Exclusive: Chris Pine Responds To Star Trek IMAX Preview News – Calls Abrams ‘Master Puppeteer’

Yesterday the big news was the announcement that the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness was going to be shown at IMAX 3D screenings of the Hobbit movie opening on December 13th. Today Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pine reacted to the news and we have that exclusive below. 


Pine on Abrams & Star Trek Into Darkness Villain

Chris Pine is doing press for his voice work in the upcoming animated movie Rise of the Guardians. Friend of the site Joe Michalzuk of Sky News interviewed Pine today and asked him what he knew about the footage and he has shared Chris’ comment exclusively with TrekMovie. Here is what Pine had to say:

“The thing with JJ [Abrams] is that he’s like the master puppeteer, so it’s like none of us know anything, I didn’t know that it was going to be shown, I don’t know what the footage is, what’s exciting for that for me is that I get excited so I want to go to the theatre to just to check it out. I’m excited for people to see this movie, it’s bigger than the last one, we have a great villain, I can’t wait until it’s released”

Joe’s full video interview with Pine will be online within the next week and we will be sure to share that.

Chris with Joe Michalzuk earlier today

Chris Pine voices Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians – Opening November 21st

Here is a featurette focusing on Pine’s Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.


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JJ Abrams is a “master puppeteer” according to Chris Pine. Jim Henson was also a master puppeteer. Henson’s company was bought by Disney. Lucasfilm was also bought by Disney.

JJ Abrams is going to direct Star Wars. Chris Pine has as much as admitted it.



Pine was a trooper.


They blew up Romulus, Vulcan and the whole continuity. They featured Nimoy as old Spock and ended the movie by leaving a black hole right in our solar system. How much bigger can you get?

All I hope is:
No more brewery engineering.
No more lens flares.
No more blowing up of whole worlds. Leave the Death Star at home.
More focus on story, plot and characters. This isn’t (or shouldn’t be) Star Wars. Slow down, and give the audience time to breathe.


3 – “Star Trek is first and foremost Action Adventure storytelling”…. GR wrote those words in 1964…. It must be that, and more, to continue.

THanks to JJ, Bob and all those involved!


@3: if i remember right the Enterprise warped out of the solar sistem befor they blew up the Narada. Or can someone calculate how far the Enterprise gets at max warp in lats saj several minutes 3 perhaps?


Is it December 14th yet……… This is a great move on the part of the studio and J.J. It shows the confidence they have in the movie you just don’t go out and show 9 minutes of a film, This is so much different than a trailer. A trailer is just a set of scenes of action or dialog to catch your attention to see a film it’s not put into any type of context of how the movie will be when you see it.

By showing the first 9 minutes of the picture they have enough faith in the project to say this is how we open the picture, now wait to see the rest of this in May.

Chase Meridian

People question Abrams’ marketing, but it works. Well, most of the time. His TV marketing is suspect, but I think he knows what he’s doing with the movies.

2 Calastir the original continuity still exists, in the prime time line, Te one thing that i have continually given JJ and Co credit for was, bringing Nimoy on board as Spock from post Nemesis ensuring that the original timeline and continuity still exsists, the JJ films are in an alternate time line, whos to say the next producers to come along for a series or film doesnt decide to jump back over to the prime universe and continue forward over there.

So I wonder after reading that article if Chris will be seeing the Star Trek preview before the hobbit at Universal Citywalk or at the Rave Bridge 18 theatre here in L.A.

I also disagree that they are only doing this, because their hand was tipped by the star wars announcement. Star wars is still almost 2 and a half years away.

I think they began to realize a while back, they needed to do something bigger in order to make up for the lack of any real theatrical marketing till this point.but thats just MY opinon. and you know what they say everyone has an Opinon

Dee - lvs moon' surface

Everyone tried to talk about STID with CP today… but……………

so Captain Fine!!!……………….. ;-) :-)



No slowing it down for old people!

I’m old and I don’t want it slow. I just want it to be Star Trek. Don’t dumb it down or action it up for the general public. Just make it good Star Trek, and the rest will take care of itself.

Mr Phil

Master puppeteer, eh? I think he’s calling us all Muppets.


If I see 9 Minutes of STID followed by “The Hobbit” in 3D IMAX, I’ll need to be hosed down afterwards. Two geek pleasures I discovered 39 years ago.

