Exclusive: First Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Also Premiering Dec. 14th [UPDATED]

Yesterday brought surprising news that the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness will be shown as a preview before IMAX screenings of the new Hobbit movie. But what about the first trailer for the movie? TrekMovie has exclusive news on that below.  

UPDATE 3: Wolverine report denied

This morning The Wolverine director James Mangold (via Twitter) debunked the report that a trailer for his film would be showing in front of The Hobbit. TrekMovie has reconfirmed that the 9 minute preview is still showing with the IMAX screenings of The Hobbit and we have reconfirmed that there is separate trailer being developed for release at the same time (for non-IMAX screens). We are still double checking on what film or films will be showing the Star Trek trailer.


UPDATE 2: Wolverine not Trek?

Another website (Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide) has reported that Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer wont be shown with non-IMAX screenings of The Hobbit, but instead there will be trailers for Man of Steel and the new Wolverine movie. TrekMovie is looking into this as we speak and should have another update when we get more. It is possible that plans have changed since this report. I am certain there is a trailer currently being developed and separate from the nine-minute preview. Stay tuned for an update.


Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer To Show With (non-IMAX) Hobbit Movie

TrekMovie has exclusively learned from multiple trusted sources that the first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness will premiere with screenings of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on December 14th. To be clear this Trek trailer is a completely different thing than the 9-minute preview of the beginning of the new movie which will be shown at IMAX screenings of the Hobbit film. Also TrekMovie has confirmed that the IMAX screenings will not be showing the trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. So if you want trailer see non-IMAX Hobbit and if you want preview of opening 9 minutes see IMAX Hobbit.

Details are still sketchy on the trailer itself, however TrekMovie has confirmed it is not a condensed version of the 9-minute preview showing on IMAX. Specifically sources confirm the trailer contains material from many parts of the movie. We have also learned that this is a traditional theatrical trailer and not just short teaser trailer.

While the trailer will show exclusively with non-IMAX screenings of The Hobbit on the weekend of December 14th, it should be available with additional films by the following weekend, including Paramount’s new Jack Reacher film opening December 21st. It is also expected to be available online. If JJ Abrams sticks with tradition, the trailer would be released online after the first weekend. However, this is not the case for the 9-minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness showing on IMAX screens. Sources tell TrekMovie the opening sequence preview will not be made available online.

Abrams continues to follow in Nolan’s footsteps

Before even their first Star Trek film was released, the JJ Abrams team have pointed to Christopher Nolan’s revival of the Batman series as a model of what they hoped to do for Star Trek. This approach appears to cover many aspects of how Nolan successfully reimagined the Bat, including marketing. For Nolan’s second film (Summer 2008’s The Dark Knight) a preview of the opening sequence showed with IMAX screenings of I Am Legend which (coincidentally) opened December 14, 2007. And the first theatrical trailer premiered with non-IMAX screenings of I am Legend

Hey JJ. If Christopher Nolan jumped off a bridge….  I keeeed.

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for more updates about the trailer and the preview for Star Trek Into Darkness.

UPDATE: Damon Tweets TrekMovie

Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof has sent out a tweet to his followers linking to our story about the trailer. Just in case you needed even more confirmation.


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This just made my day!


And the great thing about that?
I come back from my trip to the US and Canada on the 13th. I basically drop into the Hobbit on my way home ;)

Ohhh yeah!

Yay! I already have my tickets for the Hobbit for the 15th!

No Imax in my area, but the trailer will be just fine!

So much excitement!!

Had a funny feeling this might happen after hearing the news yesterday. It’s a pretty good movie to pair with considering there is actually quite a large percentage of the general population that got hooked on the LOTR films besides the fantasy/fiction fans. So this will be good exposure to both the “regular” Star Trek crowd and the moviegoing public at large.

Look for a preview of the trailer on Entertainment Tonight maybe in the week or days before.

I hope we get to hear some of the new score with the trailer as well.

Hey MJ (the original)…

Still think it’s because of Star Wars? a couple of months ago (or was it last month?) Bob Orci said we would be getting a trailer during the Holiday season movies. And… bingo! Right on schedule. I think both the trailer and the 9 minute preview were already planned before the Star Wars announcement. Sorry, Charlie. ;) You know I like to tease you.

Good News.
I wanted to avoid the 9 minute preview.
Now,I can see the trailer and The Hobbit.
I hope there will be a spoiler area to discuss the preview so that we can avoid spoilers if we want to.

a bone…FINALLY!

Things have been tight around here with the Mrs laid off. At least this will be a little more affordable than a long trip to an IMAX theater! Great News!

Hobbit was already my most anticipated movie of the holidays, now I am even more excited for it. I saw Cloverfield just for the teaser trailer of Star Trek 09 so I’m glad that this time its actually attached to a movie I want to see :p

Outstanding! The nine-minute sneak peak is cool, but too limiting at just IMAX theaters. Now the whole country (not just Trek fans) will finally know STAR TREK is returning to theaters next May! Woo hoo!

#9. (the real) Montreal_Paul – November 15, 2012

It’s one thing to have plans:


Quite another to have a major SW news event “stimulate” Paramount into releasing funds to allow you to implement them.

Looks like Trekmovie is back in action along with Anthony.
I like this site!. it’s Exciting!.
I so can’t wait to see the first 9 minutes and to see the Trailer. When that happens. Trekmovie will blow up like a Warp Core breach!!!!!.

