More Details & Images From 15-Disc Star Trek TOS Music Box Set + Hollywood Event On Dec. 3

Back in August we announced that LaLaLand Records was releasing the ultimate original Star Trek soundtrack with all the music from the series in a giant 15-disc box set. We now have more images of the set and the track listing for the first disc. They have also announced a special free Star Trek event in Hollywood, CA on December 3rd (the night before release). Get all the details below.   


More Details & Images From TOS Complete Box Set + December Event in LA

The fine folks at LaLaLand Records have provided us with some new images for their exciting box set containing all the music from the original Star Trek series, much of which has never been released. The set contains not just the music that was used on screen but additional music that they never used. There is so much music it takes up 15 discs, as you can see from this image of the disc art.

The set has one disc clamshell case for each season. Each season gets its own 32-page booklet of liner notes. There will also be an additional 24-page overview booklet, as can be seen in the image below.

And today LaLaLand has revealed the detailed track list for the first disc in the collection, check it out…


The Cage
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #1, Recorded 1/21/65

1. Main Title* M10 1:00
2. Dr. Bartender M11 1:23
3. Survivors M21 1:45
4. Prime Specimen/Bottled M22–30/M31 5:08
5. Probing/Monster Illusion/Monster Fight/The Kibitzers M41/M42/M43/M44 5:40
6. Long Look/Vina’s Punishment M45/M51 2:02
7. Pike’s Punishment M52 0:36
8. The Picnic M53 2:17
9. True Love M61 1:24
10. Vina’s Dance M62 1:56
11. Torchy Girl/Under the Spell/Primitive Thoughts M63/M71/M72 1:10
12. Wrong Think M73 0:43
13. To Catch a T. M74 1:24
14. Going Up M75 1:10
15. Max’s Factor M81 2:12
16. Who Was Eve? & End Credits* M82 1:32

Total Time: 32:01

*Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

Where No Man Has Gone Before
Music Composed and Conducted by Alexander Courage
Episode #2, Recorded 11/29/65
Aired #3, 9/22/66

17. Beyond the Pale (No Man Before)/Main Title M11/M12 1:06
18. Act 1 Card M13 0:37
19. Episode Titles M14 1:23
20. Force Field/Silver Orbs (Zooms Past) M15–20/M21 4:06
21. Crippled Ship M22 0:56
22. The Patient/Speedy Reader M23/M24 1:49
23. Some Corpse M31 2:21
24. Decision/Playtime/Megalomania/Stronger and Stronger/Hit the Button M32/M41/M42/M43/M44 3:03
25. On Delta Vega/Strangle by Wire M51/M52 1:14
26. When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver M53 1:01
27. Instant Paradise M54 2:56
28. Power Mad/Situation Grave/Epilogue M61/M62/M63 6:09
29. End Title M64 0:23
30. End Credits M65 0:21

Total Time: 27:58

Total Disc Time: 60:06

The set will be released on December 4th at 1 PM. The price is $224.98 and it will be available exclusively at 

Star Trek The Original Series Soundtrack Collection Celebration Event

The night before the release of the Star Trek TOS Soundtrack Collection (Dec 3, 2012, 7:30pm), LaLaLand is holding a special event at the historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA. They will be showing two classic Star Trek episodes ("Mirror, Mirror," and "Amok Time") on the big screen. These will be followed by a special discussion with original series composer Gerald Fried and writer David Gerrold, hosted by Trek music writer and TOS soundtrack set co-producer Jeff Bond.

The event is free of charge and all attendees will get a complimentary small popcorn and soda! There will also be a T-shirt giveaway and more!

Additionally, the STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION will be available for purchase at the event, a day ahead of its official Dec. 4th release! RETAIL PRICE: $225.00 (tax included).

Go to now to get your free tickets and we’ll see you at the big show!

And ff you haven’t seen it already, here is the promo video which was released when the set was announced at the Star Trek convention in August.


Reminder: Star Trek Generations Complete Score Available Now

In other Trek music news, GNP Crescendo Records has released Dennis McCarthy’s complete score for Star Trek Generations. The 2 CD collector’s edition features the complete film score on disc one.  GNP Crescendo released the original soundtrack album to Star Trek Generations in 1994, featuring 45 minutes of score highlights. This expanded release includes not only the full score (nearly 76 minutes) and remastered album, but also 3 bonus tracks—including the motion picture dialogue “Lifeforms” performed and somewhat improvised by Brent Spiner (as Data).

The accompanying 16-page booklet includes informative notes by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall and is lavishly illustrated with film stills. A track-by-track commentary for both discs by John Takis is available online at

STAR TREK GENERATIONS—2 CD Collector’s Edition is available solely as a physical CD from at for $24.98.

