Scripts Revealed For Scrapped ‘Star Trek Final Frontier’ Animated Series

Six years ago TrekMovie broke the news that CBS was considering a new animated Star Trek series developed by some insider vets. This show "Star Trek: Final Frontier" never made it past the development stage, but in the past the creators have shared images and details on the web. And now they are revealing the scripts they wrote as well. Details below along with an exclusive image.  


Star Trek: Final Frontier Scripts Revealed Online

The idea behind "Star Trek: Final Frontier" was to create a new animated series (possibly to run on or maybe on TV) set in a darker future for the Federation, with a new USS Enterprise crew determined to return it to the the glory days. CBS never produced it but the team of Dave Rossi, Doug Mirabello and Jose Munoz had developed concept art, story boards and a number of scripts. We have shown some of the art here before in previous articles (here and here) but Mirabello has now contacted TrekMovie to make sure we let fans know they have started to post scripts to the web. Two of them are now available at

Two new scripts available at Final Frontier site

More scripts and artwork will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. The site already has lots of background info and more details on the series, plus lots of artwork. Mirabello has also provided TrekMovie with this exclusive image of Captain Chase which hasn’t been revealed on their site. For more new images go to

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If only it had been made. Would be nice to see a modern animated series that’s not a comedy, a porno, Japanese or some combo therein.

Put it on Cartoon Network! Or something. Idc I just want trek on tv again. I’ve been watching Enterprise on netflix. Gotta’ love it.

These are the types of articles I miss.

I didn’t like the Enterprise designs. The only one I kind of liked was the BSG Enterprise design. The others didn’t resemble past Enterprise’s. Even the Enterprise J resembled past Enterprise’s more than those designs.

It looks like they were going for a more original storyline, which is good. I like the style of this character. Very dynamic and anime-ish.

The Federation WILL fight to secure its supply of vital hair gel.

Cool idea. Wish they’d take another crack at an animated series.

And again… thank you for coming back, Anthony.

Yeah I liked the direction they were taking with the character models. Make trek youthful! Give it an edge! Could be fun.

3 – So? TOS Enterprise looks like a pizza cutter.

Another animated series would have been cool but after seeing the drawings of the Enterprise, I’m glad the series (and the Enterprise) didn’t make it off of the ground. The little ship may have been designed after a dragonly but the Enterprise looks as though it was designed after a hammerhead shark. Not the most graceful desgin for a ship.

I like the art style! A lot better than the old animated series. Speaking of which, they ought to be able to get some easy money by re-using most of the audio for the old series and giving it new animation… I know I’d buy it.

So glad that didn’t happen. I think the last thing Star Trek needs is an animated series. That would mean kissing Trek being taken seriously good bye.


Didn’t kill TOS. Didn’t kill Star Wars.

I really like the art direction on the characters and the premise(NOT the ship though), if this came on Cartoon Network I’d watch the hell out of it and buy the blu-rays.

Ironically, if CN did agree to air it, it would be in direct competition with Clone Wars on DisneyXD, that is if Clone Wars hasn’t wrapped up by then or if CBS decides to get off their ass and produce this any time soon.

I second 11’s comment. Star Trek had a what, 20 episode animated series? Still around today with a new movie coming out soon. Of course, only the really die hards know about the animated series but it exists nonetheless.

STARGATE had a terrible animated series that almost every Stargate fan pretends doesn’t exist but it was able to make 17 seasons and 2 TV movies and I’m sure it’ll be back one day.

Star Wars had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR animated series (Ewoks, Droids, original Clone Wars and the current Clone Wars) and not only is it still around, but when everyone thought we were done with episodes 1-3 we find out there’s going to be another movie trilogy.

So I don’t get where you think that an animated series would kill Star Trek. Of course, you don’t have to watch it. I’m sure there will be Trek fans who ignore it just like there are Star Wars fans who don’t have a clue about Clone Wars or don’t care about it (though I would say that those who don’t care or checked out early in the series’ run should give it another shot, it’s really improved).

Looks like a quality series!

@ TheDoc; give Tron Uprising a viewing.

Hidious designs, I’m so sick of people wanting to do their version of Star Trek, Just do a JJ Verse cartoon telling stories from the 5 year mission we will never get on film.

