Watch: George Takei Sings In New Old Navy XMas Ad + New Takei Memoir Coming Soon

As we reported earlier this week, Trek stars have been showing up a lot on TV lately. Not to be outdone, the original Sulu is featured in a new campaign for Old Navy. Below we have a first look at George Takei’s ‘Cheermageddon’ singing commercial . George also has a new memoir coming out, and you can probably guess the title. 


Takei Sings For Old Navy’s ‘Cheermageddon’

George Takei and Old Navy have joined forces to prepare the planet for a Black Friday like never before. It’s the friendliest sale the world has ever seen. It’s Cheermageddon! Check out George’s epic singing performance of "I Don’t Want to Miss a Deal"


This just-released, brand new spot has yet to premiere on television. The spot will premiere for the first time on November 18th during the American Music Awards.

George’s new book ‘Oh Myyy’

Takei also has a new memoir coming out on Thanksgiving called (you guessed it) "Oh Myyy," about "Life, The Internet and Everything." You can read an excerpt and pre-order the book ($9.99) at


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Oh my! ;)

I admire his stances on political and social issues!

Somebody get Mr. Takei another tv show. He did pretty good in Heroes.

Still awaiting that “Captain Sulu” movie!

LOL, the best part is the end where he says “Oh My!”, I love it!!!!!!

Please, oh please get this man a good sitcom soon.
He would be soooo great. After his appearances on Big Bang Theory, his commercials (including above) and his Howard Stern appearances? The man is comic gold! Even his gifs make me chuckle. And “Armageddon” had it coming (the movie and the song are ripe for parody).

After all these years… who would’ve thought Sulu would be a comic breakout talent in his 70s? Never too late.

George Takei? I salute you. You are hysterically funny. Thanks for the laughs…. ;-D

Welcome back Anthony!

Will all the complaints now please stop??

I kept thinking before the current season came out that Takei would have been great as the Red Power Ranger’s grandfather ’cause they’re all samurais. Of course it would never happen, but he popped up in a pretty similar role in Supah Ninjas. So close and yet so far.

Shouldn’t the fact that Anthony is back warrant a top news story? I think that’s MAJOR Trek news!! How bout you? HAHA!!!

Oh MYYYY, I really dont know what to think after watching that.
Well atleast he can poke fun at himself.

Probably the classiest TOS star with Nichelle and Leonard closely tied for 2nd.

George Takei is so annoying.

@12. agreed.

I dont find him annoying, and its great he can poke fun at himself, but sometimes I think he just tries to hard to stay in the spotlight.

I wonder how he would have been today, if he had managed to talk Paramount into making that Sulu spinoff he so desperately wanted, but clearly was never going to happen.

That Takei is one flaky-looking dude. (Oops, did I give that one away?) Sulu should sue him for character assassination.


“Welcome back Anthony!

Will all the complaints now please stop??”

I didn’t see any complaints in the thread so I’m not sure what you’re referring too …

However, I suspect complaints will return if there is another significant lapse in news coverage here that this site has always been famous for. And even those complaints could easily be avoided with a simple post from Anthony that he’s taking time off. Most people would understand.

At my job, everyone sets an OOO – Out of Office auto reply email and updates their voicemail message if they will be away from desks for vacation, medical leave, etc. The purpose is to avoid frustrated clients and complaints.

Of course, it’s Anthony’s call, but I respectfully recommend he try that. Particularly in the timeframe leading up to the movie’s release when interest will be escalating.

Thanks for the new articles.


Please forgive my thick-headedness, but where did George’s “Oh My” trademark originate from?
Was it from one of the movies?

#4 – You and me, both!

But I’d settle for some more novels featuring the Excelsior and her crew under CAPT Sulu and XO CMDR Chekov. :)

Welcome back Anthony!

George Takei is EXCELLENT!

Red Dead Ryan is so annoying.

George is such a classy guy, a true gentleman. He is great fun when he is the jovial announcer of “The Howard Stern Show” and has proven in his 70’s that he’s so much more than Sulu.
Look for him soon on “Hawaii Five O”.

It is so creepy…

It wasn’t funny or amusing at all. Though Old Navy’s commercials are always stupid.