Star Trek Generations Complete Score Available Now


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Great, great, great ! The TOS music has always been a favorite of mine.

I salivate like a dog over a piece of meat for these. Can’t wait!

It’s a huge chunk of change, but I have to have it. Been waiting many years for some of this music.

Holy shit that looks awesome. I’ve put aside the cash for it, so she will be mine.

Wow. All the seats at the Egyptian have been sold out already. That’s pretty impressive for a 50 year old TV series …

Must have this!. I must have this!!!!.
I MUST HAVE THIS MUSIC SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By order of the Emperor of the Empire. This must be so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be there. I can tell you all that these guys worked very hard on this project…please come out and support us if you can!

Can’t wait for this boxed set! What do the M-numbers mean in the track listings (e.g., M10, M11, M21, etc.)?

Merry Christmas to me! This amazing compilation WILL be under my tree.

@Shatoupee: Film music used to be recorded on reels of about 20 minutes each. The first piece of music on the first reel would be numbered something like “1m1,” the second might be “1m2” and so on. Likewise, the first track of the second reel might be “2m1” …you get the idea.

TV music is probably recorded and labeled in a similar fashion.

Thanks, RedGreen.

Ugh!! << (cry of frustration)

Want… this…. so… bad.

Let’s be honest folks, perhaps 2 solid remastered CD’s covering the best of TOS series music would be about right. I mean, its kind of slight variations on the same stuff after that point, isn’t it? Let’s be honest here, and if I am wrong, please tell me why?

You’re wrong. There’s 17 hours of music. Out of the 15 CDs, 12 consist of original scores written for the show by seven different composers, and three have “library cues” which range from adaptations of music previously recorded for the show–sometimes done with different tempi, different arrangements and other changes, and some is totally original music, but written “wild”–i.e., not scored to a specific scene. So while there IS some repeated music, it’s a small percentage of the entire set, and it is different enough in performance and sound to differentiate it from the rest of the music on the set. There are also sound effects which were created musically, songs, and “source” music–Trelane playing the harpsichord, for example. It’s a huge variety of music and to my knowledge no television series has ever had all of its recorded music archived like this.

Haha. Gotta love the reminder about the Generations soundtrack at the bottom there. That’s the kind of CD you’d buy someone if you really, really hated them.

@15 I love when you post that info. I don’t believe this is the first time you’ve responded to such a challenge. :D

@16 The music might arguably be better than the film…

1pm which time zone?

I think that’s pacific, which is 4 PM EST. Aren’t they in CA?

*Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

Just an fyi. There is nothing of Gene Roddenberry’s contributions in Star Trek’s theme in any of it’s official depictions. He took advantage of a contract detail where after writing lyrics for the theme (which even he never intended to be used) would grant him not only credit but also half the royalties. The man who preaches how humanity will be perfect in the future and won’t have any need for money pretty much ripped off a talented artist who was just trying to make an honest living.

I’ve been saving since I found out about this. I wonder, any unused tracks for “the Way to Eden”? Guess I’ll find out.

Still can’t wait.

#16 – Wrong there. GENERATIONS has a decent score. It’s not the best of the series but I do prefer it to IV and VI. I purchased the disc the day I learned about it and received it Halloween.

Look forward to hearing some snippets of these timeless scores! Indeed this set is “holiest of holies” in terms of Trek music and the most extensive soundtrack release for a TV series in history!

@Jeyl, as you said, it was in the contract with the composer that gave Roddenberry the right to write the lyrics. I see nothing inhumane about that and it’s called show BUSINESS.

I believe there is a bit of unused material for “The Way To Eden”–you hear the full recorded versions of all the songs, which were then edited for the episode.

22.Indeed, “Generations” soundtrack was beautiful on teathers, and on CD, it was so fresh and full of hope, i truly loved it.

Any unused tracks from Spock’s Brain? Love that score!!

I don’t think there’s anything unused but we do have the entire score, and I believe there is some rehearsal material of Fred Steiner working with the orchestra on that one.

#20 – and that, according to Solow and Justman’s book, is why Alexander Courage never wrote any more music for Star Trek after episode 10, “What are Little Girls Made Of?”.

Sincere thanks to Jeff Bond and lalaland for making all of this possible. For me, it’s a historic moment in soundtrack collecting. I don’t think that it could’ve been done better, or that anyone would have cared more. The actual order date cannot get here soon enough!

#28 — Very cool!! Thanks Jeff!! You ROCK!!!!

@ 25. Jeff Bond – November 16, 2012
I believe there is a bit of unused material for “The Way To Eden”–you hear the full recorded versions of all the songs, which were then edited for the episode.

Cool! A friend of mine sent me a version of the jam session of Spock and the hippie chick with the bicycle wheel. You hear the recording tech counting them off very loudly, in a very ’60’-ish type of way,…. “1, 2, 3, 4″. Very much looking forward to hearing it all.

