Video of the Day: Prime Universe Reacts To New Star Trek

Clever video masher Major Grin has another fun Star Trek re-edit out. This time he takes on JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie as seen through the perspective of the characters in the prime Star Trek universe. In short: they aren’t impressed. Check it out below.  



Prime Universe Reacts To New Star Trek

Watch the latest from General Grin.


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Funny. Like rubbing salt in a wound, but funny.
I’ve succeeded in ignoring the parts of the movie where JJ basically obliterates the franchise I’ve loved for 46 years.

My god, they made the Enterprise in the wrong place and gave no logical explanation.

hahaa Dax and Sisko bored reactions are the best! hahahaa

Not much of a giggle.

That was kind of boring and incoherent.

Funny when the asks how many lights he sees and Picard can’t count them all though.

Meh. Horribly clunky editing and not terribly funny or clever.

I’d like to know where these bitchy Trekkies were during the last 10 years of the Rick Berman’s reign. There didn’t seem to be anywhere near as much vitriol about our beloved franchise then. They like to say Abrams and co. ruined Trek, but Star Trek Voyager/Enterprise and virtually all the TNG films already did that job exceptionally well.

I look forward to December 14th (and May 17th) regardless.

This whole idea that JJ obliterated the franchise is stupid. If most of the morons who are moaning and complaining would pay attention, he created a plot device that allows this new universe and the old universe to coexist.

Neros incursion created an alternate reality. What is the big damn deal? I get so annoyed with these narcissistic geeks and their whining about what JJ did to their beloved franchise which. The new trek does not take away from the old. Why the hell do you think they had Nimoy in the movie. He was there to create a link.

Star Treks problem was that it was too self absorbed and it created a product for its loyal following which helped kill it when they released Nemisis. I like the new Trek. I like the ideas and the direction they are headed in. Absolute nonsense.

A 15 minute video of the prime universe characters watching the movie and liking it would have been less interesting, I guess?

Nero:”James T kirk was a great man”
Picard:”NOOOOOOO!”*Smashes glass*

@8 – “A 15 minute video of the prime universe characters watching the movie and liking it would have been less interesting, I guess?”

In the hands of a decent editor? Probably not. Here’s an example of a funny/clever video with Major Grin’s concept:

These video are kind of old now, but none the less sum up the feelings of the half of the fan base that hate JJ-Trek with a passion. I actually loved them, even with the bad editing on some of them. For me, Star Trek died in 2006 when they started making these damn films! I hope the REAL thing comes back, but I’m not holding my breathe…

#6 I can’t speck for everyone else who hates JJ_trek, but in answer to your question, I didn’t complain about Trek during the Berman era because I actually liked it? Frankly the worst episodes ever made of either “Enterprise” or “Voyager” are ten times better “Star Trek” then JJ-Trek could ever hope to be! “Nemesis” with it’s issues is a better film then JJ-Trek! No, I didn’t get mad at the direction my beloved franchise was going till JJ Abrams got involved. Rodenberry actually handed the reins to Berman. Can JJ say that? Answer your question?

#7 – If you don’t get why the “whining” now, you never will. I could point out the fact that even if what you say is right and the Prime Universe is fine and well, the odds of actually seeing anything new in it ever again isn’t looking so good right now, but I won’t. I could point out that JJ-Trek’s “plot device” is flawed at best, but I won’t. Actually, I’m rather sick of JJ-Trek fans telling me how awesome it is, so I hope we have an understanding now, k?

Mash up is right!

@11 – “I can’t speck for everyone else who hates JJ_trek, but in answer to your question, I didn’t complain about Trek during the Berman era because I actually liked it?”


“Frankly the worst episodes ever made of either “Enterprise” or “Voyager” are ten times better “Star Trek” then JJ-Trek could ever hope to be!”

HAHAHAHAHA! That’s damn funnier than the video, but seriously, even the best episodes of either of those shows don’t match the quality of Trek ’09. Voyager and Enterprise were so god awful bland and were so good at boldly going nowhere it’s hard to believe they lasted as long as they did.

“Nemesis” with it’s issues is a better film then JJ-Trek!”

Box office receipts and critical acclaim between the two films suggest otherwise.

