Abrams Not Interested In Directing Star Wars VII – Planning New Original Project

Since the recent announcement that Disney had acquired LucasFilm and they were moving forward with a new Star Wars film trilogy there has been a lot of speculation about who will be involved in these projects. One name that has come up is JJ Abrams. In a new interview the Star Trek Into Darkness producer/director says he has another idea for his next project. Details below. 


Abrams Says ‘No’ To Star Wars VII – Plans To Roll His Own

According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney and LucasFilm sent a treatment for the next Star Wars movie to three filmmakers — J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird and Steven Spielberg. While  Abrams may have loved the Star Wars universe as a kid, he apparently doesn’t want to work there anytime soon. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly Abrams revealed:

"I have some original stuff I am working on next.”

Turning down Star Wars can’t be easy for Abrams, who has made no secret of his love of that galaxy far far away. In 2009 he told LA Times:

"As a kid, Star Wars was much more my thing than Star Trek was. If you look at the last three Star Wars films and what technology allowed them to do, they covered so much terrain in terms of design, locations, characters, aliens, ships…"

What will Abrams next project do to 3rd Star Trek film?

Abrams comment about ‘original stuff’ is also intriguing and also a bit of déjà vu. In his interview with TrekMovie at the release of his first Star Trek film back in 2009 Abrams revealed he didn’t want to immediately dive into a sequel and instead planned to do something "original." That project eventually became the 2011 film Super 8. which he wrote and directed. And it was Super 8, along with Abrams’ many other TV and film projects, which led to the delay of his follow-up Star Trek feature (Into Darkness) which moved from a June 2012 release to May 17, 2013.

So it isn’t too early to start speculating about a third Star Trek film produced by Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions. It is generally expected that Abrams will at least produce the film and other writer producers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof have also indicated they will likely want to finish out with a trilogy as well. So once again we will be left with the same question that preceded production on both the 2009 Star Trek film and 2013’s Into Darkness — will J.J. Abrams direct? If he does, then could we be in for another 4 year gap between Trek films to give him time to complete another project?

TrekMovie will continue to keep track of this next big Trek.  

JJ Abrams with his Star Trek (2009) cast – will he be in director’s chair for a third Star Trek?

Worth the wait?

So given a choice would you prefer to wait for Abrams to complete his next project before returning to Star Trek for a third film? Or would you want him to hand it off to a new director to expedite a follow-up? It is hard to guess how long we would have to wait but at least adding a year, more likely 2 years.

Sound off below and in our new poll.






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I remember reading Spielberg always wanted to do a SW and Lucas said no… maybe now’s the time? Would be interesting…

Anthony?!? You’re alive?!?

I am more interested to see a new trilogy with a fresh approach..Star Wars has good material to work with!

Speilberg said just a week or so ago that he has no interest in doing the third trilogy.

Lets start a campaign to get Sam Raimi to do Star Trek, just look at what he did for Spiderman I & II.

I love J.J. Loved the first film, love all his work and creativity.
But CMON MAN, we get that you weren’t a Trek fan when you grew up.
We get it. Not necessary to add it to every interview.

“TrekMovie will continue to keep track of this next big Trek.”


@6. It was an interview from 2009.

I say they bring a new director to do the third movie while J.J .does his project, then Abrams could still possibly return for the fourth movie.

we can’t go four years in between movies again , that’s too long. They can’t hold the whole franchise hostage for one guy. Its gonna have to move on eventually anyway.

I vote for Joss Whedon but Avengers owns his soul now lol

JJ is a hack, bring in a new director and make sure he stays away far far far away from Star Wars. The guy has serious issues and should have never been brought it to direct Star Trek, he’s constantly whining about how he lacks passion for Star Trek…

#11 What you may think JJ lacks in passion for Star Trek he makes up for ten fold in his directing ability… Or would you rather have Baird again?

1. grover sald – Spielberg has already said no.

I think Lars von Trier should direct the new Star Wars film. Or Terrence Malick.

Anthony, why haven’t you permabanned the morons posting under other people’s names here during your absence?

That should be priority one!

If JJ is going to delay Trek again due to other projects, replace him. I feel that future Trek movies will be more dependant on the script and the writers for their success than who is directing.

JJ is a good director with great ideas. Also the crew in front and behind the camera are comfortable with him. I think that’s very important. The relationship between the director, his team and the actors. I personally feel comfortable/excited with his style and pace, as well as the look of his work.

So yeah I want him to direct the last movie (that’s what I voted on the poll), but please speed it up a bit! Not another four years! Three years at the most. That was what I was expecting with this movie so that will be fine with me. I will literally put it in my calander!

Lars von Trier?!?! Hahahahaha oh god….

I’m hoping that an independant project won’t eat up as much of his time as starting several television shows + a movie did. History may not repeat itself this time. Circumstances may be different this time around.

My basic wish for the last movie: a reasonable time table, Bad Robot creativity with good Trek storytelling, and JJ Abrams as director.

17. pewt – Thank you.

I think it would be a mistake to get another director for the third movie. If the third one will be the last with the supreme court crew, then it doesn’t make sense to hire a new director who may end up clashing with the writers and cast. Or he may have a directorial style that wouldn’t work well with the type of movie Bob and co. write.

I say its better to wait another four years and let the guys do other stuff in the meantime. I don’t think it would be wise to rush out another sequel just to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the “Star Trek” franchise.

I would love to see a Trek movie for the anniversary, but only if its great. Might as well take the time.

Now, if the upcoming movie sucks, then what I said may not even matter….

I can’t answer the poll until I’ve seen the second film.