The link to part two was down for a bit tonight, sorry. Should be back now, so go read it. The backstory is dark but I think you’ll see the series itself is fast and fun.

As for the ship, we understand that people don’t like it. The design was not final and had the project moved forward we would have brought on a paid artist to do a new design. It still would have been more militaristic, but it would definitely have had a new style.

Thanks for reading. I am happy to answer any questions about the project.

it seems that every character always wears a gun. so star trek: shoot first ask later?!

Fascinating. Hope both the new 2D animated “Star Trek: Final Frontier” series and a 3D animated series that picks up where “Star Trek Into Darkness” lefts off would air on Nickelodeon and by produced by CBS Animation Studios. Respectfully, I hope someone would revise the “Final Frontier” pilot script by replacing mild profanity and references to ‘God’ with something much more kid-friendly.

I guess we ought to be grateful for the creativity being shared.

Again this effort shows how much hunger there exists for a television series.

Just to verify: the script, “The Empty Eye” that has recently been posted on the site is not the original pilot script, but new material that the Final Frontier crew has been promising for some time – is that correct? I think the concept is fantastic and would whole-heartedly support this version of Trek. And, I know my 5 year-old would eat it up, just like he religiously watches Clone Wars. It would be a great vehicle to introduce a new generation to Star Trek.

Apparently Chase got some anger issues. Klingon ancestry perhaps?

If I were Starfleet, I wouldn’t want that captain leading my peaceful armada.

Looks awful. I’m glad that this didn’t get made.

Would like to have seen this series. I’m all in favour of reanimating the original cartoons too. Maybe throw in some more guest voices (Patrick Stewart as Robert April could be fun!) and use more TOS music. It could be followed by a series set in the JJ universe. Unlike uptight Church of Roddenberry types, I think a decent cartoon series would be great to draw in kids. Certainly it would be better publicity for the films than TNG reruns!

Would love to have seen that!

#18 – Everyone wears a sidearm. It was a conscious decision to illustrate the direction that Starfleet has taken in our future. Yeah, this Starfleet is more likely to shoot first and question later. That’s actually a big part of the pilot. Chase and his crew would then go against that over the course of the show, and eventually those sidearms would have gone away.

#22 – The Empty Eye is new, yeah. The original pilot script is also on the site, though, if you’d like to read it.

I actually think this would have been well worth watching. I’ve noticed that “cartoons” like Justice League and Transformers Prime have much more “adult” storylines that are more carefully crafted than many scripted TV shows. And there aren’t always happy endings. Something like STFF could have competed in that marketplace, if not on something like Cartoon Network then maybe on The Hub. I wouldn’t make it just for kids, though. Like I said, JL “cartoons” are not necessarily only for kids, and the recent spate of DC Universe “PG-13” superhero cartoons show there’s a market for well-done stories and quality animation for grown-ups.

Doug, would you have had stories where they would have met any of the past Enterprise’s and their crew’s? Maybe even have Pine, Quinto ect. guest star lending their voices?

I’d wish JJ adds a subtle Final Frontier element into darkness.
E.g. a name, or a visual wink – an animated intro/outro…

Hey, doesn’t hurt wishing on a shooting star :-)

Quite reminiscent of the Starfleet we see in “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” I would have been a regular watcher. The Enterprise may need a bit of refining still, but the whole things was a work in progress stopped in its tracks.

I’m a fan of the initial design work and the scripts. Animation opens the door for character and concepts that just aren’t viable with actors and sets.

I also like the future setting of STFF. It lends itself to some strong story ideas and opens Trek up to a different vein of story telling than TNG, VOY and DS9. This version of the Federation has some potential to be story rich and still carry the ideals from previous series. The possibility of subtext along the lines of the re-imagined BSG is another thing I like.

Hopefully your pro bono work with the development and the scripts manages to breath some life into this potential series.

#28 – I haven’t seen Transformers Prime, but Justice League and the old Batman/Superman series were a big inspiration. They tell stories that kids can get into for their action and fun, but often have layers that adults can enjoy too. Clone Wars was the same way.

