Watch: New HD Promo For Star Trek: TNG Season 2 Blu-ray [UPDATE: New TV Commercial]

CBS has released an updated preview trailer for the second season release of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray. The preview shows off the remastering work along with a peek at a deleted scene from The Measure of a Man, and some of the other special features.
It is also viewable up to 1080 HD. Check it out below. [UPDATE: Added new TV commercial]


UPDATE: New TV Commercial

CBS has just released a new 30 second TV commercial for the new set


TNG S2 Promo

Here’s the latest promotional video for TNG Season 2. It includes some new clips, one is a few seconds of a deleted scene from Measure of a Man at 0:47 into the video and then an outtake that’s part of the new blooper reel at 1:10 into the video. Note: Click the HD icon to select your resolution.


In case you missed it, the Fathom Events trailer included some new footage as well. The biggest surprise was a new animated matte painting for the interior of the Borg cube. It can be seen at 0:13 into the video for a very brief pull out from the where the crew are standing. The painting is new as is the steam rising from the new vent structure in the matte.


Star Trek: TNG Season 2 Blu-ray arrives December 4 – Pre-order now

You can pre-order the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation from Amazon. They have lowered the price to $79.99. Remember that your final price will be their lowest pre-release date price.


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That spells pre-ordered!


Done and Ordered … There might be something to this Star Trek thing …


I’m seriously considering buying a Blu-Ray player just to get these…

I’d only be interesting in renting it just for the extended “Measure of a Man”; one of the few decent episodes of season 2. I am a big Pulaski fan (another reason this might be worth visiting again). Too bad she was never given a proper chance. She could run circles around Beverly Crusher.

Make it so. This looks great. The new documentary material in season 1 was fantastic (and lengthy) and this is following the same pattern. Can’t wait.

4. Anovos – November 15, 2012 – I think you may be riget! This thing may take off and be around for a few years!!

I’m delighted to see this renewed focus on TNG, which had qualities few SF shows ever had — both heart and intelligence combined in an exciting and adventurous format, brought to us on a weekly basis again and again.

Worf SMASH !!!

Funny how the original episodes are still watchable, but this has not aged well at all.


Just word playing Lol :)

You may want to check out the screen shots on Trekcore. In my opinion, the FX company responsible for Season 2 really dropped the ball in terms of maintaining the high level of quality that CBS – Digital established with Season 1.

The effects looked rather washed, basically clearer versions of their SD counterparts, stars are blurred, planets are blurry textures…unlike the fully 3D rendered planets by CBS-Digital. In Q-Who, the exact same star field is used in 3 different shots…the shots being from different angles. Even the original shots changed the star field for the different perspectives.

Might not bother some, but this same company “HTV-Illuminate” is responsible for Seasons 4 and 6 as well. Basically, Seasons 1,3,5, and 7 are going to look amazing and seasons 2,4, and 6 will look “ok”.

I’m pretty disappointed that CBS let this happen. The Okudas, or somebody in an interview at least…said that HTV-Illuminate would be using the work on Season 1 as their goal post. It’s not even close.

Looks great to me!! I’ll get it!!

Well, for my Money CBS-Digital got the look just right. Here is a comparison.

Shots in the following order:

Standard Def
Season 2 by HTV
Season 1 by CBS

The standard def footage was washed out looking due to being transferred to VHS. HTV illuminate replicates the washed out appearance, whereas CBS corrected the washout, giving us rich colors.

I find it problematic that the two companies are not on the same page. The quality of the seasons are going to alternate.


If you look at the animated gif I posted, take a look at the back end of the nacelles.

The SD and HTV-Illuminate versions chop the rear tip off of the nacelle in the background, whereas the CBS-D version must have fixed the matte and the back of the nacelle is now visible.

Something we wouldn’t have noticed but CBS took the time to fix it. I like that attention to detail.