JJ Abrams Reveals Sneak Peak of Star Trek Into Darkness [Minor Spoilers] [UPDATED With High Res Image]

Finally, we have our first look inside Star Trek Into Darkness. JJ came on the Conan O’Brien show yesterday and gave an excited, albeit extremely small, sneak peak at the new movie. It’s only three frames — not three seconds, three frames. Just enough to whet the appetites of us Trekkies chomping at the bit for a little something. [Minor spoiler below]. UPDATE: Check out the new higher resolution still image grabbed from the 1080p video!

Update: high res still

Three Frame Sneak Peak of Trek 2
Abrams appeared on Conan Thursday night and showed only 3 frames from Star Trek Into Darkness from a scene where Zach Quinto as Spock ventures into a volcano with a protective suit.

*Not a new spoiler, I know, but we added the minor spoilers tag to protect those who wish to remain ignorant.


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That was lame!

We’ll take what we can get. It was a great Conan bit.

er wow…ok um yeah

Funny. ;)

Enlighten me, were Roddenberry and the other directors ever as flippant towards their fanbase?

Because this continually insulting attitude angers me and makes me want to boycot and leave the franchise alltogether.

I wish Peter Jackson was producing this.

be patient…

#5 the secrecy sucks, but it’s hardly insulting. The clip was a joke and should be seen as such. There’s no need to get angry over a bit of light entertainment.

I think it was very funny.

Still looking forward to the first trailer…

So much secrecy only to protect the story of the crew fighting an evil enemy sounds really suspect to me…

5. I don’t know. I don’t remember fans demanding to see the movies while they were still making them.

The level off secrecy has gone too far.
If they want box office, they need to start building hype.

This is maddening. JJ Abrams has possession of the script and all of the footage, and I have possession of a computer.


Wait to see it in the cinema when the movie is completed? Where the painstaking work of the thousands of craftsmen and artists can realised in the form I claim to love? So that the story can be experienced in as pure a form as possible, so I can experience the journey as the characters do?

Message received Abrams: F*CK YOU TREKKIES.


I hope no psychotic trekkers know where JJ lives…

But seriously, I’m sure it was meant as a joke, but that sort of felt like a slap in the face nevertheless. I would rather they didn’t bother to show anything.

Thanks for the article though Kayla.

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There is no way that there will be any form of marketing to the general public until at least the beginning of next year.

What we have to remember is that these Star Trek films are geared toward the general audience and not the standard fans, and as we know the general audiences attention/memory span is somewhat lower than that of a goldfish in a bowl.

Relax, it was a joke cupcake. :-)

But I must say that there should have been a teaser trailer by now.

Love it.

I think the fans should lighten up, don’t be so sensitive. Star Trek fans since the dawn of time have always been the butt of nerd jokes from people like Conan and other comedians and people who aren’t nerds/geeks. JJ Abrams and his team as far as I’m concerned have always shown the fans the highest form of respect. I wish the same could be said of the fans showing Abrams and Co. The respect they deserve.

What I see here and other Trek sites many times is a few, a minority of VERY insecure fans unable to grapple with reality and the world at large, thinking that the almighty Roddenberry would disapprove at what Star Trek has become. Fans who are unable to laugh and have fun with Star Trek. I mean if you can’t laugh at yourself then you might as well stay in bed.

Its great to see Star Trek alive and honesty for the first time in DECADES!!! to see Sta Trek out there being applauded and living because of Abrams, well I’d take that over any screaming fanboy crying because he or she can’t handle real life and real people. Lighten up for Roddenberry’s sake.

I know, I’m gonna get letters for this…

Also Conan saying “Star Trek Into Darkness” sounded pretty bad-ass awesome!

His contempt for us is clear. Abrams strives to make Star Trek for the masses, like a buddy suddenly siding with your bullies.

Also, Its rubbish to think that the wider movie-going audiences are somehow dumb and wouldn’t remember seeing a trailer a year in advance. I don’t think the secrecy has gone too far, I think the less we know the more we want to know and the more we want to see the movie. I know I can’t wait. Its the fact that some fanboys are so impatient and cant wait that speaks more to the ignorance and childish nature of some fans than it does anyone else.

I’d expect a trailer to be released at Christmas time either attached to Paramount’s new Tom Cruise movie or dare I say it, The Hobbit.

Ah, some news?

JJ just loves poking the bear with this secrecy stuff. We’re still waiting for a teaser trailer! This delay is agonizing.

Nice one. 3 frames lasted much longer than anticipated.

Can we get 3 more next week?

Am I right in saying that Peter Jackson’s preferred format would show us less in 3 frames?