” Rodenberry actually handed the reins to Berman. Can JJ say that?”

George Lucas came back to direct the Star Wars prequels. I guess just because he created Star Wars I should just automatically like the prequels too, right?

“Actually, I’m rather sick of JJ-Trek fans telling me how awesome it is”

I’m rather sick of fans like you bitching about “JJ-Trek” when you were part of the market helping to perpetuate crap like Voyager, Enterprise, and the TNG movies. Sorry, but once DS9 ended, the last of good Star Trek went with it for 10 years.

@7- I’m inclined to agree. There’s room enough for both universes. I will say that although the new movie was meant to appeal to a different generation than my own, I still enjoyed it and respect what it did for the franchise.

Failing to bring in new blood was a death sentence, and any realist recognizes that. Ironically, the franchise was being weighed down by the 40+ years of continuity we all enjoyed, and it needed to evolve. What prospective fan was going to sit down and get a degree in Trek history just to watch above average, risk-averse fare like most episodes of Voyager? While folks don’t have to like exactly what JJ did, I do think it’s silly to deny the fact that the franchise was in desperate need of a major refit or reset in order to survive.

Too funny.

Of course Cisko loves Kirk so you guys who are pedantic about Cannon may want to give this a miss.

I’d say all in all the whole last decade wasn’t a good decade for Trek. It died slowly since the end of the 90s, getting irrelevant in the post 9/11 era. Since then there is a lack of interest in utopian topics, reducing sci-fi to its special effects and action sequences. That’s what we germans call “Zeitgeist”. And that is what JJ’s Trek is all about. It was the only way for Trek to survive on the big screen. But the times, they are always a changing and hopefully in the future, the audience will be more interested in utopia again.

Very funny. Definitely would go to the cinema to see this :-)

another crap video. where is the love for broke trek

This might have been a funny video, if they knew when to stop. I only watched about five minutes.

@18. “where is the love for broke trek”?


STAR TREK ENTERPRISE 10th Anniversary Tribute (Extended Edit)

STAR TREK 40th Anniversary Tribute 1966 – 2006

#7. “This whole idea that JJ obliterated the franchise is stupid.”

Yep…the only thing that obliterated the franchise Is the franchise itself. It finally imploded just like the planet Vulcan after years of uninspired TNG flavored knock-offs that embraced mediocrity as the new standard. That’s the real world. In the fictional world, the Prime universe still exists. it’s just not on the silver screen anymore…thankfully!

JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek so much that when my 9 year old little girl watched his movie she fell in love with Star Trek and subsequently went on to watch and enjoy the other films and TV shows.

NERD RAGE~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

Mmm, you think it’s wise to post video’s depicting the anti views of disgruntled Star Trek Fans who hate the new time line…I mean wouldn’t this be HURTING the upcoming film and future productions?
Think about it boys, your being subversive all for a chuckle….I enjoy a good laugh, in fact I demand it, but this is not the way to go. Your feedding into hate for the Abrams movie.

Deleted by admin

@23, this is just a bit of fun! Why do many Star Trek fans insist on reading into everything with such detail? Just enjoy stuff once in a while without picking things apart.

I think any fan who sees JJ Abrams movie’s as somehow obliterating the past 46 years of the franchise need to go take Science lessons again at school.

Nero and Spock try to stop Romulus from being eaten by a supernova, Spock tries and fails, Nero blames Spock and in a confrontation in the prime timelines 24th century both ships and their crews get sucked into this black hole! Spock from the prime timeline travels through a black hole into ANOTHER TIMELINE following Nero, ending up in a DIFFERENT 23rd Century.

If you haven’t got it by now I’d either go to the doctors to see if you have some kind of tumour pressing on part of your brain or actually sit down and watch the movie.

Either fans just don’t want to accept change thus a part of their brain is just not registering how JJ Abrams DIDN’T destroy 46 years of Trek canon or there are some ridiculously dumb-ass fans out there that just don’t understand.

‘James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life.’

NOOOOOOOOOO *smashes glass*


This whole idea that JJ obliterated the franchise is stupid. If most of the morons who are moaning and complaining would pay attention, he created a plot device that allows this new universe and the old universe to coexist.