Steve Johnson

@4. rm10019 He wrote in the original pitch the following, actually: “A one-hour dramatic television series.” Right off the bat he’s selling Star Trek first and foremost as a character drama. The focus is on the characters. He goes on to say “Action – Adventure – Science Fiction. The first such concept with strong lead characters plus other continuing regulars.” This is mostly referring to the other TV shows that qualify as science fiction. They were all pretty much anthological in nature. There is nothing wrong with a call for more focus on solid character story telling. Especially after the first film was such a forward moving romp. We’ve established this new and fresh take on Trek, now let’s explore it some. Let’s really get into the drama of what Spock is obviously gotta be going through. Let’s see Kirk develop the calluses he needs to really become a balanced and seasoned leader. Let’s get some more Kirk, Spock, and McCoy going on to see how their dynamic has been effected. More Uhura and Spock too. Let’s see some tragedy there as Spock stiffens himself even more to make up for the loss of his people. Lots and lots of exciting stuff is waiting to be done with the characters, and it could most certainly work on the big screen. Big, operatic emotional character based story arcs are waiting to be tapped here. @11. NuFan Old or new, I think it goes without saying you don’t have much respect for people of a different perspective from your own. Have slow, dramatic, character driven moments makes the fast and kinetic moments all the more exciting. JJ Abrams himself would agree. HE was the one to say that some of his favorite scenes in classic films were not, say, the shark attack… Read more »

John Kirk

People. Wake up. The movie is going to be huge. If you want it to slow down and be like the old movies, we might never see another one. I loved the last movie, love that it’s main stream, love that it’s making tons of money, love that because of all that, Trek will be around for a long time. Get on board people !!


I always think that the last movie was the right combination of this year’s The Avengers and Nolan’s Batman. It has the fun/ family- friendly thing going on and still have sleekness with it. And despite he’s haters, JJ is awesome and will stand up to the challenge.


“They blew up Romulus, Vulcan and the whole continuity. They featured Nimoy as old Spock and ended the movie by leaving a black hole right in our solar system. How much bigger can you get?”

Hmm. I’ Haven’t seen the movie in awhile, but did they actually create the blackhole within our solar system? I thought they warped away and Nero chased after them.

I realize the science in the film was some of the worst of the film series, but can you imagine the impact of a black hole within our own solar system? Especially since the used ALL the red matter to create it. You would think that if one drop could consume an entire planet then the much larger about would probably take out an entire quadrant.



I don’t think this idea — that they weren’t planning on releasing the IMAX 3D preview, but suddenly threw together a plan, A MONTH BEFORE, because they were forced to by the Star Wars announcement — makes any sense at all.

This is a major undertaking. It would have been in the works for a while.

Wow, Chris Pine takes bad pictures, just like the rest of us.

The slowing down business, I don’t get at all. It’s not like it was incoherent flash cuts — it had amazing pace, but it worked.

MJ (the original)

@19 “I don’t think this idea — that they weren’t planning on releasing the IMAX 3D preview, but suddenly threw together a plan, A MONTH BEFORE, because they were forced to by the Star Wars announcement — makes any sense at all.”

I disagee completely. If they are completing the editing and special effects for the film sequentially, the the first nine minutes is already in the can. So all that was really required was a business meeting or just a phone call between Bad Robot, Paramount and IMAX to make a deal to include the 9 minutes of already completed footage. Big deal!

MJ (the original)

“@8. M.J. (Mark James Tucker) They will never go back. There’s no reason to go back. Financially most especially. The reason they did things the way they did instead of going for a pure full on reboot was political. It saves face with members of the old guard, and it free’s them from the continuity shackles of the previous time line.”

Agree completely. Its a no brainier. They will never revisit the old universe again in any Trek movie. Done…nada!


Luc Besson will direct either ST or SW, you watch!


Will people feck off with Star Wars? They had this planned for months and is not a reaction to a movie released in 3years time!

Also ST09 = TOS on steroids, not SW.

Leave star wars out of it.


I hate this type of marketing gimmick. I had no intention of seeing The Hobbit, let alone see it in IMAX 3D… but now there’s something attached that makes me want to go just to see the Trek preview… but I’m sure as crap not paying $20 to see 9 minutes of a movie that I’ll have to pay $20 to see 6 months later.