Mind boggles :)

I must say, as a life-long Star Trek fan, that my excitement for the film only grows with the secrecy. As other’s have said, I find it quite refreshing to enter a theater to see a film that hasn’t been so over-hyped and diseminated that I know 90% of what will happen in the movie before I plop down my money to watch it.

Compare this with something like Star Trek III. Search for Spock? Ok, sure… like once we knew the title we didn’t already know the outcome. So basically we knew we were going to see a film where they bring Spock back… no suprise ending there. And the big, emotional money shot, the destruction of the Enterprise? The studios, in their genius, decided to put that shot into the commercials, for crying out loud! The sense of surprise, emotion, heartbreak and revelation were totally ruined for that film.

There’s nothing wrong with secrecy! It just means there will be MORE sense of advenure and that MORE of the movie will actually be a surprise. If you’re too much a part of modern “instant gratification” society and feel entitled to see something, I’m sorry for you. I, for one, am enjoying the ride.

This was just TOO funny! I LIKE it! All that bulid up and then just….FLASH! Perfect for my sort attention span…..and that’s NOT a joke,I really do have a very short attention span,lol! SQUIRREL!

@8 Mr.Richter! I LOVE your images of new movie Enterprise! Will there be more at some point? I REALLY hope so!

Oooooh,a butterfly…..

Have fun y’all!


Naked Time episode anyone?

So, the villain is Khan.

I knew it.

In a volcano eh?

I was hoping for the three frames of Benedict Cumberbatch with his white cat!

funny !

“So, the villain is Khan.”

Alas. That much is obvious, now.

That f*cking clip was far too revealing.

Mr. Abrams is definitely losing his touch….I knew it.



Spocky’s on Fire!!

[strokes purring cat]

“Ah. I’ve been expecting you… Mr. Spock.”

I’m so sick of getting jerked around by JJ and company. This was insulting and made fun of fans everywhere.

JJ and company are laughing their heads off right now, thinking how smart they are.. I’m disgusted by the whole thing

@17: QFT :)

Lol! Very funny.


It can be seen on teamcoco.com

Oh, damn! If they show a trailer in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” then I will spazz at the start and end of the movie because of a certain Benedict Cumberbatch?! ‘Cause you know, Smaug’s eye is reported to open at the end of the film. That guy is taking over my geekdoms.

BROVO!!! ..that had me burst out a laught!!!!
Keep it a secret boys!

Reminds me of the my “first time” – It was over so quick “Did anything even happen?”

as long as there’s more to come SOON I’m fine with that.
Everything starts somewhere right…

I think people sometimes forget that secrecy has always been the way of Star Trek movies. While it’s true Abrams generally keeps things close to the vest, for Star Trek, that’s hardly a new thing.

It’s always been hard to get more than general information about the Star Trek films. Once the trailer comes out, we’ll have at least a general idea where Into Darkness is heading.

Maybe they have nothing good to show. The long delay…lack of a script and super secrecy makes me suspicous. I fear we will have a big production bust.

Would people rather know the entire plot in advance? I’m with Kirk, James T.. JJ is doing a great job.

If anyone has ever seen or heard an interview by JJ Abrams about his philosophy on film making you would know he is all about secrecy.

He basically hates the internet age where you can watch trailers that give away the whole movie, and read most of the plot before you ever see one frame of the actual movie.

He likes to preserve the feeling of not knowing what comes next, and the only way to really do that is to put out very little.

Eventually he will have to release a full length trailer, but if it is anything like the traliers for Trek ’09 then I doubt we will be able to figure out much about the story.

Well here is a gif of the three frames in motion.

OK, JJ Abrams is apparently completely made of awesome. Fantastic trolling, A+, I laughed out loud!

And seriously, though I HUNGER for the next movie, I wouldn’t actually want to know that much about it; there’s something to be said for seeing a film unspoiled. Trailers these days have a tendency to give away WAY too much.

And hey, it’s nice to know I retain the ability to laugh at myself and my desperation! I embrace my own silliness.

Ahahaha . Three frames?….and i can’t even see the three frickin frames in my region!!! :-)))))

ok i saw the gif, well now wasn’t that something. Lol. Be back in a few months :-))))

ok i saw the gif, well now wasn’t that something. Lol. Be back in a few months :-))

Those accusing Abrams of being insulting to the fan base really need to get their heads out of their collective asses.

It’s. Just. A. Movie.

And when the time is right, we’ll get a trailer and everyone will be happy. Until then, there’s no reason to get pissed off. Why?

Because. It’s. Just. A. Movie.