JJ Abrams Reveals Sneak Peak of Star Trek Into Darkness [Minor Spoilers] [UPDATED With High Res Image]

Finally, we have our first look inside Star Trek Into Darkness. JJ came on the Conan O’Brien show yesterday and gave an excited, albeit extremely small, sneak peak at the new movie. It’s only three frames — not three seconds, three frames. Just enough to whet the appetites of us Trekkies chomping at the bit for a little something. [Minor spoiler below]. UPDATE: Check out the new higher resolution still image grabbed from the 1080p video!

Update: high res still

Three Frame Sneak Peak of Trek 2
Abrams appeared on Conan Thursday night and showed only 3 frames from Star Trek Into Darkness from a scene where Zach Quinto as Spock ventures into a volcano with a protective suit.

*Not a new spoiler, I know, but we added the minor spoilers tag to protect those who wish to remain ignorant.


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