Rose (as in Keachick)

#1 – Chris Pine has admitted nothing of the sort. Anyway, why would know or even need to know what JJ Abrams’ plans are.

God, the nonsense I read here sometimes…


well although i never usually worry about these things I hope there is not tooo! much information in the preview – was going to the hobbit anyway

agree less lens flare after super 8 would be nice especially less 3D lens flare

first film was billed as not your fathers star trek -well as that father I disagree
it was great and fun –

Luc beson eh! could be 5th element is pretty fun too

Rose (as in Keachick)

Chris does look a little heavier in the face. I only hope that this is not the result of a reaction to medication because of an injury he recently suffered while filming the action-packed Jack Ryan movie. I believe the last time he looked a little like this was because of side effects to medication used to deal with musculo-skeletal injuries.

I trust all is well and that he, and others, are taking good care.

Perhaps someone who is kind might be able to send my best wishes and regards to Chris Pine.

Cynics and others need to remain forever quiet!


There is no reason to suspect the Star Wars announcement has done anything to upset the marketing plan for this film – it does not appear that Paramount is connected to The Hobbit in any form, so these arrangements were probably made months ago. Also, it’s a safe bet that there will be websites for STID up and running around the time of the 14th. These things take time to build, so they were well under way before the Disney/Lucasfilm announcement.

I’ve no doubt that Paramount is watching this marketing campaign carefully. If STID meets expectations, they will probably continue to let JJ have a free hand in what he does. If not, I’d expect to see more conventional marketing on any future Trek, be it on the big or small screen. I doubt Paramount is going to allow five years between Trek features again…



Do you get jokes? Out of all the “nonsense” on this site, yours may be the most outrageous. Honestly, I didn’t think I was being that obscure in my absurdity.


#28. Phil – November 15, 2012

JJ’s already on record as saying that Paramount did not give him the budget he requested for either of his Treks. So there’s a limit to how “free” a hand the ParaSuits will allow.

Bill Peters

I think Star Trek Into Darkness will be a good film, Yes JJ has keep it close to the Vest and I think the first 9 Minutes coming out on IMAX isn’t cause of the Star Wars Annocument I think it was planned well in Advance, I think JJ has a Planned Marketing Stragaity for the Flim and I do have to point out we loved it when we knew so much about Star Trek Nemsis, down to Major Plot Details and that Film didn’t do well, their was too much out their, I rather have a film that does well and is Advertised well then letting us know everything like a child who wants to look at his Christmas Presents early.


Bill Peters

I would have to disagree with you on one point:

The reason Nemesis didn’t do well wasn’t because we knew too much about it in advance. It didn’t do well because it was a bad movie.

Steve Johnson

“@16. John Kirk – November 15, 2012 People. Wake up. The movie is going to be huge. If you want it to slow down and be like the old movies, we might never see another one. I loved the last movie, love that it’s main stream, love that it’s making tons of money, love that because of all that, Trek will be around for a long time. Get on board people !!” Star Trek endured for nearly half a century by being what it always was, so this whole desperate cry that somehow if any intelligence is re-inserted into the new line it’s some how going to bomb out is ridiculous. I mean, by this logic I guess all the moments where they slowed down in any of the Nolan batman movies, The Avengers, Iron Man, etc… To give us time to understand the characters and their states of mind and such, that was just a collection of hiccups in the films pace then? See, because it was one thing that the first of the new Trek films lacked. Really strong character stuff. It had lean, functional, character arcs… but nothing that bothered to elaborate much. There’s plenty of space for big action-adventure spectacle, but as far as I see, many classical epics deal with two distinct scopes. Big, and small. They contrast each other. Giving the audience more character won’t make it “like those old boring movies.” Which, by the way? Many of those old, so called boring, movies were very good, and I refuse to let the new wave of fans simply dump on what came before. I like the new movies, but I don’t think it’s right for people to bash the entirety of what came before just because they think it’s what’s in. Anyone who can… Read more »


Cynics and others need to remain forever quiet!

Ha! That’s a good one, Rose. I guess you really do get jokes after all.

Hat Rick

I’m glad Chris Pine is convinced Abrams has everything under his masterful control.

By the way, Chris Pine islooking more like his dad these days. Robert Pine, the sergeant on CHiPs. The way he looked then.