#29 – We planned to focus solely on our crew and our universe for at least the first season (with the exception of the pilot, which has some links to the TNG era just to help get us into the story and make our point). Then, once people were familiar with our world, we would have revisited some topics from old shows. We never talked about actually meeting old crewmembers, but that would have been fun eventually.

I just read part one of the pilot. It reads like Classic Star Trek. Beautifully and smartly done. Could just as well be for a live ST episode. It’s not “kiddie” at all! CBS needs to pick this up again. Also, I’d prefer the new Trek movies don’t take any of these ideas so as to leave something for the TV series.

I like the characters a lot. I was surprised not to see a “young man” character (Chekov, Wesley, Kim), as it seems to be a ST prerequisite. But after reading a bit I don’t think it’s necessary. If so, I’d rather see a female in that role for once. And not “quite” as young as Wesley’s character.

The art is good, but if we’re talking about competing with Clone Wars, then there needs to be some CG. A healthy mix of 2D animation as well as CG would set it apart from CW but would still appeal to similar crowds and older.

Titan A.E. (2000)

Treasure Planet (2002)

Patric Stewart lent his voice in this one: Steamboy (2004)

If you haven’t read the script, please click the link word “here” in the article. It’s really good so far. Maybe it’s wise to wait until the movies are done but I don’t think an animated series is a bad idea nor will it get in the way of the movies or future Trek endeavors. Thank you Doug M for allowing us to read what you and your team worked on. I hope it works out in the end.

I for one would have love to see this made. I’d hope that the Enterprise would be re-designed, but people need to get over their feelings about animation. It’s just as serious of an art form as live action. Star Trek can have more animated series and still be taken seriously. It’s all in the writing. In fact, it may be more realistic to see a new animated show before a new live action one comes. Live action Trek is pricey. There are some reality of the Hollywood business model Trek fans have never been so good at getting.

As for what should take place in a Trek cartoon, I really hope it isn’t JJ-Trek. Please give us Prime Universe fans something! That said, I bet it would be a JJ-Trek toon.

This looks really awesome. It might even work as a live action Trek series (with the black uniforms). I hope Trek comes back to TV soon.

Words cannot express how glad I am that this was never made.

I’d been following this project as much as able when it was known that something like this might happen, though was disappointed to hear that, due to changes with the owner(s) of the license, that it wouldn’t.

Despite some having a distaste for it, I like the painted concepts of the Enterprise. While I know some of the comments are from those who haven’t actually read through the material yet, I know the designs fit the premise of a dark, more desperate future where formers neighbors may as well be far away fringe worlds.

It’s all about the IDIC and having the imagination to dream up new adventures and new worlds to visit and explore. Some people will just glance at some art or skim a brief premise and judge with less than open minds. The irony of it astounds me, considering the ideals within Trek.

I would be interested to hear if this project gets another look at by the current owners of prime-verse Trek and perhaps gets off the ground and into the stars.

@38 Agreed.

I dig the DCAU vibe that the characters have. Looks like it could have been really neat had they had more time and opportunity to flesh it out.

@34 We would have definitely had some CG work in there, probably for ships and vehicles. When we were pitching to CBS Interactive, we actually showed them clips from both Titan AE and Treasure Planet as examples of the style we were going for.

They also asked us to look into going full CG, and we worked on a budget with an effects house for that. It was prohibitively expensive, which was fine with us because in our heads this was always a 2D project, at least as far as the characters went.

I really, really don’t like the designs for the Enterprise – AS designs for the Enterprise that is; they’re not bad for another franchise. I’m not even a purist – I’m okay with the Bad Robot version of the Enterprise. There are limits, however, as to how far I want revised designs to deviate from the original.

@4 8 15 16 23 42: Give it a rest about the ship design. It’s different, so what? Not every ship has to look like any other ship from the other shows, and at least its different and new, like this series is.

At least this was a ‘new’ idea. Re-animate the original animated series with the old audio someone said? Please. When is this re-mastering, re-doing and replacing old effects going to END?? Are we seriously going to remaster and replace effects on everything every 30 years or so? :-( Damn.

I hate that kind of funny starship like space box. That seen not right way to that starship. It may be look like borg starship.
That uniform is so look good to us.
They need redesign starship of Enterprise way.

Trek to the future
In a big, funny space box
With fewer lens flares

Part three is up! Go read it.