@28 …”there is some rehearsal material of Fred Steiner working with the orchestra on that one.”

Digging that! I love that kind of stuff. It’s like hearing Carl Stalling working with the Warner Bros. orchestra for the Looney Tunes stuff. Thanks Jeff. And thanks to everyone who put this together.

@30 “The actual order date cannot get here soon enough!”
Yeah. Waiting for it.

I just got the Generations score last week and it is awesome. I liked Dennis McCarthy’s music for the film and it was great to have the SOran kidnaps Geordi track and the whole music for evacuation before the saucer sep and crash.

Def worth getting.

TOS score I really want to get but being unemployed is a little out of my price range at the moment, especially with Christmas.

@ 33 I agree – Generations is a superb score – my favourite of the movies. I’m particularly pleased with the inclusion of Guinan’s Nexus, the HMS Enterprise, and the additioanal Christmas theme.
That TOS set is mine :-)

“to my knowledge no television series has ever had all of its recorded music archived like this.”

Actually, I think DARK SHADOWS was the first show to have such an exhaustive archive of music. Some would say it was “too” complete, with a lot of extremely short cues and repetition, making it difficult to listen to as “an album”.

‎*Drools* My precious…

Generations soundtrack? What, Generations has enough music to fill two CDs? I don’t remember anything except opening theme. :-/ While I’m sure there was some music playing in background, it was kind of… not remarkable enough to remember. *shrug*

I’m certainly looking forward to buying this! Looking forward to hearing the unused music, as well as being able to know which tracks were episode-specific and which were library cues.

In particular, I look forward to hearing music from Metamorphosis, Spock’s Brain, Elaan of Troyius, The Enterprise Incident, And the Children Shall Lead and The Empath.

It would be nice if La La Land Records uploaded one short segment of a track on their website, something to whet our appetites…

@#38 Jon:

There ARE some exciting audio samples on trekcore:

@#39 Thanks so much for the link! They sound fantastic! Loved the Mace fight in its pristine quality!

Yeah, but, how do you ORDER it? How does one GET the thing?

Are we to wait till December 4th at 1:00 pm to be allowed to order this? Is that the idea?

I went back to the La La Land site again and I wish I had Spock’s brain, perhaps then I’d be smart enough to figure out how to order this box set.

Or, is it possible that La La won’t take our money until Dec 4th? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

I think the admin of this web page is genuinely working hard in favor of his website,
because here every stuff is quality based material.

Over at Trek Core, it seems clear that, indeed, the intention is to NOT take orders until Dec 4th. Well, OK.

Me, I would have started taking orders (and people’s money) months ago. If, to everyone’s surprise, they got 10,000 orders, then they manufacture 10,000 sets and reap the profits (at no risk seeing how they’ve already received the money). If, for some reason, it’s not possible to manufacture 10,000 sets by Dec 4th, at least those who must wait would have to wait less time (because La La, having taken the orders ahead of time, would have a few months head start on manufacturing the extra sets)
Why decide ahead of time how many units to manufacture? Instead of taking orders Dec 4th, why not ship them out on Dec 4th?

So, on Dec 4th at 1 pm, Trekers all over the world will be trying to place their orders all at once? Hope the site can handle it. I hope it doesn’t crash. I hope I won’t have to go through hours of frustration trying to get my order in. I hope I’ll get my order in before they’re all gone.

I suppose La La must have its reasons, but it sure seems like a less than ideal way of doing things.

I listened to the Trek Core samples last night. Very nice indeed. Excellent clarity, detail and dynamics. No background noise, very low distortion and, though loud, I don’t hear any over use of compression. I can’t wait!

BTW: One of the many little bits I”m hoping for is an extended, perhaps full-length version of Goodnight Sweetheart from City on the Edge.


Hmmm,…you’re getting me thinking. And starting to worry. Your words make sense.

I love the music ,but I’m wondering if they will release it by seasons. $225 is a lot of money!!

Listened to GNPs Amock Time soundrack last night. Full Stereo! I mean really nice stereo spread across the soundfield!

I wonder why that recording was among the few to be recorded multi-track? Kinda wierd.

The GNP release of Amok Time is not true stereo. It was processed to sound like stereo. We used the same mono tapes for our set.

Glad I lived long enough to see Star Trek getting the treatment it deserves, both in audio and in video. We’ve come a long ways since the days when I used to hold my cassette recorder up to the TV speaker for an hour just to hear the music again.

I, too, hope that everyone who wants to order a set is able to get one. Conventional wisdom says you sell more sets when you take pre-orders. And you get an idea of the amount of interest, as someone mentioned.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this project for giving it the care and love it needed to be done right. Much appreciated.