Watch: Frakes on Castle + Sir Pat On Daily Show + Wheaton & Burton on Big Bang + Dorn’s Dart Ad + Shatner Pitches New App

The last week has been a big one for Star Trek stars appearing on TV. Last week’s Castle was directed by TNG’s Jonathan Frakes and it was full of Star Trek references and DS9 star Armin Shimerman. TNG’s Patrick Stewart popped up on The Daily Show, Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton were on Big Bang Theory, William Shatner is pitching his new app and Michael Dorn can bee seen pitching cars in between. Watch all the clips below.   [NOTE some vids US only]


Frakes directs Star Trek-themed Castle featuring Shimerman and Shatner voice

First up is ABC’s crime procedural drama Castle which had a sci-fi themed episode titled "Final Frontier," focusing on a murder that took place at a sci-fi convention in a simulator much like a Star Trek starship. The episode was directed by TNG star Jonathan Frakes who also had a brief cameo. DS9’s Armin Shimerman was a guest star, playing a prop maker. The show was full of sci-fi and Star Trek references. There is even a voice-over from William Shatner! You can watch the full episode online at Hulu. See below for a clip of Frakes with Castle (and former Firefly) star Nathan Fillion.

Patrick Stewart assists Daily Show Election Night

Star Trek: TNG star Sir Patrick Stewart was part the live Election Day Special for The Daily Show with John Stewart. Stewart acted as announcer for the show and even said "make it so!" Watch the clip below.

Wheaton and Burton have Fun With Flags with Sheldon on Big Bang

The CBS comedy Big Bang Theory once again dipped into Star Trek for humor for the latest episode, this time featuring Wil Wheaton join Sheldon for one of his ‘Fun with Flags’ video podcasts to talk about flags from Star Trek, creating issues with Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy. Sheldon also gets drunk and confronts Wheaton later, note the ‘1701’ for his address. The episode ends with LeVar Burton doing a ‘Fun with Flags’ podcast.

Dorn’s Dodge Dart Commercial

And yet another TNG star can be seen on American TV with the new Dodge Dart campaign, playing time traveler named ‘Future Guy’ (Enterprise’s mystery finally solved?).

Shatner pitches new ‘Shatoetry’ App on BrandX

And finally we have the original Captain Kirk showing up on Russell Brand’s FX show BrandX to pitch his new Satoetry iPhone app. Watch a clip below.

If you are wondering what is ‘Shatoetry’ here is the official blurb "Shatoetry is an iPhone app that lets you arrange words – into statements, comments, messages, sentences, phrases, haiku, poetry, or even just random words… with this amazing payoff: whatever you arrange, you’ll be able to hear William Shatner perform it for you." 

The following video gives you an example of using the app to create a video to break up with someone. Is there anything Shatner can’t make better?

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Future Guy sells cars? Really? cool!

Anthony owes me an apology for this article :)

I really can’t see what’s funny about TBBT … Each to his own I suppose…

Is Castle available in the UK? I really want to see this episode, it looks hilarious…

Actually, didn’t CSI do a sci-fi themed episode a while back?

Yep, checked it out, it was their 200th episode, “A Space Oddity”
If I recall, that was pretty good too!

I prefer the old Dodge Dart.

Oh well, I can’t see the videos because they are hulu…:(

Sweet monkey nuts, something other then a book review!!!!


I think Sheldon wouldn’t think it’s funny as well… ;)

Not Sir Pat’s first appearance on TDS, either. He stood in for John Oliver earlier this year.

The Frakes bit is really funny. Loved the way he delivered the Number 1 fan line.

Really amplified by the fact that he and Nathan Fillion are both sci fi vets.

I’m surprised that Trekmovie doesn’t have an article on IFC’s showing of the first nine “Star Trek” movies this month. There’s a hilarious promo for the movies that IFC is running. It shows the saucer section of the movie Enterprise used as a turntable, complete with tonearm. All in conjunction with a corny song saluting William Shatner. Hilarious stuff.
I never heard of “Castle” until TNT started reruns of the series this past September. Maybe I’ll watch the episode described, if it’s available on-demand. I tuned out Marina Sirtis’ episode of “Gray’s Anatomy” after the first ten minutes when it aired in early 2011.
#5 – I learned to drive on a Dodge Dart. A 1971, I think. I loved the three-spoke deep dish steering wheel.

#4 not only did CSI do a Trek themed show a while back Ron D. Moore has a very funny cameo in the first scene of that episode.

I was at the taping of BrandX that Shatner was on, and it was HILARIOUS. They cut it down so badly from what they filmed. Check out the deleted scenes on YouTube.

Why would Michael Dorn do such a stupid commercial role? Is he that hard up for cash? What a waste of his vocal talent.


Not the first Trek star to do a commercial and not the last, either.

Sheldon Cooper may be the best television character ever created.

After Captain Kirk of course.


Sometimes it’s not the cash but the continued exposure.

If you don’t play that game sometimes you can fall off of peoples radar. Particularly the radar of people making choices that could involve you.

I just finished watching “Goldeneye”, and noticed for the first time ever, TOS and TNG communicator icons on Boris’ computer screen.

I guess Emmett “Doc” Brown and his dog, Einstein where busy that day,,

@ 11

IFC… what’s that stand for?


When did Dorn speak in that commercial?

I must be going senile. I’ve seen that Dodge Dart ad like 20 times and I never put 2 and 2 together that that was Michael Dorn (I think the dubbed-in Indian voice kinda threw me off.)

The Big Bang Theory was pretty good. I also liked that Wil Weaton was wearing a “Guild” shirt.

The Big Bang Theory is fun, but it has gone downhill. The characters have become caricatures of themselves, with punchlines to scenes showing them act inconsistently with regard to earlier actions (even from the same episode), or ignoring key facts introduced just an episode or so earlier.

And once they decided to pair up everyone, the show became about all the awkward relationships, like many other sitcoms. What the show had that made it truly different has almost completely gone away – just watch episodes from a couple of years ago (easy to find in repeats).

It’s great that it’s still popular enough to get cameo visits from celebrities, and actual scientists and astronauts, but it’s too bad that the quality of the writing has gone downhill.

Parks and Recreation had a Star Trek reference again when Adam Scotts character Ben Wyatt made a casual comment about feeling confident that Jean Luc is the best captain suited for command at the helm of a Sovereign class starship

@22 I feel the same way, I completely missed that was Dorn.

Would love to see Dorn or any other TNG crewmembers play a cameo character in the new universe. *hint hint* @boborci

14. The guy’s gotta eat.

#20 – IFC is a U.S. cable channel that used to be known as the “Independent Film Channel”. It’s owned by AMC Networks (AMC is the channel that airs “Mad Men”.) Their motto is “Always On. Slightly Off.” Over the years, they’ve run less independent films and more big studio movies. They do run films uncut, but with commercials.

” Set your phasers to… FUNN” :))