Awesome news!!!

15. Disinvited

Ummm… Huh? The article didn’t mention anything about that.

Funny thing. Cumberbatch is playing Smaug in The Hobbit and a Villian in Star Trek Into Darkness. That guy is on top of Middle Earth and the Federation. Lol

And we have lift off. Trekmovie.com when your good, your flipping brilliant. Less than a month to go and the wait is over. Think I might just crack open another bottle of romulan ale

It’s going to be so funny to read these forums the day after the premieres … Half the people will have seen the 9-minute preview but have no idea what else is in store for the rest of the film, the other half will have just seen the trailer and know about things in the rest of the film the others won’t, but not the details contained in an entire 9 minute segment. I can’t wait to watch the exchange of information unfold.

Hey Curious Cadet. You just might make Engisn one day.

Mr. Pascale is on fire.

Good to hear we’re a month away from a trailer (The ST09 trailers were works of art in their own right). Hopefully, we’ll get the trailer in glorious HD QuickTime to watch on our devices while we wait for May.

Anthony Pascale was given a clean bill of health by one Dr. McCoy.

The Pascale is Back in Action!!!!!

As if I needed MORE reason to go see The Hobbit…

Hey Anthony … so glad you’re back!… ;-) :-)

btw… I want to see the preview of 9 minutes, the trailer and whatever else becomes available!

@9…of course, Mr. Bob was able to spill those details because he knew Disney was buying Lucasfilm!! it was all part of the grand master plan….

I kid…but there isn’t any connection between the Disney purchase and the marketing plan. The domain names were probably purchased prior to the announcement, too. All timed to come together in December.

the latest ongoing Trek comic about Keenser was actually good too. Makes you feel a little different about the character (althought I never thought he was as cringe worthy as some would like to make him out out to be).

Anthony, don’t ever scare us the way you did the last almost couple of months; some of us thought you’d dropped off the face of the Earth. (Because, as we all know, the Earth is flat, and beyond this place, over there be dragons.)

Good get on these stories. I’m enjoying coming here more and more every day.

Needless to say, I cannot wait to see the trailer, although nine minutes of IMAX Trek does beat it by a nose. Or a Vulcan ear.

and his connection to the pre-altered timeline was a nice touch too.

Top 5 reasons to see The Hobbit.
5. Cumberbatch is in both The Hobbit and Star Trek.
4. Great Story
3. It’s Shot in 3D.
2. Can’t wait to get to Middle Earth once again.
1. Star Trek Into Darkenss 9 Minute Trailor. Need I say more.

I have a legit question for Anthony: Will “LIEMAX” screens have 9-min preview or just regular trailer?


Yes Anthony Pascale glad to have you back, can’t belive how long i have been coming to this sight. I was just before my mid 20’s and now pushing 30, love this sight so much. I don’t post often, but i do love the banter and the bitching between the posters lol

Hope its a full trailer and not a teaser.

OK, so we’re getting both a preview AND a trailer.

What will people complain about now?

When will we get a poster. Someone on twitter said he’d already seen it. Hope Cumberbatch is on it.

It came out today that Cumberbatch is recording Neil Gaiman’s cult story Neverwhere. Also if the Monty Python story is true thats another sci fi project.

#18. (the real) Montreal_Paul – November 15, 2012

What’s to say?


“Paramount Pictures, which has developed a reputation as the most frugal and conservative of Hollywood’s major studios”

JJ used Disney’s big news to get the Paratightwads to part with a buck. It didn’t hurt that he was on LA’s local morning news program declaring what a HUGE STAR WARS fan he was, either. As the article states, JJ feels the Paramount way causes him to be more “creative”. And after he got what he needed, he gives an interview saying he’d have to pass on directing Disney SW. Darn clever.

@ 33. ronald:

That’s how they’re releasing this, in digital LIEMAX 3D. You didn’t think they would actually make 15-perf 70mm prints just for this 9 minute sneak peak did you? :)

Part of me almost wishes theyd hold the trailer to the end of the the hobbit.
gonna be having a geekgasm after the trailer and have to calm down the hobbit. Dont blame me Im the one who sat thru phantom menace s credits to hear Darth breath..

I guess we can hold off on the title of the movie. The Search for Anthony Pascale. He was found back at work. Lol.

Wadda you mean a FULL trail, damnit!!! Where’s the teaser trailer??? I want it now now Now NOw NOW NOW NOW whahhhhhhhhhhh….

I’m bad. Sorry.

Do we know if the 9 minute preview is ONLY showing on Dec. 14th, or that weekend, or longer?

Not surprising. Had to figure they would launch a trailer around the same time as the IMAX preview. Seems likely that a poster and official website will follow soon. For all of the complaining, patience (and impatience), and angst over the lack of Star Trek news, things are going to hit warp speed in the next few weeks.

so how long until the first 9 mins is “Unofficially Released online” by a Pirate

I am almost embarrassed to tell my friends this “news.”

@ #1 Huh?

Do you have to see it in 3D IMAX to see the 9 minute preview, or can you just go to a 2D IMAX and still see the 9 minute preview? I really don’t want to see The Hobbit, or any movie, in 3D.

Ahhhh yeah. :)

Yeah, I’ll try my hardest to avoid that 9 minute preview, difficult as it may be.