Shilliam Watner I looked at your poster… Its cool but would be epic awesome if they were to scale…

22. Aaron (Naysayers gonna nay) – Thanks for looking! I understand the whole scale awesomeness, but that’s way too much work, and I’m not Trek-astute enough to be sure of the scale of many of these ships. If you are Photoshop savvy and know enough about the scale of these ships, I’ll be happy to send you a version with each ship on its own layer. You can scale ’til your heart’s content ;-)

I thought that JJ would jump at a chance to do a Star Wars movie. But tasts change and priorities as well. Looks like he wants to do his own things and thats cool to.

OMG news! Glad JJ’s not going to direct Star Wars. Doing both would be a huge mistake I think.

Of course he’s not interested in directing Star Wars. He alreayd made one in 2009 and another one next year. :)

@20. They celebrated the 40th anniversary in 2006, so I don’t think they’ll celebrate the 50th in 2014 even though that’s the 50th anniversary of The Cage.

I’m betting Star Trek XIII (3) will be released in 2016.

@12. Baird is the inspiration for my screenname. I sighed and shook my head in shame when I saw his name pop up in the Skyfall credits the other night. That also occurred when I saw his name pop up in the Casino Royale credits years ago. He’s better off as an editor than director.

At least he will only mess up one beloved sci fi franchise.

It’s most ironic that Abrams – who called himself always a Star Wars fan primarily – has now taken over Trek and turned it into sort of his personal version of Star Wars, while he won’t get to direct the actual thing now that there suddenly is the surprising chance for it.

First, welcome back Anthony. As for waiting for J.J. Abrams for the third film, I say no. Look, he’s a fine director. But frankly, he’s not God. Yeah, it’s likely there will be a delay for the third film if Abrams is involved. More attention must be paid to the Star Trek franchise. It can compete with Star Wars but there needs to be some direction for the franchise. And I’m talking about the Star Trek world not just the Star Trek films. With the exception of Bob Orci, we’ve seen little in publicity for the franchise of Star Trek from the Supreme Court or Bad Robot. Yeah, I get that CBS is in charge of the TV series but they do work together. Check out the StarTrek.com and you will see a picture of Chris Pine to the side. So, Paramount and CBS can help each other out.

Keep JJ for the Third, and let someone new come along later on.

I have High Hopes for Star Trek Into Darkness

This just in…

Phil Jackson to direct the new Star Wars trilolgy!!!

“So given a choice would you prefer to wait for Abrams to complete his next project before returning to Star Trek for a third film? Or would you want him to hand it off to a new director to expedite a follow-up?”

Given a choice, and, IF Star Trek Into etc…is any good, I would want him back for a third film.

I would want him back together with his team of hack writers.

Good. I couldn’t stand lens flares in the Star Wars universe too. I’d have to chop myself in half with a lightsabre.

I’m sick of his condescending attitude towards the fans, and his unwillingness to show even the smallest bit of information to try and keep the momentum and excitement moving.

I hope he never touches Star Trek again.

Whoever directs the next SW film will have to do it wearing Disney shackles. Disney makes movies within prescribed parameters for a prescribed audience, i.e. children and families. That’s been part and parcel of their brand for 80+ years and they ain’t straying from it now. What’s the best Disney movie you’ve seen and enjoyed as an adult? Iron Man? The Avengers? If you think those are great movies, then you’ll probably love Disney’s Star Wars. But I predict Spielberg is gonna pass and, in the end, Disney will have to get a novice(ish) director, like John Favreau, who’s got a lot to gain career-wise from making a Disney movie.

an aside:

just saw Shatner at Harrah’s. it was a great show.

nice to have you back Anthony! :)

“…But frankly, he’s not God.”

You’re right, Bernie.

He’s not God. He is…. A…god.
Mr. Cumberbatch said so.’Must be true. Get over it.



I would love to see JJ direct the 3rd Star Trek, but not at the expense of another 4 year wait!
And, I have no worries about the new Star Wars movies, either. I’m sure that they will be very good, indeed! So long as Mr. Lucas doesn’t get to keep them too child like. Youthful, yes. Childish, no.

#33 – do you mean Peter Jackson ? Phil Jackson is a former basketball player with the NBA .

HE’S BACK!!!!!!

Please tell me this means normal service will be resumed Anthony!

As for JJ, I’d rather not wait for him for the next film and I think Brad Bird would be the obvious replacement. Considering the job he did on ‘Ghost Protocol’ I’m sure he’d be a great choice!!

P.S. Welcome back, hope you’re well!

As long as the new director is not just anybody. I would like a decent film for Trek 3 so as to make sure the franchise continues.

Directors i would like to see approached.

Quentin Tarantino.

Leonard Nimoy

Christopher Nolan but perhaps he should come in for 4 with his team to write it as well.

As for Star Wars yeah i’ll have a crack at it. Sure i’ve never directed a movie but surely i could not do as bad a job as whoever directed the last three.

Abrams should agree to direct Star Wars on the condition he can do a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover with Captain Kirk battling Darth Vader.

I would pay to see that.

New director.
I don’t want to wait again 4 years for another Star Trek movie. That is much too long. Get someone, who has time and release Star Trek 3 in 2015.

27. There were 2 Nemesis alums on Skyfall, Baird as editor and John Logan as writer. Baird is actually a pretty good editor, just not the director type. And Logan does have some good stories to his credit. Skyfall was a great Bond film.

Anthony finally posts. and it’s star wars news.

I don’t want to wait on him, there are others just as capable and far less “distracted”.

44. chrisfawkes.com – November 14, 2012

Tarantino and Spielberg have already declined to direct SW VII.