CGI cartoons of news stories, have decided not to wait and to make their own trailer. Watch it below.       



Taiwan animators make their own Star Trek sequel trailer

The notorious Taiwan animation team Next Media Animation take on the Star Trek sequel with this brand new animation. [WARNING: Contains adult themes]

Thanks to Ben for the link

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I’m used to higher standards on this site.

Oh Anthony Pascale… serious??… LOL… Ok it’s fun…. a bit… ;-) :-)

Very poor, (not even very funny) but at least it is a Trek related post, so maybe all of the complainers will chill out a little!

Repulsors on full…Arm the photons and take this out…this is lame and tasteless…

And Gary Mitchell? Whereis Gary Mitchell? :-P

At least they got the right ENTERPRISE.

Script by Ron Jeremy!

Hmm… It does demonstrates a certain (pardon me, but suggest a better word…) penetrating international awareness of Trek fandom.

Seriously? WTF?!?

This was terrible. Not funny at all. Oh well.

And thats 2 minutes of my life I wont get back

I feel like there’s going to be a riot on this site soon…

That was … very very very silly and the sort of thing I’d love after downing a few drinks. Sober? Eh… not so much. Still, just a bit of fun.

I have it on good authority that one particular scene in this trailer was spot on to the movie.

this is awesome

Get these guys into CHAT, stat.

Ridiculous. BUT… it’s more than we are getting from JJ and company… from them.. nothing, I frankly, have forgotten there is a movie coming out.

I read a fic almost like this once. And by read, I mean wrote.

@17 Yup and a nice tip of the hat to both Trek and The Sims……..Settle down folks……..I’m just glad to see two new articles pop up. Been tooooooooooo quiet for the past few days! Just hoping for real trailer SOON!

I would just as soon see no update than this kind of grade-school drivel.

I’m surprised Anthony put it on! If I were gay, I’d be pretty offended they way they portray Zachary Quinto as some sort of sex crazed tramp. If that doesn’t play into all the stereotypes, I don’t know what does. No wonder gays used to be more reluctant to come of the closet with attacks like these.

Uptight much? Don’t see any “attack” here……….if it is it’s toward Spock. Who by the way isn’t a real person. There have been Kirk/Spock jokes since the 60’s. People are WAY too PC and easily offended IMO. Have you never seen the game The Sims?

Still a better love story than Twilight.

@21: The piece is tasteless, but so much of what we find funny is tasteless, and if it’s okay to make fun of heterosexual sex, equal footing requires that it’s just as okay to make fun of homosexual sex. Watching the vid., I didn’t even think in terms of homo/het: It just registered as ‘sex’ and K/S slash, which is almost as old as Trek fandom itself and may be the most active area of Trek fandom today.

Well that wasn’t very good or entertaining…

Poor article Anthony, I expect better from this site.

Apparently, you can only go so far in posting criticism on this site. I called out Anthony on his posting of graphic adult material on a site that is otherwise kid/family safe, and my comment was deleted within three minutes.

This video is totally inappropriate on this web site, and there’s not many warm fuzzy ways to point that out…

……..what just happened? Seriously, what just happened?

The World’s Best Trash Trailer

Un. I hope the gallon of Saurian Brandy you guzzled tonight doesn’t leave you with a hangover, Anthony.

I like what one YouTube commenter had to say:
“Still better than the 2009 movie”

SERIOUSLY? Anthony, I am sorry for every complaining about your multiple week hiatuses! I would much rather re-read a decent post thousands of times then EVER have to endure this crap again! You Sir have proven your point, and I for one apologize. Please don’t ever do this to us again.

One has to wonder if Anthony WAS making a point to all the whiners about his absence and about this site not living up to “the source for everything new in Trek” tag line. Well, this IS something new in Trek, isn’t it? Happy now?

WoW!! That was funny!!!!! If ANYONE takes this seriously or gets offended they really need mental help!

It’s not try to be into darkness’ fun trailer. Just, yet an other, trek adult joke. Not bad. Not good either.

Reading the comments here is more entertaining than the video.

*Gets popcorn*

Perhaps this was Bob? Testing the waters for a new Animated Star Trek!

What the hell is this CRAP

Oh lighten up people! There is a clear disclaimer that it contains “adult themes” so gee, if you feel like you might be offended by such a thing then don’t watch it. Are you all so desperate for anything Trek that you just race to the video and hit play? As for this being a family friendly site, where did you come up with that? This isn’t Disney. The mission of this site is to report on anything Trek from around the world. Like it or not this falls into that category. Granted, the majority of Trek related things are pretty tame but don’t let that lull you into some false sense of security.
Ignore the trolls Anthony!! Don’t get me wrong, the video was weird as hell and my mouth is still on the floor, but more from reading the comments from these unpleaseable nerds. It’s your site boss, post whatever you want. I genuinely appreciate what you do here.

What the…..?! That’s all I can say.

I want my three minutes back. Those animators have wasted their lives. This site has been debased. I am angry.

What. The. Deuce?! Hope the actually teaser for “Star Trek Into Universe” would be released before or during the holiday season.

Ha! Great! Are people seriously angry? Have they never heard of NMAtv?

It would be helpful if it was funny. And where was the JJ-prise? FAIL.

Thanks Anthony. That is certainly somewhat of an original approach to the sauce material.

LOL this thread it hilarious everyone. :) Sigh.. JJ has driven us to poo-slinging like monkeys hahaha.. Stick that in your mystery box.. :P


Warning should have said, “Contains explicit and puerile ‘adult’ themes.”

Maybe I just don’t understand Taiwanese ‘humor’

DAMN YOU INTERNETS!! cannot unsee

@39 Well said!

Butt plugs and hurricane force ejaculations on Trekmovie?

Oh dear……

Seems legit to me. The way you guys are going on you would think it was a parody and not the official trailer…