That’s called lip service.

Quite nicely put together, but about 12 minutes too long and really just yet another Berman-fan, Church of Roddenberry bitch-fest. Seeing those clips from the movie trailer made me want to dig that film back out and watch it again.

TNG and its fellow shows killed Trek for me, so I’m happy enough to go straight from TUC to ST09 and ignore the self-righteous, taking-itself-way-too-seriously, don’t-get-what-Trek-is-about Berman Treks.

The only Berman era team member I have any time for is Ron Moore for creating the greatest science show since the original Star Trek when he made the modern Battlestar Galactica!

If it had been a 2-minute video it would have been mildly amusing. Unfortunately, they chose to make it 15 minutes long.

This is a very well-done video. Congratulations to the producer and all involved in it. Very entertaining.

However, the two universes can coexist. They do coexist.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, after all.

Old Star Trek looks even more boring when they are side by side like that.

Also, how come the Prime Universe people are watching scenes from the Star Trek 2009 movie trailer?

I love ST09, but I also love a good parody. You gotta have a sense of humor about these things…. ;-)

I thought this video was hysterically funny, and beautifully edited.
Well done…


@ 11 Hey blame Rick Berman for not finding an effective way to seal the plot holes in the “Prime Universe” more effectively. That is the fault of the previous gatekeepers. The Prime Universe ended with Nemisis. They should have ended it then. They thought John Logans weak script would save the day.

Years ago I told a friend of mine that Trek would have to go back to the original to save itself and that more than likely it would be some kind of reboot. Robert Orci thought it would be disrespectful to the previous gatekeepers to wipe out all of their work so they created this plot device which is nothing new and has been done in countless comicbook storylines and sci fi stories. A time travel event sparks the creation of an alternate timeline/reality. I dont see the problem?

Star Trek needed an edge. DS9 was as close to the edge as it got. It needed to be shaken up. The original series was a great show for the time in which it was created. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results that is insanity.

Do you realize that the best Star Wars film ever is the one George Lucas did not direct? That ought to tell you guys something. Sometimes the visionary needs to kept in a corner somewhere. The ego doesnt allow for anyone else to mold their vision so they appoint puppet gatekeepers and have their old wives around playing different roles to make sure their wishes are kept. Paramount owns Trek movie rigihts.

Star Trek was dying and Voyager, Enterprise and those lame Next Gen Films began the decline. Voyager had some okay moments and Enterprise did too but overall it was too much. It was created for a fanbase. The masses could not enjoy Trek because every few years there was another show with aliens in jump suits and it was not accessibe.

JJ is young and so is the cast. Man oh man if they knock another home run out of the park what are you JJ haters going to do with yourselves?

it was an *ok* video, but amateurish. I could have easily incorporated the widescreen clips so the aspect ratio was proper and it didn’t look ridiculous

@28 – I too enjoy BSG (although I hate the finale), but I also love TNG and DS9. I’m surprised you don’t at least like DS9 given Ron Moore’s involvement in that show and the definite storytelling parallels between it and Galactica.

@34 – Well said. I’ll always respect Roddenberry, but like Lucas with the Star Wars franchise, he wasn’t the only major creative force behind the Trek saga.

Hilarious work, much appreciated, Major Grin :)

Took some in-depth knowledge of Trek TimeTravel lore!

Thanks for helping us pass the time until the movie!

I found it funny, even though I don’t agree with the anti-Abrams-Trek message.
Good thing there is so much time travel- and alternative universe-related dialogue in Trek! Some of this fitted almost perfectly! :-D
The unmoving-screenshots-with-faces-photoshopped-in parts were a bit klunky though. But nevertheless kudos for the effort!

The video is a little long. I thought Trek 2009 was a good movie, but hardly the “adult sci-fi drama” Star Trek was created as. It’s more like the Space Patrol type shows that came before Star Trek. The 2009 Trek is so precisely targeted at a younger demographic it requires retrofitting the characters into continuity even if it means Kirk gets an instant promotion. Re the video; No need to get personal with the current actors and team. They’re just doing a job. I’m just thankful Roddenberry and the TOS actors were able to continue their journey from 1979-91.