(Wouldn’t it be a blast if Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada did a cameo as 23d Century cops answering to Chris’ dad as local head of Starfleet Security? Too late for this movie. Maybe the video game….)


11. NuFan –
“No slowing it down for old people!”

Hey! I’m an old person. Well middle-aged. I don’t want anything slowed down for me, or anybody. But my request is – No DUMBING it down! For me or anybody.

Alain Prost

I would’ve gone further than Pine and described JJ as a Massive Arse Puppet.

This movie had better be good, is all I can say.

Rose (as in Keachick)

Given that some people here are saying that it is really only because of the news about Star Wars that STID is being promoted with the release of the Hobbit, I did not the comments made in post #1 as being more humourous in nature.

I am not sure what posts of mine people find absurd.

Even Bob Orci on another thread has refuted the notion that the announcement of a STID preview has anything to do with the Lucasfilm, Star Wars, Disney news. The fact that some people would even consider that the George Lucas’s sale had absolutely any bearing on what Paramount, JJ Abrams and co are doing with regard to this coming Star Trek sequel, is what I find totally ABSURD.

Wow after reading post 27, I cant begin to imagine where ppl would get the idea of a certain poster, possesing cyber stalkerish qualities.

I am sure you are a sweet sweet girl, and i intend not to offend, but seriously maybe just tone down commenting on every aspect of the guys personal life. Its great if you really enjoy his body or work, but perhaps somethings you should just keep in your head or to yourself.

Rose (as in Keachick)

#39 – You see, therein lies my *problem*. I have no other means of expressing my feelings towards someone other than come on a site and say them, in the hopes that either the person themselves will see my posts and either be comforted, feel acknowledged and liked or someone who reads my post will be able to pass on my message.

If I could say these things in private, ie to Chris Pine off site, then I would. However, this is my only possible means of communication, so I use it. I am not hurting anyone. I am not being rude or abusive towards him or anyone else here.

Unfortunately, some people have taken it upon themselves to berate me, make fun of me etc because of what I have written at times. These posts have been offensive at times.

I can understand why you may see things a certain way, because there are some crazy people out there. However, according to my better half, I am “only crazy enough to be interesting…”

Perhaps Chris Pine knows about me and has read some of what I have written, maybe not. I don’t know.

I have not commented on much of anything of Chris Pine’s personal life, certainly not lately. I have found making any comment rather hazardous, especially with the imposters and others who tend to lurk…

Rose I get what you mean, and thank you for not taking my comment the wrong way. Have a great night, or is it morning/afternoon now there.

I am off to bed its super late here/

Rose (as in Keachick)

Thank you, Mark James Tucker.

It is actually 16 November, 11.52pm, here and I really must get some shut-eye as well. Happy dreams!

Actually i think they are playing their best hand at marketing not because of Star Wars or for any other reason than the movie is a huge budget film and they want to get as much of their money back plus profit as they can.

It’s a business you know.


“JJ Abrams is a “master puppeteer” according to Chris Pine.”

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 33
“It never hurts to suck up to the boss”


@44 Good one!

In regards to the “9 minutes” to come . . .

Did I hear somebody say, “Buckle up!”


“Given that some people here are saying that it is really only because of the news about Star Wars that STID is being promoted with the release of the Hobbit, I did not the comments made in post #1 as being more humourous in nature.”

That idiotic “star wars” thought didn’t even register when I heard the news that the trek preview was being shown before Hobbit. I just assumed it was a business deal between Paramount and Warner.

Rose (as in Keachick)

I agree with you, Robman007.

Mr. Zoom

#3, #18 …

It seems to me, for the finale it wasn’t really clear how long they were at warp. Consider that in the context of the film, at max warp they were able to travel all the way from Earth to Vulcan in about 5 minutes …..



Easy who you call an idiot, old boy. My jokes may not all be winners but they are jokes all the same.

Rose (as in Keachick)

THX-1138 – Actually, on re-reading your first post, I can see a humourous side to what you wrote…LOL I thought that you were copying other people’s “must be connected with the SW announcement” *beep*, however, I think you may have been satirizing some of the reactions to Paramount releasing STID information re preview and trailer at about the same time as the SW/Disney news.

Anyway, that’s my alternative take on your post #1.