I like original Trek (have since 1966), I like the new Trek. Can’t wait for the new movie. And I’d like to see Star Trek back on TV, too.

Careful observation of “Prime” Star Trek reveals it is spread across at least three different timelines as it is; possibly more. Hence alterations like the time period of the Eugenics Wars, differences on Enterprise following the Borg incursion from the 24th Century, and even the fact that there is visual evidence that Worf does NOT return to the timeline he started from in “Parallels.” (Take a close look at the wall decorations from the beginning and end of the show.)

Alternate versions of timelines are nothing new to Star Trek, there is nothing that says 2009 erases whichever version of prime you prefer, and nothing that says you have to watch 2009. Feel free to stick with just the old shows if you want, but the fact all my DVDs are still in place pretty well shows those versions still exist.

At least as much as ANY fictional timeline. It’s fiction; if the writers say it all still exists, then it does.

Always some basement dwelling fan who will whine and cry about the new films “destroying” Star Trek. Yet, those same cry babies will go see the new film 2-3 times in theaters.

Get over it, and in the words of Shatner, “Get a Life!”

The only thing these new movies have done is ressurect a franchise that had become boring, stale and painfully bad.


The first time we saw Worf in the shuttle, and on board the Enterprise in “Parallels” he was already in an alternate universe, having crossed into an alternate one when he went through the anomaly.

The quantum universe at the end was his correct universe, the one at the very beginning was the alternate.

I prefer this video:


Let’s not forget the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. The “repaired” timeline at the end of the episode was not the same as the one prior to the emergence of the Enterprise-C from the Kerr Loop rift. The TNG universe prior to “Yesterday’s Enterprise” didn’t feature Sela. The TNG universe post-YE did. We know this because Guinan was able to sense the changes in “Redemption”. She knew (with her psychic abilities) that Picard allowed Tasha Yar to go back in time with the Enterprise-C in the alternate timeline, even though the captain was unware of those events. In fact, everyone except Guinan didn’t know anything was different.

So one could argue that it was TNG that diverted from the Prime Timeline, and that a secondary timeline took its place on our tv and movie screens, with the J.J Abrams movie creating another spin-off timeline from a spin-off timeline.

Obviously, the post-YE changes weren’t as drastic as the post-“Star Trek” 09 alterations, but nonetheless, it wasn’t the supreme court who first diverged from the Prime Timeline, but the writers who wrote YE.

@Red Dead Ryan (44), that’s a very astute analysis. I hadn’t thought of that. Do you think that the writers of those episodes did that intentionally (i.e., put in hints that the post-YE timeline was different from the original timeline). If so, why, I wonder, would they have done that?

Also, where was Sela featured after the events of YE?

@44 – Guinan wasn’t “psychic” so much as forever changed by her interaction with the Nexus ribbon. Since the Nexus is temporal energy she was aware of many timelines, if only subliminally.

THAT said the video isn’t particularly clever. Using the same trailer footage over & over…the edited together “prime” clips don’t form any narrative.

LOL loved it!! With Star Wars VII coming out in 2015 JJ will have plenty of new material for his third movie.


I’m not sure if it was intentional or not. Probably not at the time, as I don’t think anyone anticipated Denise Crosby coming back yet again, this time as Sela. But who really knows. Someone needs to ask Eric Stillwell or Denise Crosby the next time they see either one of them at a convention. :-)


Guinan was at least partially psychic, or at the very least, had a very heightened sense of intuition. Don’t think it was caused by the Nexus. “Generations” was written a few years after “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Redemption”, both of which established Guinan as having some sort of heightened intuition/psychic abilities.

@Red Dead Ryan (49), thanks for the response. Yet another reason to go to the next Trek convention, as if I needed any more. (Whether or not Denise Crosby or Eric Stillwell is there.) Missed this year’s Vegas con, which makes me sad. Particularly because it was Nimoy’s last, apparently, and also because it was held at that new hotel.

With the loss of Trek cons, LV Hilton has severed its last connection with Trek.

And as I sort of predicted, the proposed new Trek attraction on Fremont that was supposed to be the successor to the much-missed Star Trek: The Experience hasn’t really gotten off the ground, last time I looked. Still. (Will it ever?) The economy and all that, apparently.

But I digress.